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  • Company K, 15th Mississippi--Oktibbeha Plowboys

    Commissioned Officers

    Foard, Thomas B.-Captain
    Watson, J.M.-Captain
    Gore, John E.-1st Lieutenant
    Smith, A.R.-1st Lieutenant
    Statham, William H.-Private/1st Lieutenant
    Starnes, Andrew J.-2nd Lieutenant
    Weston, J.S.-2nd Lieutenant
    Weston, T.J.-2nd Lieutenant
    Curtis, James W.-Private/2nd Lieutenant
    Edwards, Charley H.-Private/2nd Lieutenant
    Mallory, Roswell A.-Private/2nd Lieutenant
    Dumas, William E.-3rd Lieutenant/2nd Lieutenant
    Risenhoover, Young F.-Private/Jr. 2nd Lieutenant
    Staunton, J.B.-3rd Lieutenant
    Dumas, John P.-Ensign/Private
    Franks, Henry P.-Privbate/Ensign

    Noncommissioned Officers

    Dotson, B.B.-1st Sergeant/Ord. Sergeant
    Quinn, W.G.-ensign/1st Sergeant
    Wilson, Thomas H.-Private/2nd Sergeant
    Bingham, Robert J.-Private/Sergeant
    Keeton, Elias P.-Private/Sergeant
    Pryor, Joseph H.-Private/Sergeant
    Savage, Edward W.-Private/Sergeant
    Fielding, W.M.-Sergeant/Private
    Gore, Solomon H.-Sergeant/Private
    Butler, James W.-Sergeant
    Early, W. A.-Sergeant
    Ezell, William A.-Sergeant
    Pittman, Thomas E.-Sergeant
    Henry, J.R.-3rd Sergeant
    Quinn, John O.-3rd Sergeant
    Smith, T.M.-3rd Sergeant
    Spencer, William W.-5th Sergeant
    Caradine, James N.-Private/Corporal
    Arnold, F.M.-Corporal
    Gore. Jr, John E.-Corporal
    Gunter, P. D.-Corporal
    Owen, C. B.-Corporal
    Resenhoover, James E.-Corporal
    Moore, John T.-Private/Corporal
    Wilson, J.G.-4th Corporal
    French, E. D.-Musician/Private
    Hunt, G. M.-Musician/Private
    Sanders, J.W.-Musician/Private


    Anderson, S. L.
    Archabald, T. C.
    Arnold Jr., W.M.
    Arnold, J.L.
    Atkinson, Griffin
    Atkinson, Mikeal
    Avent, William J.
    Ayers, William D.
    Bagwell, J.W.
    Barberree, A.J.
    Barnes, Jesse
    Barron, Pat
    Berryhill, John W.
    Blackwood, J.M.
    Bone, Richard
    Bone, Y. W.
    Bridges, Nichols B.
    Brooks, J. M.
    Brown, A. P.
    Brown, R. J.
    Brown, Simeon E.
    Bruce, Thompson
    Bullock, R.R.
    Burchfield, Curtis
    Canfield, Richard W.
    Chandler, William C.
    Childs, John H.
    Clanton, James W.
    Clegg, Oliver
    Cooper, John
    Cooper, Thomas J.
    Cotton, Andy
    Crocker, Wiley W.S.
    Crow, T.F.
    Curtis, William H.
    Davis, Robert
    Davis, W. T.
    Dill, Dennis M.
    Dooly, William
    Doss, F. M.
    Dotson, A.H.
    Dowdle, Allen O.
    Dowdle, Robert P.
    East, G. P.
    Easterwood, John M.
    Easterwood, W. S.
    Easterwood, William L.
    Eastwood, John M.
    Edwards, Edward D.
    Edwards, Lutha
    Edwards, Thomas H.
    Ennis, George C.
    Feely, Thomas
    Fondren, G. H.
    Fondren, R. W.
    Fox, Henry H.
    Fox, Joseph C.
    Franks, Felix G.
    Freeman, W. J.
    Friday, J. W.
    Fulgham, Mikey
    Fulgham, P. W.
    Fundenburg, John B.
    Gannon, John A.
    Gary, Moses S.
    Glenn, J.M.
    Golding, John K.
    Golding, Joseph L.
    Golding, Robert F.
    Goldson, William H.
    Gore, Richmond P.
    Gregory, Martin H.
    Gregory, William B.
    Grizel, Joseph
    Hand, E.
    Haney, Quizzurah V.
    Hanna, Maynard
    Hannah, Samuel H.
    Hanner, Manard H.
    Hanner, Samuel H.
    Hardy, J. L.
    Harpole, H. C.
    Harrison, David S.
    Hayney, Quizzuruh V.
    Hemphill, William
    Henderson, T.F.
    Hester, J.F.
    Hester, R.M.
    Hicks, Thomas R.
    Hill, John F.
    Hill, Thomas F.
    Hill, William
    Hogan, J.D.
    Holman, Joseph L.
    Hooker, Thomas R.
    Hubbard, Elijah A.
    Huffman, Green W.
    Hughes, C. A.
    Iland, E.
    Jennings, John L.
    Jennings, Osborn
    Johnson, Joseph
    Johnson, Jr., William
    Johnson, Sr., William
    Jorden, G.M.
    Katon, J.D.
    Keeton, Toliver B.
    Kinard, F.J.
    King, J.D.
    Kingman, J.P.
    Kirksey, David
    Knight, A.
    Lam, Andrew J.
    Lam, Edmond C.
    Lam, George W.
    Lamb, William C.
    Lane, Marion
    Lee, Thomas W.
    Leverett, Francis M.
    Little, J.F.
    Logan, J.L.
    Long, J.W.
    Lowery, James
    Maginnis, James N.
    Maloan, Jones
    Marquis, J.M.
    Marter, Benjamin F.
    Marter, Francis M.
    Marter, Julian H.
    McCrory, Wyatt F.
    McDonald, Absalom
    McGaugh, James L.
    McGinnis, J.N.
    McGough, Andrew M.
    McGough, Thomas C.
    McGraw, T.W.
    McGuire, Elisha N.
    McGuire, Tennessee D.
    McKee, Levi T.
    McKinney, J.R.
    McMillon, H.M.
    McQuary, Henry J.
    McQuary, Thomas H.
    McVey, Sparton T.
    Middleton, L.
    Middleton, Zachariah M.
    Miers, A.J.
    Miers, Smith
    Mills, C.G.
    Montgomery, J.M.
    Montgomery, W.D.
    Moore, T. R. F.
    Moore, Thomas D.
    Moore, William F.
    Morse, W. J.
    Murphy, James
    Neal, Albert L.
    Neimore, C. M.
    Night, Asa M.
    Nimms, C. M.
    Nite, Asa M.
    Noaks, William
    Nookes, W. M.
    Norman, G. M.
    Norwood, John P.
    Oneal, Richard H.
    Oswalt, Meedy W.
    Oswalt, Silas W.
    Palmertree, Martin H.
    Palmertree, William
    Patterson, James N.
    Patterson, Robert H.
    Pepper, James M.
    Pirant, Robert S.
    Pittman, Joseph M.
    Prather, C.
    Pryor, Jacob D.
    Pyraud, Robert S.
    Pyron, Robert S.
    Quinn, Charles J.
    Rasberry, F.M.
    Rasberry, Madison R.
    Rasberry, W.R.R.
    Reed, Acy
    Reed, S.H.
    Reel, Edward
    Reel, Jackson
    Reel, John
    Reynolds, G.W.
    Richey, J.W.
    Ringer, William
    Robertson, B.H.
    Robertson, W.T.
    Rochelle, James E.
    Rogers, Jesse P.
    Rogers, John M.
    Rogers, Thomas J.
    Rose, Miller F.
    Runnels, A.
    Russell, Thomas A.
    Saffold, Albert V.
    Sanders, James A.
    Scarborough, Franklin P.
    Sherden, W. A.
    Shusden, William A.
    Sikes, C.S.
    Simmons, S.T.
    Skinard, F.J.
    Smith, A.L.
    Smith, Alexander C.
    Smith, J.R.
    Smith, John D.
    Smith, Woodey B.
    Spencer, John E.
    Stacey, F.C.
    Starnes, Phillip
    Starnes, Thomas J.
    Steel, J.M.
    Stewart, George W.
    Stewart, William W.
    Strowd, J.B.
    Sturdevant, Wyatt L.
    Sullivan, Asa A.
    Swansey, William
    Templeton, E.H.
    Thackson, A.E.
    Thompson, Joseph L.
    Tindall, Robert
    Tindle, Robert W.
    Trigg, W.C.
    Waits, Andersen F.
    Waits, Samuel S.
    Watson, Calvin
    Watson, Josiah C.
    Watson, Jr., J.M.
    Watson, K.A.
    Webb, Elihu
    Wells, Andrew M.
    Wells, Miller A.
    West, Andrew G.
    West, Thomas J.
    Whatley, Greenberry
    White, Bushrod H.
    White, Thomas M.
    Williams, H.B.
    Williams, Nell M.
    Williams, Thompson
    Williams, W.H.
    Wilson, W. J.
    Wilson, W. T.
    Wornack Jr., Marcus S.
    Yelvington, Wesley J.
    Youngblood, J.D.

    Duplicate Names

    Adkerson, Griffon-Private
    Adkerson, Michael-Private
    Archibald, T. C.-Private
    Arnold, W.M.-Private
    Bone, Young-Private
    Bongham, R. J.-Private/Sergeant
    Bridges, M. B.-Private
    Davis, R. C.-Private
    Davis, W. Y.-Private
    Doly, William-Private
    Doudle, Allen O.-Private
    Doudle, Robert P.-Private
    East, J. P.-Private
    Easterwood, William J.-Private
    Edwards, Charles A.-Private/2nd Lieutenant
    Fondren, H. H.-Private
    Hannah, M. H.-Private
    Harpole, H.-Private
    Harpole, W. C.-Private
    Holeman, Joseph L.-Private
    Huffman, William G.-Private
    Hughes, A.-Private
    Huse, C.A.-Private
    Jorden, J.M.-Private
    Keeton, T.J.-Private
    King, J.P.-Private
    Kingman, J.N.-Private
    Lamb, Andrew J.-Private
    Lamb, Edward C.-Private
    Logan, J.F.-Private
    Malone, Jones-Private
    Marter, Franklin-Private
    Martin, J.C.-Private
    McGinis, J.N.-Private
    McVey, Spatin B.-Private
    Middleton, Zachariah L-Private.
    Moore, John W.-Private/Corporal
    Nimmo, C. M.-Private
    Nokes, William-Private
    Palmertree, M. A.-Private
    Pittman, Josephus M.-Private
    Prior, Jacob D.-Private
    Pryor, Jacob B.-Private
    Reynolds, J.W.-Private
    Rodgers, Jess P.-Private
    Rodgers, T.J.-Private
    Roggers, Jessee P.-Private
    Roggers, John M.-Private
    Stacy, L.C.-Private
    Stanton, J.B.-3rd Lieutenant
    Stearnes, Andrew J.-2nd Lieutenant
    Stearns, T.J.-Private
    Sturdivant, Wyatt L.-Private
    West, Andrew J.-Private
    Weston, T.S.-2nd Lieutenant
    White, B.W.H.-Private
    Wilson, W.J.-Private
    Wilson, W.T.-Private
    Yelverton, Westly J.-Private

    Note: This information was derived from several sources including the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, The Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who served in organizations from the State of Mississippi, and SCV Unit History Summaries.

    Copyright 2008 C. L. Herrick and William R. Price. All rights reserved.