Oktibbeha County, Mississippi - Cemeteries
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Adaton Methodist Cemetery

Take Highway 182 West from Starkville, six miles, turn right onto

Oktibbeha County Lake Road , take first right, cemetery and church are

less than an eighth of a mile down this road the cemetery and church

are on the left. Visited and walked this cemetery November 8th 2002.

Adaton United Methodist Church was organized in August 1878, and was

known then as Steele's Chapel in honor of Mr. Robert Steele and his

mother, Mrs. Charlotte Steele,who gave the land for the church and

cemetery. The first services were held in an old "cook house" near the

site of the present location, by a Rev. Miller.


In 1880 the first church was built. This church was used until a larger

one was built in 1909 at the same location and served until the present

brick building was erected in 1963.

Updated 10/2008

ALFORD, MARY VESTA Palmer  01/21/1843-07/16/1890 w/o Thomas married 08/05/1867

ALFORD, JOE (Joseph) C. 02/21/1872-12/16/1950 s/o Thomas & Mary Vesta

ALLEN, WILLIAM GARNER 01/19/1900-08/13/1910 s/o Thomas J & Sarah Belle Latham Allen

ARNOLD, JAMES HOWARD 12/07/1937-03/11/1938 s/o Obit R. & Laverne

ARNOLD, INFANT 04/21/1912 s/o William T. & Lillie Jones Arnold

BAKER, JOHNNIE 10/21/1878-10/08/1885 s/o Robert & Mattie Williams Baker

BIGBY, ELIZA Jane McCown Hull  05/19/1813-05/25/1888 w/o William Hull 1827 2nd John W Bigby

BOYKIN, WILLIAM ANTON 11/23/1902-05/09/1967 s/o Jerome C & Gertrude Boykin

BOYKIN, DANNY RAY 10/24/1948-07/14/1963

BOYKIN, LONNIE JOE 10/24/1948-07/14/1963

BOYKIN, BEN B. 1897-1955 s/o Jerome C & Gertrude Boykin

BOYKIN, GERTRUDE W. 1874-1956 w/o Jerome Clayton Boykin

BUCHANAN,  GEORGE born N.C. ABT. 1826-03/05/1906

BUCHANAN, MARY M.  10/14/1843-06/01/1914 

	Note: 1900 Census lived with James O. Thomas Jr as step mother and step father 1910 Mary was listed as Mother of James O. (not true)

CHILDERS, ELMER C. 08/12/1921-06/15/1922 s/o A.G. & Annie

CHILDERS, INFANT 10/1921 s/o Alvin & Dora 

CHRISTOPHER, MINNIE B. CONNELL 06/24/1882-02/13/1956 w/o W.P. d/o James M & Mary Connell

CHRISTOPHER, Willie  Pinkney 09/24/1881-03/29/1969 s/o John R and 1st wife

CHRISTOPHER, WILLIE MERL 04/27/1919-07/17/1919 d/o Minnie & W.P.

CHRISTOPHER, John R. 06/21/1853-02/25/1933 s/o William & Harriet 

CHRISTOPHER, ANNIE Eugena Peay 05/03/1870-01/20/1943  2nd w/o J.R. 06/08/1888

CHRISTOPHER, MARY CATHERINE 01/31/1911-01/30/1912

CHRISTOPHER, INFANT 1930 s/o Elma & Elwyn

CHRISTOPHER, CORA LEE HATCHETT 10/24/1885-03/05/1946 w/o John S. (John S s/o John R & 1st wife)

CHRISTOPHER, JEWELL O. 05/23/1921-07/13/1996 w/o Fred

CHRISTOPHER, FRED M. 05/02/1920-06/25/1998

CLARK, ANNIE E. 12/08/1896-01/07/1897 d/o J.P. & Mattie Collier Clark

CLARK, John Pierce 06/21/1872-12/19/1924  h/o Mattie Collier Clark who was the daughter of B.H. Collier

CLARK, J.B. 06/20/1904-10/11/1906 s/o J.P. & Mattie Collier Clark

COLLIER, JOHN R., b. 1813, d. Bet. Aug 1860-June 20 1870 and WIFE CAROLINE HARRIS COLLIER,

b. 1822, d. Bet. Aug 1860-June 20 1870--Information given to

webmaster by Lacey Mims: John R. Collier  [born 1813 died ?] and wife

are buried under the church.

COLLIER, ALMA ESTELLE 02/22/1877-08/20/1954 d/o Benjamin & Susan

COLLIER, BENJAMIN H. 03/21/1848-05/24/1920 s/o John R & Caroline Harris Collier

COLLIER, SUSAN DEANS 01/21/1856-01/01/1910 w/o B.H. married 02/10/1874 & 09/29/1900 (married twice) d/o Benjamin & Obediant Deanes

COLLIER, JOHN W. 01/03/1883-08/08/1903 s/o Benjamin & Susan 

COLLIER, ANNIE M. 08/30/1885-08/14/1896 d/o Benjamin & Susan

COLLIER, W.B. 08/02/1911-11/25/1911 s/o B.Phillip & Ruby

COLLIER, SAM DEAN 11/08/1923-06/23/1924 s/o Benjamin Phillip & Ruby Butler Collier

COLLIER, JAMES 07/25/1933  s/o B.P. & Ruby Butler Collier

COLLIER, PATRICIA ANN 02/18/1937-04/29/1937 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Collier

COLLIER, LOLA B. SMITH 07/15/1918-09/16/1999 w/o Dennis d/o Grover C. & Mary Thompson Smith

COLLIER, DENNIS 02/15/1915-08/17/1981 s/o B.P. & Jennie Butler Collier

COLLIER, JOSEPH C. 1887-1890 s/o J.E. &J.C.

COOPER, KATHERINE PARKER 08/01/1917-03/11/1988 d/o Dewitt & Josephine Yeates Parker

CRITZ, Charles Futrell JR. 08/27/1913

CRITZ, CHARLES W. 08/15/1927-

CRITZ, CHARLIE Futrell 07/23/1879-09/09/1964

CRITZ, Lillie PEARL Fondren 01/30/1889-03/08/1973

CRITZ, JOHN B. 1912-1956  son of John Henry & Una Lee Erwin Critz

CRITZ, ORINE 1912-  w/o John 

CROWELL, WILLIAM EUGENE 02/05/1885-10/22/1907 s/o David & Margaret Kelly Crowell

CROWELL, THOMAS AUGUSTUS 07/20/1888-01/01/1914 s/o David & Margaret Kelly Crowell

DEANS, David PRESLEY 1871-1956 1880 Census s/o Mrs N.J. Deans

DEANS, LAURA 1869-1949 1880 Census d/o Mrs N.J. Deans  sister of Presley

DUNCAN, BERTHA McMULLEN 03/11/1890-07/28/1947 w/o Lewis d/o Edwin & Lou Ella Hull McMullen

DUNLAP, WILLADEEN SHURDEN 10/19/1926-02/02/2006 d/o Felix E & Altha Christopher Shurden

EDWARDS, John W. no dates CSA marker (10/1834-aft 1900)

EDWARDS, LESTER 1895-1936 s/o Luther & Martha 

EDWARDS, JACKson  Sigmon 07/16/1893-07/30/1946 s/o Luther & Martha 

EDWARDS, LUTHER C. 1856-1908 s/o John W & Sarah 

EDWARDS, MARTHA Clemmie Mitchell 1864-1942 w/o Luther married 01/08/1882

EDWARDS, SAMUEL Lee 05/17/1884-04/19/1919 s/o Luther & Martha 

EDWARDS, Edwin GRADY 08/05/1899-04/19/1919 s/o Luther & Martha 

EDWARDS, CURTIS 1897-1897 s/o Luther & Martha (twin of Mertis?)

EDWARDS, VERA LOIS THAXTON 01/29/1923-06/16/2006 d/o John R & Lillie Sikes Thaxton

FELDER, SAMUEL F.J. 02/18/1838-01/30/1897 s/o Fredrick J & Margaret Felder

FELDER, NINA 06/04/1859-01/31/1897 2nd w/o S.F.J.

FELDER, MARY A. GOODWIN 12/11/1847-01/23/1892  1st  w/o S.F.J.

FOWLER, LIZZIE 01/31/1870-10/04/1908 w/o J.F.

FULTON, CHARLIE LEE 08/27/1870-08/05/1955 s/o Jane & Ira father of Ruby L. & Everete married Sarah Jane Edwards Winfield 08/12/1901

FULTON, JANE CHORENA 03/21/1854-11/10/1927 w/o Ira

FULTON, IRA W. 08/21/1842-10/19/1898

FULTON, WILLIE IRA 08/18/1886-11/23/1921 s/o Jane & Ira married Mamie Scott

FULTON, MARION FRANK 01/1872- DIED 1948 s/o Jane & Ira married Ida Hudson 03/01/1893

GAMMILL ANNIE PARKER 11/28/1913-02/02/1987 w/o Cullen (d/o Dewitt & Josephine Yeates Parker??)

GAMMILL, CULLEN DEAN 01/16/1909-09/03/1985 s/o Benjamin F & Florena Cochran Gammill

GREEN, GEORGE OWEN 07/24/1873-03/26/1959 s/o Gambrel & Armelda Green

GREEN, BETTY COLLIER 10/08/1880-11/1973

HARRIS, James E. 08/22/1861-02/02/1917

HENRY, ROBERT 04/09/1886-10/14/1893 s/o B.R. & Ida 

HENRY, INFANT 03/14/1891 Child of B.R. & Ida Thomas Henry

HENRY, BYRD REYNOLDS 11/17/1857-10/21/1910 (married Ida Thomas 10/25/1883) s/o John Quinn & Martha Boatner Henry 

HULL,  BESSIE RAY 05/10/1897-10/17/1969  w/o Herman

HULL, HERMAN C. 08/21/1893-01/16/1986 s/o Joseph Clark & Ida Petty Hull

HULL. AUDREY ELIZABETH 10/25/1922-11/13/2007 d/o Herman & Bessie

HULL, JOSEPH CLARK 12/05/1868-11/25/1935 s/o William H.H. & Mary Peoples Hull

HULL, IDA PETTY 02/05/1870-05/22/1936 w/o Joseph married 01/26/1891d/o Augustus & Sarah Sealy Petty

HULL, William Henry Harrison 10/22/1841-07/29/1914 s/o William & Eliza McCown Hull

HULL, MARY Ann Peoples 08/27/1865-08/25/1906 w/o W.H. married 10/19/1865

HULL, LINDSEY Haywood  09/20/1866-05/08/1895 s/o William H.H. & Mary Peoples Hull h/o Armelda "Meldie" McReymolds married 10/31/1892

HULL, MURRY Maxwell  1901-1958 s/o Joseph Clark & Ida Petty Hull

HULL, GLADYS E. Butler 1906-1967 w/o Murry d/o Charles H & Ada Busby Butler

JOHNSON, LILA MAE FULTON  01/23/1894-04/06/1993 w/o James d/o Ira W & Chorena Fulton

JOHNSON, JAMES ARLEY 04/03/1890-03/22/1963 s/o James A & Alice Logan Johnson

JOHNSON, JOSEPH "JOE" EARL 11/20/1923-08/27/1940

JOHNSON, ALICE CHORENA 08/22/1922-11/11/1922

JOHNSON, FELIX "BUDDY" ERNEST 04/16/1885-06/04/1965 s/o James A & Alice Logan Johnson

JOHNSON, OLIVE MYRTLE FULTON  01/27/1891-06/28/1977 w/o Felix d/o Ira W & Chorena Fulton

JOHNSON, EMMETT E. 09/24/1906-12/29/1971

JONES, WAYNE 03/21/1928-03/21/1982 s/o Rthel & Lizzie Arnold Jones


JONES, FRED T. SR. 12/24/1914-10/22/1992 s/o Ethel & Lizzie

JONES, Bridger V. 05/25/1846-11/09/1927 s/o Bazel W & Mary Jones born Calhoun County Georgia

JONES, MARTHA ANN 10/11/1841-03/13/1924 w/o Bridger

JONES, ETHEL Thomas 11/24/1884-08/10/1972 s/o Bridger & Martha Ann Jones

JONES, LIZZIE Arnold 10/10/1895-05/14/1969 w/o Ethel

JONES, Bridger V. 10/12/1912-10/14/1982 s/o Ethel & Lizzie

JOSE, MARY (Meathers)12/18/1799-08/09/1838w/o Emanuel d/o James & Jane Bowers Meathers Mother of Thomas, John & Mary Josey

 Note: This marker has been moved here from Jose Cemetery where it had been the only marked grave.

          Emanuel and Mary settled in Double Springs as early as 1835. 

JOSEY, GLADYS IRENE SMITH 10/31/1906-07/29/2005 w/o Thomas

JOSEY, THOMAS 11/11/1905-07/1985 s/o Robert E & Clara J Josey Longtime Police Chief OF Starkville

JOSEY, THOMAS 08/07/1829-07/15/1893 s/o Emanuel & Mary Jose

JOSEY, MARY ANN ELIZABETH (Critz) 10/20/1825-12/25/1908 w/o Thomas d/o Peter & Mary Critz

JOSEY, ROBERT EDWARD 06/15/1865-05/30/1933 s/o Thomas & Mary Ann Elizabeth Josey

JOSEY, CLARA JOSIEPHINE FELDER 06/02/1878-06/19/1966 w/o Robert Edward married 12/24/1895 d/o Samuel F.J. & Mary Goodwin Felder

JOSEY, NANNIE MARGARET 07/18/1918-01/10/1923 d/o R.E. & Clara

JOSEY, MARY ANN 12/19/1898-12/19/1898  d/o R.E. & Clara

JOSEY, MAGRUDER 10/11/1900-08/24/1905  s/o R.E. & Clara

JOSEY, HENDERSON 10/08/1896-03/30/1984  s/o R.E. & Clara

JOSEY, MARY OLIVE 10/07/1908-12/29/1965 w/o Henderson

JOSEY, PETER FRANKLIN 08/07/1860-03/04/1909 s/o Thomas & Mary Ann Elizabeth Josey

JOSEY, MARY ELIZABETH "Bettie" WILLIAMS  07/11/1865-04/03/1947 w/o P. F. "Frank" Married 01/22/1882

JOSEY, FRANK 1882-1888 s/o P.F. & M.E.

JOSEY, THOMAS ECKFORD 1901-1902 s/o P.F. & M.E.

JOSEY, HERMAN EDWARD 1889-1890 s/o P.F. & M.E.

JOSEY, HARRIE 1894-1896 s/o P.F. & M.E. 

KEENE, E.T. 04/03/1926-04/30/1980

KEENE, ERNESTINE H. 04/27/1920-11/07/1974

KELLY, MRS. Prudence E. Guyse (Guise)1836-1908 w/o Augustus Kelly married 08/03/1853 Perry County Alabama d/o Joel & Mary Guyce

KENDRICK, ROBERT 06/29/1910-06/09/1964 s/o I.E. & Iona Thompson Kendricks

KENDRICK, FRANCES 11/19/1912-01/21/2006 w/o Robert

KENDRICK, CHARLES CECIL 12/13/1929-07/21/2006 s/o Robert & Francis h/o Maylene

KIMBREL, DAVID 01/29/1809 - Died 10/04/1884 AGE 75

McMULLEN, LOUELLA HULL 01/01/1872-11/12/1954 w/o E.R. married  10/12/1888 d/o William H H & Mary Peoples Hull

McMULLEN, DR. Edwin R. 11/19/1861-09/12/1906 

McMULLEN, MARVIN GRADY 08/18/1897-08/31/1897 s/o E.R. & Louella

McMULLEN, ELMER HORACE 03/20/1892-10/26/1918 s/o E.R. & Louella

McMULLEN, EDWIN JACKSON 03/09/1894-10/24/1918 s/o E.R. & Louella buried Liverpool England

McMULLEN, BLANCHE EUNICE 05/12/1895-04/26/1972 d/o E.R. & Louella


MITCHELL, DAVID LESTER 11/27/1896-08/21/1970

MITCHELL, MYRTIS EDWARDS 08/25/1897-06/23/1981 w/o David

MORELAND, JOHN PICKNEY 11/26/1881-02/21/1946 s/o William & Eliza Moreland (Calhoun County)

MORELAND, DANNIE Lee BETTERTON 07/31/1880-06/20/1959 w/o John married 11/28/1901 d/o John & Alice Tims Betterman

O'BRIAN, MARTHA Alford 12/11/1853-08/12/1905 w/o Colonel F. married 02/24/1873



PEAY, CRATE Bell 12/21/1878-10/30/1952 s/o Austin & Nettie married Loulie Gaston Oakley

PEAY, MATTIE ELOITTE 02/27/1903-10/15/1904

PEAY, AUSTIN 03/06/1846-04/10/1886 s/o George & Martha Peay

PEAY, "NETTIE" Nancy Drunettie Cherry 09/04/1841-12/05/1910  w/o Austin married 02/27/1868

PEAY, CHARLES OSCAR 11/04/1881-03/21/1957

PEAY, HASSIE SMITH 10/16/1882-07/1975 w/o Charles

PETTY, JESSIE 10/11/1892-01/18/1893 s/o H.C. & M.L.

PETTY, LEE 01/28/1887-10/1976 s/o Augustus & Sarah Sealy Petty

PETTY, ROXIE WHITE 03/09/1892-06/22/1966 w/o Lee d/o Joseph & Sarah White

POPE, JOHN HINDS 12/03/1865-08/18/1906

POPE, MINNIE LEE HENRY 1870- 05/01/1958 w/o John d/o John Q & Martha Boatner Henry

PREWITT, WILDA GALE 07/14/1952-08/16/1952 d/o Rev. Maston & China Ray Prewitt

PRICE, JOHNNIE LEE 01/02/1880-10/07/1956 s/o Thomas & Nannie Greer Price

PRICE, MILDRED YEATMAN 12/19/1892-12/01/1953 w/o J. Lee d/o Holland & Mary Stone Yeates

PRICE, ROBERT LEE 12/23/1881-08/08/1957

PRICE, NETER WHITE 08/29/1888-06/05/1969

RAY, JOHN WESLEY 11/10/1861-03/05/1939

RAY, MARY ELIZABETH MOSS 02/24/1861-09/12/1934 w/o John married 12/22/1881

RAY, WALTER G. 08/04/1890-07/29/1958 s/o John & Mary

RAY, LONNIE M. 06/18/1903-10/03/1961s/o John and Mary Ray

RAY, ATLIE E. GREGG 09/04/1900-1968 w/o Lonnie d/o Rayford and Mollie Phelps Gregg

RICE, LILLIAN FOWLER 02/03/1921-04/07/2007

ROOK, RAINEY M. 11/25/1883-08/17/1886 s/o E.H. & S.R.E. ROOK

RUFFIN, WILLIE H. (William Henry)12/05/1878-12/31/1969 s/o William A & Martha Ruffin

RUFFIN, BETTY Christopher 11/16/1884-01/26/1968 w/o Willie

SANFORD, LEONARD L. 05/15/1919-12/26/1990

SANFORD, MYRIAM TOMLINSON 04/15/1920-11/19/1988

SANFORD, HERBERT GENE 1951-2000 s/o Leonard & Myriam

SANFORD, JUDY LYNN  ROUTH 06/27/1957-06/05/2007 w/o Herbert d/o Leroy & Flora Routh

SEALY, MATTIE MYRTLE 11/27/1895-11/11/1897 d/o H.B. & W.M.

SHROPSHIRE, FRANK W. 11/08/1849-08/06/1916 s/o Felix & Amanda Woodruff Shropshire

SHROPSHIRE, (Mary) ALICE JOSEY 03/14/1852-01/12/1886 w/o Frank married 12/28/1874  d/o Thomas & Mary Ann Elizabeth Josey 

SHROPSHIRE, WILLIAM EARL 11/13/1954-11/17/1954  s/o Mr. & Mrs Leslie H 

SHROPSHIRE, MARY Eugenia WILLIAMS, 03/02/1887-07/04/1918 w/o Shellie married 12/20/1905 d/o Henry H & Euphenia Green Williams

SHROPSHIRE, SHELLIE 12/01/1875-05/26/1947 s/o Frank & Alice

SHURDEN, ALTHA CHRISTOPHER 07/14/1904-02/12/1989  w/o Felix d/o Willie P. & Minnie Christopher

SHURDEN, FELIX EDGAR SR. 04/12/1899-11/01/2000 s/o John H & Pearlee Reed Shurden

SMITH, MAUDINE PETTY 1912-11/17/2007 d/o Lee & Roxie Petty

STAFFORD, EMMETT 09/24/1906-12/29/1971

STAFFORD, EVELYN E. Johnson 04/20/1916-05/27/2007 w/o Emmett d/o Felix & Myrtle Johnson

STEEL, ROBERT 05/23/1889-05/25/1890 s/o R.A. & Susan

STEEL, SUSAN (Booker) 12/08/1852-06/04/1904 w/o R.A.married 12/07/1878

STEEL, CHARLOTTE Friday 10/03/1824-02/17/1908

STEEL, RAY MARVIN  07/15/1901-06/23/1917 s/o R.A. & Elizabeth

STEELE, ROBERT A. 11/22/1853-08/15/1908

STEELE, BESSIE HATCHER KIRBY 04/21/1869-10/28/1957  w/o Robert

STYERS, JAMES L. 12/09/1909-01/03/1910 s/o James Alfred & Dallas Edwards Styers

STYERS, JAMES Alfred  08/05/1882-06/30/1979 s/o James & Margaret E. Logan Styers

STYERS, DALLAS EDWARDS 08/06/1888-10/03/1981 w/o James A d/o Luther & Martha Mitchell Edwards

SUGGS, WILLIE JACK 12/29/1932-01/17/1990

THAXTON, ROBERT Cannon 1852-1896

THAXTON, SUSAN T. Easterwood 1842-1929 w/o Robert

THAXTON, J. S. (Joseph S.) 04/02/1867 - 04/04/1900 s/o George W & Julianne(Chesser) Thaxton 

THAXTON, S. L. (Susan L. Pate) 09/15/1868 - 02/17/1893 First wife of Joseph S. Thaxton married 02/07/1887 

THOMAS, ANNIE MAY Felder 07/21/1875-03/22/1892 w/o J.O. Thomas Jr. married 12/09/1889 d/o Samuel & Mary Goodwin Felder


THOMAS, J.O. 06/06/1830-07/13/1910 married Laura A. Tapley 11/19/1866

THOMAS, LILLIAN 02/16/1883-06/10/1886  d/o J.O. & L.A. Tapley Thomas

TOMLINSON, HUB. B. 08/12/1889-04/22/1981 s/o Peter Amos & Lida Turner Tomlinson

TOMLINSON, HENRITTA COLLIER 11/15/1889-09/29/1965 w/o Hub married 02/27/1910 d/o Benjamin & Susan Deans Collier

VAUGHN, NORA BELL CHRISTOPHER 12/25/1907-02/05/1994 d/o Willie P. & Minnie Christopher

VOWELL, LOLA M. 12/16/1918-04/16/2000


WHITE, Luther Henry 01/06/1877-09/11/1915 s/o Joseph & Sallie married Julia Petty 10/11/1897

WHITE, JULIA PETTY no headstone died Drew MS

WHITE, JOE (Joseph) 12/1892 (1850-12/1892) s/o Stephen

WHITE, SALLIE DIED 1900 (1844-1900) w/o Joseph

YEATES, FANNIE OLEAN CRITZ 02/28/1920-04/25/2005 w/o William E.

YEATES, WILLIAM Eldon 04/02/1918-05/29/1996

YEATES, HOLLAND COLEMAN 09/17/1856-10/12/1926 s/o Lorenzo & Amanda Holland Yeates

YEATES, MARY ELIZABETH STONE 03/06/1868-11/11/1916 w/o Holland granddaughter of David B Driver

YEATES, ZORAH A. Hawkins Morris 08/16/1887-03/09/1925  married Dan Morris 10/21/1905 then Willie C

YEATES, WILLIE C. (William Coleman) 04/09/1891-12/06/1945 s/o Holland & Mary

YEATES, ALMA G. 01/15/1899-02/27/1985 2nd w/o Willie

YEATES, JAMES D. 03/02/1936-08/18/1954

Found record but no headstone

Yeates Infant child of Zorah & Willie C b&d 1925 (week after Zorah)

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