Catalogued and Donated by Mona Tomlinson and given freely to the Oktibbeha County Genealogy website.

There are a lot of graves marked with sandstones.

I pass this cemetery on my way to Starkville on Hiway 25 from Louisville. Visited 06/2006.

I added Names if Initials were used and I knew the name. Example: S.M. BATEMAN is Samuel M. Bateman JR. What I added is in small letters. J.C. BOYD is Jessie C BOYD. Added relationships if I found them.

BABER, WILLIAM C died 09/24/1869 29YRS 3MOS 24 DAYS s/o George W & Mary V. 

BATEMAN, Samuel M. Jr.  04/29/1843-12/13/1876 s/o Samuel & Margaret 
BATEMAN, MARGARET A Turnbow  05/01/1822-11/1879 w/o Samuel M.
Note: Samuel M Sr b. abt 1812 in TN was in Chickasaw County 1850,
Winston County 1860 and deceased 1870

BOYD, Jessie C 1867-1934
BOYD, ELLEN M Frazier 01/05/1841(7?)-01/08/1914 1st w/o Jessie married abt 1892 d/o John & Jane Frazier
BOYD, JIMMIE Frazier WILBANKS 1879-1951 1st married James W. Wilbanks 08/08/1899 2nd w/o Jessie per 1930 Census

DOYLE, Robert R. 03/27/1876-03/31/1912 h/o Maude M Evans

ESKRIDGE, SALLY "Sarah" CAPERTON 1854-1937 w/o Thomas
ESKRIDGE, HARTWELL R 03/05/1878-09/27/1890 d/o Thomas & Sallie

FRAZIER, JESSIE E.J. 07/30/1888-07/11/1889 s/o Joel & Maggie
FRAZIER, MARGARET A Dunbar 12/25/1853-02/02/1911 2nd w/o Joel
FRAZIER, Mary R abt 1851-09/04/1881 1st w/o Joel
FRAZIER, JOEL died 10/08/1897 62yrs 9mos 4days s/o John & Jane F.
FRAZIER, JOHN 10/15/1807-06/02/1886 was in Fairfield County SC 1850
FRAZIER, Jane F 05/02/1808-04/30/1873 w/o John
FRAZIER, John W 02/07/1843-12/11/1912 s/o John & Jane
FRAZIER, KATIE (Cathrine Matilda White) 03/07/1843-01/22/1923 w/o John W.
FRAZIER, SARAH E 12/13/1837-01/05/1914 d/o John & Jane
FRAZIER, Robert R 08/12/1839-12/22/1901 s/o John & Jane
FRAZIER, James Robb 08/01/1867-09/23/1877 s/o John W & Catherine M. White Frazier
FRAZIER, LEON 12/15/1897-11/12/1898 s/o A. & S.A.
FRAZIER, JOHN CAMPBELL 08/14/1886-03/16/1927
FRAZIER, INFANT 03/05/1907-03/10/1907 s/o J.D. & F.

GLAZE, GRANVILLE 04/06/1832-07/12/1856


JEFFRIES, John Henry  12/22/1852-02/28/1903 s/o William J & Lucinda Clark Jeffries
JEFFRIES, DIXIE A. White 12/23/1862-04/24/1898 w/o John married 11/22/1883 d/o John S & Mary White

LINNY, BERTIE PETERSON 11/07/1896-07/14/1987 w/o William C. d/o William T & Mary Frazier Peterson

LLOYD, WILLIAM SHERRILL 11/18/1916-03/20/1968 s/o Champion Lawson & Tommie Eudora Tomlinson Lloyd (Loyd)
grandson William Joseph & Janice Edna Peterson Tomlinson and William S & Ira Mitchell Loyd
LLOYD, VERA RYALS 12/09/1910- w/o William Sherrill
LOYD,  OSCAR EUGENIA 03/07/1889-12/05/1904 s/o James A.M & Josephine A.
LOYD,  CORA PEARL 11/27/1881-09/18/1898 d/o James A.M & Josephine A.
LOYD,  Thomas F 12/12/1868-02/07/1905 s/o Lawson & Rachel
LOYD, INFANT b&d 11/1856 d/o W.P. & T.A.
LOYD, RACHEL McDONALD 09/06/1830-08/07/1907
LOYD, LAWSON L 07/25/1825-03/03/1880
LOYD, MARGARET J 08/24/1856-07/26/1887 d/o L.L & R.E
LOYD, JOHN A 12/05/1865-11/05/1870 s/o L.L & R.E
LOYD, JOSEPH S 03/10/1895-01/25/1977 s/o William & Ira 
LOYD, IRA Susan Mitchell 01/28/1862-07/21/1914 w/o W.S.
LOYD, William S. 12/13/1852-02/22/1905 s/o Lawson & Rachel

McELVANY, INFANT 01/15/1874-01/24/1874 d/o Grayson R & Joseph Ann Rainey McElvany

McMAKIN, NANNIE White 10/28/1843-02/03/1938 w/o Peter d/o Dr. R.M. & Rebecca White
McMAKIN, Peter c 06/15/1835-06/27/1903 s/o A. & Annie
McMAKIN, MRS. ANNIE 10/04/1818-10/21/1875
McMAKIN, JAMES O 1839-10/23/1863 s/o A. & Annie
McMAKIN, MARY E 04/04/1853-04/29/1865

MITCHELL, MARY 02/06/1891 ONLY DATE D/O J.D & Mary
MITCHELL, MARY 12/12/1858-02/06/1891 w/o J.D.

ORDWAY, CARRIE LOYD 09/01/1901-12/26/1966 d/o William S & Ira Mitchell Loyd
ORDWAY, STELLA 12/19/1897-03/09/1986

PETERSON, WILLIAM THOMAS 10/27/1851-11/22/1919 
PETERSON, Mary A Frazier 10/22/1872-11/04/1911 2nd w/o William T
PETERSON, LENORA Jannie Rogers 10/11/1854-10/06/1887 1st w/o William T
PETERSON, POLLY "Hattie B" 03/13/1884-05/16/1958 d/o William T & Mary Frazier Peterson
PETERSON, JERRY D 01/04/1934-09/22/1961
PETERSON, TOM CAMP 02/22/1910-08/13/1987
PETERSON, TERESA JO 06/05/1959-08/06/1983

RAINEY, WILLIAM B 05/17/1820-10/18/1869
RAINEY, JOHN ADAM 1911-1913 s/o Earl P & Mollie E
RAINEY, HILMA VASTI 10/16/1903-11/21/1903 d/o Earl P & Mollie E
Note: Earl was the grandson of Frances Bateman Rainey Williams moved to Arkansas
RAINEY, INFANT d/o David Eli & Henrietta Frazier Rainey

ROBERTSON, FANNIE MAE Peterson 02/20/1895-12/03/1987 w/o John C d/o William T & Mary Frazier Peterson
ROBERTSON, JOHN CALVIN 08/15/1895-07/08/1970
ROBERTSON, JOHN THOMAS 02/20/1917-07/05/1918 s/o John & Fannie

ROMEDY, Mary A 04/09/1837-01/23/1916 w/o John
ROMEDY,John H 08/22/1829-07/20/1911

SHELTON, ELIZABETH abt 1815-died 09/23/1860 44YRS 11MONS 16DAYS w/o Roland

TATE, SARAH WELCH 06/09/1819-07/20/1872
TATE, JAMES 05/15/1808-01/18/1867
TATE, JOHN JAMES 07/18/1848-07/21/1856
TATE, JOHN JAMES 07/18/1852-07/21/1857 (2 markers different dates)

WILBANKS, JIM (James W.) 02/11/1878-12/16/1920 
WILBANKS, JOE LEE 03/21/1904-06/08/1905 s/o James W & Jimmie E
WILBANKS, JOHN 11/03/1901-02/25/1947 s/o James W & Jimmie E
WILBANKS, OLEY VERNON 10/27/1933-02/12/1989

WILLIAMS, FRANCES A BATEMAN RAINEY 09/07/1839-11/01/1927 d/o Samuel & Margaret Bateman 1st husband was William B. Rainey

WHITE, JENNIE Obediance 01/31/1857-09/15/1881 d/o John S & Mary E. White
WHITE, MARY E 01/08/1839-08/20/1878 w/o John S.
       Note: John S White born abt 1832 Alabama  
WHITE, ANDREW T 12/20/1854-12/20/1883 s/o John S & Mary E. White
WHITE, NANNIE L 12/14/1871-10/14/1887 d/o John S & Mary E. White
WHITE, BEULAH B 05/14/1878-11/14/1887 d/o John S & Mary E. White
WHITE, MINNIE M 05/04/1879-08/11/1963 d/o George & Emma Gillis White
WHITE, HOMER G 10/05/1883-02/03/1960 s/o George & Emma Gillis White
WHITE, EULA P FRESHOUR 05/08/1907-08/14/1983 w/o Homer G
WHITE, NANNIE EMMA GILLIS 11/16/1849-04/18/1931 w/o George W d/o Archibald & Mary Stark Gillis
WHITE, GEORGE W 07/12/1848-06/28/1893 s/o Dr. R.M. & Rebecca White
WHITE, REBECCA JANE 07/27/1823-11/10/1894 w/o Dr. R.M.
WHITE, TOMMIE W 03/20/1890-10/05/1892 s/o R.L & M.E.
WHITE, N.F.C.E. 01/26/1871-03/15/1873