Oktibbeha County, MISSISSIPPI: 1870 Census Beat 1 & Starkville City

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1870 Oktibbeha County With the Town of Starkville





94. MOOTY M.F.C.                    58MW    MECHANIC

                M.E.                                        56FW

                E.A.                                        17MW

       WANE GILES                                12MB                WAITING BOY

        MOOTY, ISABELLA                            45FW

95. HILLHOUSE, SARAH                 71FW

                JANE                                      77FW

       BARRON, JANE                      41FW

       BRADWELL, M.L.                        29FW

       BARRON, M.L.                        12FW

                P.C.                                         9FW

96. RUFFIN, JAMES                  61MB

                JANE                                      40FB

                SARAH                                 19FB

                MARY A.                            15FB

                HENRETTA                          12FB

                PARTHA                             9FB

                DAVID                                   17MB

                BENJAMIN                        14MB

                JAMES                                  7MB

                FRANK                                  2MB

97. BELL, NELSON                                50MB

                GRACY                                  27FB

                MARY                                   4FB

                PETER                                    6MB

                MARTHA                             2FB

98. EDGAR, FRANK                  43MM

                HARRIET                             44FB

                B.F.                                         17MM

                W.L.                                       13MM

                THOMAS                              11MM

                ELLA                                      1FM

99. ROBERTS, HANNAH                             27FW

                PEGGY                                   60FB

100. COON JEAMS                  37MM

                PAD                                       14MM

                SAPHLIN                             8FM

        BELL CAROLINE                           38FB

                SOLIAN                                 13MB

        MAYS PAULINE                              36FB

101. MCKELL JULIA A.                               40FB

                N.L.                                         21MB

                ALEX                                     17MB

         MCKELLY LAURA                 19FM

102. WARD SYRUS                   57MB

                SUCKY                                  34FM

                ALEX                                     15MB

                JOHN                                     13MB

                SUSANNA                          11FB

                EMMET                                 7FB

        MCKELL, TEBY                      70FB

103. PEARON, JUAN                     30MB

                LOUISA                                 25FB

                GEORGE N                             14MB

                JUAN JR                            10MB

                EMMETT                             3MB

                NANCY A.                            26FB

104. MCKELL                E.J.                          27MW

                JJ                                             26FW

                TLM                                       1FW

                DF                                           4/12MW

105. MCKELL                E.J.                          50FW

                M MISS                                 18FW

                DAVID                                   16MW

        NASON M S                                 54FW                TEACHER

106. BELL W.C.                                    34MW

                T E                                          24FW

                D P                                          3MW

                M E                                         2FW

                C C                                          5/12MW

108. SHELTON TOM                      31MB                FARMER

                BELL M                                 30FB

                L A                                         8FB

                MOLLIE                                 5FB

                NEALY                                  2MB

                JAMES                                  7/12MB

                JENNIE                                  15FB

109. PERRY JOE                                   37MB                FARMER

                LUCINDA                             23FB

                JOEL                                       7MB

                CHARLEY                           2MB

                DAVID                                   2/12MB

      RUFUS  DANIEL                 19MB

       RODOLPHUS DAVID                   18MB

                GABE                                     24MM                FARMER

                ELIZA                                    20FB

                MUGGY                                 4FB

                CORA                                    3FB

                PRINCE                                  1MB

110. DAVIS JAKE                                24MB

                JANE                                      20FB

                ALEX                                     4MB

                P.A.                                        1FB

         BELL MANDA                               21FB

                WILLIAM                            3MB

                LA                                          2/12MB

          BELL BILLY                                22MB

111. MONTGOMERY, JIM                         24MB                FARMER

                ANDERSON                        10MB

                YOUNG                                  3MB

                MAGGIE                              1FB

        COOK JORDAN                               10MB

        BELL  JAMES                  8MB

         COOK, SILAS                    6MB

112. ESTILL J.W.                                  52MW                FARMER

                MARIAN                             41FW

                M.J.                                        30FW

                F E                                          27FW

                N G                                         20MW

                S A                                         18FW

                PRAQUILLA                        15FW

                W R                                        14MW

113. ESTILL J B                                    25MW

                LOUISA                                 22FW

                J M                                         1MW

114. LOWRY SAMUEL                               30MB

                MARGARET                        27FB

                SUE                                        12FB

                JANE E.                                 2FB

                MANDA                             1/12FB

         EDWARDS, CHARLES                23MB

                LOUISA                                 24FB

                JEFF                                       5MB

115. GILLESPIE, JACK                     69MB

                TEMFAY                             50FB

          OWENS, MARY                   16FB

          GILLESPIE, JOE                         38MB

           PERRY, HARRIET                              6FB

116. THOMPSON, DAVE                     40MM

                CLARRENCY                        25FM

                LAVELLA                             6FM

                JOHN                                     4MM

                MARGARET                        2FM

                LAURA                                 3/12FM

117. GOODFELLOWS,ANDREW                37MW

                ELIZABETH                        31FW

                KING, FLORENCE                28MW                MILLER

                JANE                                      29FW                MATRON

118. ROBERS, ROB                        63MB    

                PERCILLA                             30FB

                JEANNA                             16FB                COOK

                ROBERT                                14MB

                EDWARD                             12MB

                ELLEN                                    10FB

                DELLA                                   8FB

                ALLICE                                  3FB

                W.J.                                        9/12MB

119. WARD, MOSES                  25MM

                EMILY                                   24FM                COOK

                SPENCER, JENNY                25FB

                FRANCIS                              7FB

                SHEPPARD                          4MB

                JOSEPH                                 2MB

120. GILLESPIE, BEN                        24MB

                CAROLINE                           20FB

                PERCILLA                             4FB

                M. JANE                      1FB

121. HICKS, RICHARD                             52MB

                ANEY                                     58FB

                EDMON                                 18MB

                ROBERT                                14MB

                GELLISPIE, DELIA                20FB

                GELLISPIE, ANDERSON                21MB

                JAMES                                  6/12MB                FEB

                BELL, CAPHUS                               39MB

                EMERLINE                           50FB

                HARRIET                             12FB

                SPENCER                             20MB

                ISAM                                     11FB

                GILLESPIE, JOHNSON                59MM

                GRACEY                             55FB

                AIKENS, ADLINA                6FM

122. JAMES, MOSES                  79MB

                LUCY                                     83FB

                BELL, EMELENE                             4FB

                LENATIA                             2FB

                LOUIS                                    17MB

                GRACY                                  15FB

                JANE                                      13FB

                MOSES                                  11MB

                LITTLILDON                       8MB

                DANIEL                                 4MB

                LAURA                                 1/12FB

123. BELL, LEVEN                   59MM                MECHANIC

                LOUISANNA                       27FB

                LITTLETON                       20BM

                LEVEN                                   13MB

                JOHN                                     11MB

                W.H.                                       8MB

                ISABELLA                          6FB

                RUFUS                                   3MB

                ELLA                                      1FB

124. GILLISPIE, ROBERT                                61MB

                MARIAH                             55FB

                ROUGHLEY                         19MB

                CLARA                                  60FB

125. GILLISPIE, AUSTIN                                40MB

                AUSTIN                                                20MB    

                FRANK                                  23FB

                JAMES                                  1MB

                M.C.                                       4FB

                GRAVETHA                       20FB

                BENNY                                  2MB

126. GILLESPIE, NEWTON                              40MB

                RACHEL                              54FB

                SPENCER                             15MB

127. VALENTINE, GEORG                   21MB

                EMMA                                  19FB

                ELIZABETH                        1FB

                GEORGIANNA                   5/12FB

                ALLICE                                  11FB                CRIPPLE

128. MCKELL, RUBEN                  57MB

                WINNIE                                 40FB

                MANDA                             19FB       DISCASIN?

                TOM                                      14MB

                NANCY                                 12FB                NURSE

                MATILDA                          11FB

                CHARLOTT                        9FB

                KATE                                     7FB

                MURRY                                 5MB

                MARY                                   8/12FB

                SARAH                                 60FB

129. GELLISPIE, JOHN                     30MM

                MARIAH                             25FM

                HENRY                                  6MM


                SIMON                                  13MB

131. MCKELL, WILSON                                57MB

                MARIAH                             48FB

                HENRY                                  20MB

                EMALINE                           13FB

                JOHN                                     10MB

                WILLIAM                            9MB

                SALLIE                                  20FB

132. SPENCER, SIMON                  28MB

                JANE                                      50FB

                JOE                                         24MB

                CATHRINE                           23FB

                WHITE, JEFFERSON                23MM

                HARRISON, LUCAS                16MB

133. HARRISON, RICHARD                27MB

                ISABELLA                          24FB

                ELLA                                      9/12FB

                MAMIE                                 5FB
....The above two children were later on the 1880 census shown as Della and Nannie. (Notation sent in by descendant)

134. ROGERS, C.W.                       32MW

                MARY R.                            27FW

                JOHN                                     10FW

                JENNIE                                  8FW

                DELLA                                   3FW

                EVA                                        6/12FW

                PEEBLES, HARRY                8MB

                LUCINDA                             10FB

135. PEEBLES, J.A.                         60FW

                V.C.                                         37FW                LIFE IN AGENT

136. PULLER, TOM                      34MW

                EMALINE                           30FW

                WILLIS                                  16MW

                ELLAR                                   10FB

                RACHEL                              4FB

                JOHN                                     9MB

137. PEEPLES, JAMES                  25MB

                RIVES                                     20FB

138. HOLLINSHED, GEORGE                25MB

                M.JANE                                 5FB

                G.ANN                                   3FB

                DELLA                                   2FB

139. JAMES, GEORGE                                23MB

                BELL, JULIA                    40MB

                ISAAC                                   6MB

                DAVID                                   9MB

       HOLLINGSHED, ANTHONY                28MB                COOK

                MANDA                             10FB

                BURREL                                                7MB

                GEORGE                                                3MB

                DORSEY                                1MB

       DRIZZLE, NANCY                 22FB                WASHERWOMAN

                ALBERTA                             4FB

124. SPENCER, SIMON                  30MB

                JANE                                      45FB                WASHERWOMAN

                ALSTON, D.W.                  23MB

125. BELL, JIM                                     65MB

                MARIA                                 35FB

                ELLEN                                    20FB

126. LENNIER, W.R.                       35MW

                J.B.                                          26FW

                W.R. JR.                                 3MW

                G.H.                                        1MW

                J.L.                                          3/12MW


                MARY                                   30FB

                GILLISPIE, GRENNILLA                10MB

128. DAVIS, MANERVA                           30FB

                ROBERT                                20MB

                MARY                                   14MB

                HENRETTA                          10FB

                EMILY                                   7FB

                FORREST                             5MB

                ALLY                                     2FB

                DAVID                                   1FB (THAT IS WHAT IT HAS)

128. SPENCER, RUBEN                  21MB

                PARTHENIA                      30FB

                ROSETTA                             11FB

                VIRGINIA                             8FB

                MARTHA A.                       3/12FB

                MARY A.                            3/12FB

129. BILL, NELSON                                45MB                MECHANIC

                GRACY                                  28FB

                G. WASHINGTON                11MB

                PETER                                    6MB

                M.J.                                        4FB

                M.J.                                        2FB

130. WAT, ABRAHAM                          22MB

                JENNIE                                  20FB

                JOHN                                     18MB

131. BELL, ISAAC                   64MB

                SPENCER                             14MB

                WILLIAM                            12MB

132. MOOTY, MITCHEL                              37MB

                BETSY ANN                       29FB

                SARAH                                 60FB

                CHARLEY                           8MB

                BELL, CHARLEY                             15MB

133. BELL, WILLIAM                             62MW

                L.O.                                         38FW

                CAVIN                                   34MW

                C.P.                                         11MW

                A.M.                                       9MW

                L.D.                                         7MW

                D.M.                                       4MW

                ALLICE                                  5FW

134. MCDOWELL, ELIZA                    40FB

                FRANCIS                              14FB

                CHARLEY                           2MB

135. BELL, EDMOND                              27MB

                JEFFERSON                          18MB

136. BELL, EDMOND JR.                       23MB

                MARIAH                             20FB

137. BELL, ALEX                                 45MB

                MARGARET                        36FB

                DAVID                                   17MB

                SIMON G.                            15MB

                NATHAN                             11MB

                PETE                                      5MB

                W.C.                                       3MB

                HENRIETTA                       17FB

138. BELL, SIMON                  44MB

                SPENCER                             14MB

                CHARLOTTE                     8FB

                DELLA                                   2FB

                  ROBERTSON, NED                18FB

139. BELL, WASHINGTON                47MB

                MARTHA                             45FB

                HENRY                                  19MB

                ELBERT                                 10MB

                BELL, JIM                         26MM

                MANDA                             24FB

                ISABELLA                          3FB

140.DOOLIN, MOSES                  48MB                BRICK MASON

                ELLEN                                    51FB                WASHERWOMAN

                JANE                                      35FB                WASHERWOMAN

                POPE, SARAH                 45MB (AGAIN WHAT IT SAYS)

                NANCY                                 18FB

                MARY                                   15FB

                BEN                                        10MB

                DOOLIN, FRANK                12MB

                JULIA                                    8FB

                WHITFIELD                        5MB

                ROSEBUD                             7/12FB

141. STEEL, JAMES                  49MW                ENGINEER

                CHARLOTTE                     47FW

                J.H.                                         22MW

                R.A.                                        16WM                  MILL HAND

                THAXTON, ROBERT                17MW                MILL HAND

142. BARDWELL, ESON                     45MB

                HESTER                                 30FB

                AARON                                 12MB

                JOANNA                             14FB

                GEORGEANNA                   9FB

                LUCINDA                             7FB

                ELIZA                                    4FB

                NANCY                                 3FB

                LUCIE A.                            7/12FB                    JAN

143. PETERSON, THOMAS                29MB

                MARGARET                        19FB

                WASHINGTON                  6MB

                CATHERINE                       5FB

                GEORGE                                                1MB

                JIM                                         1/12                JULY

                OANA                                   70FB

                SAM                                      12MB

                TOM                                      9MB

                GEORGE                                                7MB

144. MARINER, JOHN                     30MB

                HARRIET                             24FB

145. ROGERS, BURRIS                 45MB

                LIZZIE                                   4FB

                JOHN G.                                 1MB

146. BURTON, JEFF                       75MB

                MARY                                   44FB

                JESSIE                                    11MB

                JOE                                         9MB

                ABE                                        4MB

                MAJOR                                 2MB

147. PRICE, T.G.                                     31MW

                NANNIE                                27FW

                M.J.                                        7FW

                W.H.                                       4MW

                MAGGIE                                2FW

                N.E.                                         7/12FW                  FEB

148. TURNER, LEWIS                   35MW                FARMER             SOUTH CAROLINA

      (CHAPMAN)FRANCIS   32FW                                     SOUTH CAROLINA

                L.J. (LIDA)                   12FW

                A.F.(FRANK)                     9MW

                A.E.(ANNIE)                        4FW

149. PEARSON, ISAAC                   54MM

                H.G.                                        53FB

                ISAAC JR.                           24MB

                JACKSON                             18MB

                AARON                                 15MB

                MARTHA                             11FB

                MARY A.                            8FB

                PATSY                                   5FB

                JOHN                                     2MB

150. HOPPER, MARGARET                25FB

                JULIA                                    2FB

                L.H.                                         5/12                APRIL

151. MASON, ELIZA                    49FB

152. EDMONDS, MILLY                   26FB

                BRADBERRY, ELIZABETH 8FB

                MILLY                                   7FB

                GREEN                                   5MB

154. ROBERTSON, JOHN                     28MB

                MARY                                   30FB

                ANGIE                                   12MB

                IDA                                        9FB

                LUCRCIA                             7FB

                JULIA                                    2FB

155. WILKERSON, MATHEW                58MM

                CAROLINE                           47FM

                LUCINA                                                14FB

                ELI                                          19MB

                SAM                                      16MB

156. ALEXANDER, BEN                        25MB

                CENA                                     30FB

                ALICE                                    11/12FB                  AUG

157. BARNES, JOHN H.                                55MB

                RACHEL                              31FB

                TAYLOR                             17MB

                CHARLES                           14MB

                ISABELLA                          12FB

                TURNER                             10MB

                BUCKNER                           8MB

                ALEX                                     3MB

158. MCGEE, ALI                                 36MB

                SUSAN                                  18FB

                FRANCES                           15FB

                JESSIE                                    14MB

                WILLIAM                            7MB

                REBECCA                             3FB

                ESTELLA                             2FB

                GEORGE                                                1/12MB                MAY

159. VALENTINE, MARGARET                43FW

                N.C.                                        14FW

                M.B.                                       12FW

160. ALEXANDER, ELIZA                    30MB

                LAMA                                   21FB

                SUSAN                                  4FB

                HENRY                                  3MB

161. NAILS, PETE                                59MB

                GRACY                                  53FB

                BILLUPS, HUGH D.                16MB

                JOHN                                     12MB

                NAILS, NANCY                 18FB

                FLOYD                                   16MB

                HENRY                                  14MB

162. WAIT, J.D.                                    22MW

                N.R.                                        21FW

                N.E.                                         10/12FW                SEPT

163. BEVIL, R.E.B.                                25MW

                NANCY                                 19FW

164. BELL, HENRY                  40MB

                WINNIE                                 35FB

                HENRY                                  7MB

                MARY                                   5FB

                PETER                                    3MB

                JACK                                     9/12MB                  JAN

165. WEIR, JASEA                   70MB

                CATHERIN                         55FB

166. BELL, MARY                   67FB

167. SPEED, G.C.                                  42MB                     PENN.

                MARNING                          30FB

                SPENCER, ISABELLE                14FB

                JOHN                                     6MB

                CATE                                     3FB

                MELA                                    1FB

                SPEED, HARRISON                14MB

168. FORSYTH, JOHN                     26MB

                JANE                                      30FB

                RIEVES, MALINDA                15FB

169.BRAG, HENRY                  40MB

                PATSY                                   27FB

                CHARLEY                           5MB

                JANUS                                   2FB

                M.F.                                        3/12FB                    MAY

170. BELL, MINOR                  22MB

                SUSAN                                  30FB

                SAMPSON                          1MB

171. BELL, GILBERT                               54MB

                MARY                                   32FB

                MARGARET                        19FB

                RACHEL                              17FB

                ELLEN                                    12FB

                DAVE                                     9MB

                REANA                                 5FB

                NANCY                                 3FB

172. MCDONEL, WILLIS                  28MB

                M.A.                                       17FB

                NANCY                                 5FB

                LUCIA                                   4FB

173. GILLISPIE, SAM                      31MM

                ANICA                                  22FB

                VIRGINIA                             10FB

                ROSELLA                             11FB

174. AIKIN, W.B.                                 42MW

                CONILIA                             41FW

                MOLLIE                                 13FW

                PATE, T.S.                         34MW                LAWYER

175. COOPER, TONY                     63MM                MECHANIC

                NANCY                                 50MM

                HENRY                                  14MM

176. COOPER, ALEX                     21MM

                SOPHIA                                 18FB

177. STEAM, HENRY                  22MB

                ALLICE                                  17FB

178. BELL J.A.                                      26MW

                M.O.                                       21FW

                ORA                                       2FW

                NELLA                                   3/12FW                  JAN

179. BELL, M.C.                                    21MW

                ALABAMA                         18FW

                W.R.                                       3/12MW                                JAN

180. SANDERS, RUBEN                  70MB

                ELLA                                      45FB

                WILLIS                                  18MB

                FRANCES                           14FB

                RUBIN                                   8MB

                SAL                                        12FB

181. JOINER, JOE                                 60MB

                CATE                                     45FB

                ELIZA                                    18FB

                SAMUEL                              16MB

                BEN                                        14MB

                HARRIET                             8MB

182. EDMONDS, E.                             60MW

                JULIA A.                            40FW

                LEROY                                   21MW

                MEANY                                 20FW

                G.ANN                                   18FW

                CALIFORNIA                      12FW

                ANDY MEEK                    13MW

                MANDA A.                       10FW

                JOHN                                     7MW

                EMMA                                  5FW

                JUDA                                     3FW

183. SULLIVAN, WELLINGTON                60MB

                SELAH                                   50FB

                CURRY, CAROLINE                18FB

184. LAMB, GIDION                  31MW                    SCOTLAND

                AGNES                                  33FW                     SCOTLAND

                ALIE                                       16MW                    SCOTLAND

185. MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                25MW                    SCOTLAND

186. GILLESPIE, HARRIET                              45FM

                MARIAH                             18FB

                HENRETTA                          10FB

                HAGAR                                 9MB

                ELBERT                                 7MB

                HARRIET                             2FB

187. SPENCER, CHARLEY                             42MB

                ELLEN                                    35FB

188. BOYD, NANCY                 30FB

                ALIC                                      2/12MB                  APRIL

189. WARRA, ISAAC                   22MB

                PENNY                                   23FB

                RAUELONA                       6MB

                HUBARD                             4MB

                BELL, SISSIE                    5FB

                BELL, LIVIE                      17MB

190. PEEPLES, ATLAS                  28MM

                A.ELIZA                             30FM

                EADY                                     11FB

                ELLEN                                    9FB

                ALBORN                             7/12MB                FEB

191. BELL, MINOR                  22MB

                SUSAN                                  24FB

                JOHN                                     4MB

                SAMPSON                          1MB

192. AUSTON, ALEX                     22MB

                HARRIET                             22FB

                MARY                                   8FB

                SAM                                      4MB

                ANN                                       2FB

                JAMES                                  9/12MB                SEPT

193. AUSTON, EDWARD                             32MM   

                MARIAH                             35FM

                NEIGHBORS,LEWIS                6MM

                AUSTON, DANIEL                55MB

                ALSA                                     54FB

                WILLIAM                            16MB

                JOEL                                       12MB

                BARDWELL, JONAS                6MB


                RACHEL                              40FB

                JANE                                      13FB

                MARY                                   11MB

                BEN                                        5MB

                MURRAH                             12MB

                ISABELLA                          7FB

196. DOLUSON, SIM                        56MM

                JANE                                      18FB

                BELL, BOB                        21MM

197. WARREN, CATE                     60MB

                MARY                                   50FB

                ANDREW                            19MB

                RODA                                    18FB

                ELIZA                                    17FB

                LOUISA                                 16FB

                MATILDA                          14FB

                WARREN, HARRIET                13FB

                HENRY                                  12MB

                SAMUEL                              10MB

197. THOMPSON, NELSON                25MM                CISTRON DIGGER

                SOPHIA                                 22FM

                ELLA                                      2FM

                NINNA                                  1/12FM                MAY

198. WARREN, CORDELIA                9FM

                ALICE                                    5FM

                ROSETTA                             5FM

                MARY                                   1FM

199. THOMPSON, DAVE                     18MM

                ANN                                       14FM

                THOMPSON, SMITH                20MM

200. CURRY, BOB                                30MB

                JUDA                                     25FB

201. COOK, TOM                                 56MM

                JANE                                      52FB

                NED                                        14MB

                MOUSON                             18MB

                LUCY                                     17FB

202. BELL, JAMES                  22MB

                MANDA                             23FB

                BELL                                      4FB

203. REEVES, ROBERTA                             24FB

204. RODGERS, FRANK                  34MB

                LEVEANIA                           25FB

                ISAIAH                                 11MB

                EUGENE                                                5MB

                TOM                                      3MB

                NELSON                                1MB

205. PEEBLES, JOE                         58MB

206. HOGAN, C.A.                        46MW                MERCHANT

                C.A.                                        40FW

                D.A.                                        17FW

                J.B.                                          11MW

                ABNEY                                  9MW

                ISSABELLA                        6FW

                HIRAM                                  60MW

                WILLIE                                  60FW

                CRITZ, MARGARET                39FB                COOK

207. MCCRIEGHT, DAVE                     60MB

                DELLA                                   14FB

                ELLEN                                    12FB

                NORA                                    5FB

208. FORT, LUGUNIA                             13FB      

209. CAMPBELL, ANTHONY                53MB

                L.A.E.                                     56FB

                WARE, EMMA                  27FW

                D.J.                                         13FM

                J.B.                                          10MM

210. THOMAS, JOE                         29MB

                NANCY                                 25FB

211. COLEMAN, JOE                         39MB

                ELIZA                                    20FB

                JOSEPHINE                           9FB

                WILLIE                                  5MB

212. BARDWELL, SIMON                  53MB

                MARTHA                             45FB

                LEWIS                                   17MB

                HARRIET                             15FB

                HENRY                                  14MB

                NEALY                                  13MB    

                ED                                           12MB

                BELL                                      10MB

                WINNIE                                 6FB

                AMBROSE                           9MB

213. MELTON, ABNER                  22MM

                ELIZA                                    23FM

214.MOOTY, TOM                      40MM                MECHANIC

                MARTHA                             31FM

                COLUMBUS                        13MM

                LUE                                        9FM

215. PARKER, L.O.                         36MW                PHYSICIAN

                JANE M.                           41FW

                L.L.                                         7/12FW                NOV

216. BARDWELL, JAKE                      45MB

                ANN                                       48FM

                JOHN                                     23MB

                CONELIA                             18FB

                TONY                                     16MB

                SANDY                                  14MB

                LUE                                        12FB

217. BELL, HENRETTA                          35FB                COOK

                MARGARET                        18FB

                EMILY                                   16FB

                LIZZIE                                   12FB

                SALLIE                                  7FB

                ANN                                       4FB

                EDWARD                             1MB

218. BOYD, ANDERSON                         40MB

                ABBY                                     35FB

                LOTTY                                   11FB

                FANNIE                                 4FB

                ELLA                                      4/12FB                APRIL

219. PERRY, MARY                   25FB

220. PETRY, BETSY                   40FB

                SARAH                                 18FB

                JAKE                                      16MB    

                RIAL                                      13MB

                FRANK                                  8MB

                LIZZIE                                   3FB

221. ISAAC, BEN                                 63MB

                SELAH                                   52FB

                BEN                                        24MB

                HENRY                                  22MB

                ELI                                          19MB

                ELISHA                                 15MB

                PRICILLA                             11FB

222. DINAH                                          22FB

                JENNIE                                  2FM

                CHARLEY                           6MM

223. COOPER, JAMES                  59MM

                EADA                                    40FB

                GEORGE                                                17MB

                JOHN                                     9MB

224. GILLISPIE, DANIEL                 30MB

                HARRIET                             28FB

                ALLICE                                  13FB

                GRACY                                  11FB

                MARY                                   9FB

                HAPPY                                  7MB

                CLARACY                           6FB

                MARTHA                             2FB

                YOUNG                                  1/12MB

                ADALINE                           7FB

225. GILLISPIE, JEFF                       35MB

226. GILLESPIE, CHARLY                               40MB

                ANN                                       38FB

                HOGAN                                 20MB

                JOHN                                     18MB

                MARIA                                 16FB

                GREEN                                   14MB

                REBECCA                             17FB

                MOLLIE                                 8FB

                CHARLEY                           5MB

                JIM                                         3MB

227. TOWSEN, SAM                      40MB

                ANN                                       24FB

                ELLAR                                   13FB

                CHERRY                                11FB

                MADISON                          6MB

                LILLA                                    1FB

                GILLESPIE, LEE                   18MB

228. GILLESPIE, SINA                      90FB

229. VALENTINE, ED                           26MB

                ANNA                                   30FB

                BROWN                                                15MB

230. WALKER, WILLIAM                             56MW

                MARTHA                             20FW

                M.C.                                       18MW

                J.A.                                         16MW

                MARY                                   13FW

                ALEXANDER                     10MW

                S.D.                                         7FW

                N.E.                                         3FW

231. DRISDEL, SANDY                  32MB

                MARINA                             30FB

                HOGAN                                 13FB

                WESLEY                             9MB

                LEWIS                                   7MB

                WYATT                                                3MB

232. AIKENS, ADISON                                48MB

                REBECCA                             38FB

                WILLIE                                  15MB

                DRIDON                                6MB

                JOE                                         17MB

                JEFF                                       10MB

                DOLLIE                                  6FB

233. BUSH, HENRY                  24MB

                CHARLOTT                        18FB

                SARAH                                 6/12FB                FEB

234. ALSTON, JOHN                     24MB                DITCHER

                RACHEL                              24FB                COOK

                TIMER                                   4FB

                ALSA                                     2FB

235. BELL, CEZAR                  40MB

                RACHEL                              25FB

                SARAH                                 5FB

236. SELF, LEWIS                                92MB

                FRANCIS                                  FB

                JESSIE                                    4MB

                WARREN                             12MB

                LINDSY                                 18MB

                CSTER                                   22FB

                JACK                                     17MB

237. RICE, MARGARET                        25MB                COOK

                CONELIA                             2FB

                JOHN                                     1/12MB                MAY

238. COLEMAN, LOUIS                    39MB

                MERICA                             55FB

                MARY                                   19FB

                ARCHY                                  18MB

                NACE                                     9MB

                LAURA                                 8FB

239. COLEMAN, DICK                      21MB

                NANCY                                 25FB

                EDNA                                    3FB

                BULA                                     1FB

240. FORT, MAJOR                 27MB

                MARTHA                             39FB

                W.W.                                     15MB

                LUCINDA                             10FB

                LORENA                             6FB

                MAJOR                                 4MB

                THOMAS BELL                   2MB

                GEN. FORREST                              7/12MB                FEB

                LUCINDA                             42FB

241. PEEBLES, STERLING                             21MB

                MAHALA                             16FB

                SARAH                                 9FB

                CHARLEY                           6MB

                JOHNSON, RICHARD                16MB

242. PETERS, GENERAL                             30MB

                ANNA                                   40FB

                LEMUEL                              17MB

243. ERVINE, SUSAN                  63FW

                N.E.                                         30FW

                WILLIAM,M.C.                  28FW

                PHARLEE                              10FW

                SALLIE B.                            8FW

                LUE W.                                  6FW

244. BOSTIC, L.C.                                                63MW

                NANCY                                 51FW

245. CANNON, ALASKA                              32MB

                PHILLIS                                 23FB

                ALLEN                                   5MB

                ALFORD                             2MB

246. WADKINS, JOHN                     56MB

                CAROLINE                           35FB

                WASHINGTON                  13MB

                LAURA                                 9FB

                PRICILLA                             6FB

                SAM                                      5MB

                HENRY                                  1MB

                DRAKE, BEN                        90MB

247. LYONS, JOHN                     50MW                    IRELAND

                SUSAN C.                            40FW                     TENNESSEE

                ELLEN                                    15FW

                CATHERN C.                      13FW

                CHARLEY                           10MW

                MARY L.                             8FW

                SUSAN                                  4FW

                NETTA                                  1FW                (MARRIED ELI LEVI"DUTCH" TOMLINSON)

                KIRKHAM, F.C.                                23MW                MECHANIC

248. ERVIN, J.J.                                     44MW

                LAURA                                 35FW

                MEEK                                    12MW

                S.C.                                         8FW

                J.T.                                          6MW

239. STUART, J.W.                        26MW

                M.T.                                       20FW

                W.J.                                        1MW

250. BUSH, JOE                                    48MW

                LOUISA                                 47FB

                JOANNA                             18FB

                GRACY                                  16FB

                SUSANNA                          12FB

                DOLLIE                                  10FB

                JONAH                                  9MB

                NANCY                                 8FB

                BARDWELL, LUCY                75FB

                BUSH, DOLLY                   60FB

                WILLIAM, BILLY                40MB

251. FORT, L.A.                                    45MW

                L.J.                                          38FW

                TENNY                                  3FW

                MELL                                     2FW

                COX, B.H.                        18MW

                J.C.                                          16MW

                W.P.                                       10MW

                PULLER, VIGINIA                16FW

252. DANIELS, J.C.                          48MW                MECHANIC

                A.C.                                        38FW

                G.Mc                                      7MW

                A.L.                                        5FW

                W.G.                                       3MW

                LUCY                                     1FW

                BISHOP, J.C.                          17FW

253. GRIZLEY, GEORGE                                50MW

                S.JANE                                  45FW

                A.L.                                        21FW

                S.L.                                         19FW

                M. ANN                                 15FW

                JOHN T.                                 13MW

                BETTIE                                  10FW

                EADA                                    7FW

                WILLIAM                            1MW

254. ROGERS, MINGO                  30MB

                CAROLINA                          23FB

                BALLY                                   9MB

255. BELL, GREEN                   40MB

                EMERLINE                           23FB

256. MOON, JANE                      42FW

                CALLIE                                  18FW

                LUELLA                                                13FW

                LORENA                             13FW

257. RICHBURG, J.G.                          37MW

                MARTHA                             24FW

                WILLIE                                  3MW

258. PRICE, JACK                                68MB

                JANE                                      50FB

                RACHEL                              15MM

259. TATE, BEN                                   30MB

                MANDA                             25FB

                BENJAMIN                        5MB

                SUSAN                                  3FB

260. DICKSON, MAJOR                 24MB

                ANN                                       21FW

261. WARE, THOMAS                              26MW

                A.E.                                        24FW

                M.E.                                        1FW

                H.B.                                        28MW

262. WARE, WILLIAM                             38MB

                MARTHA                             26FB

                MEEK                                    8MB

                CHARLOTTE                     7FB

                SIM                                        5MB

                WILLIAM                            2MB

263. DAVIS, JIM T.                            43MB

                PRICILLA                             42FM

                FRANCIS                              18FB

264. MARY                                           25FB

                MELLY                                  6FB

                SAM                                      2MB

                MATHEW                            1MB

265. CLARK, SARAH                 30FB

                HAMMERAND                  10MB

                MORRIS                                7MB

                WILLIS                                  5MM

                GEORGINIA                        3FB

266. CAMPBELL, MADESON                45MB

                DICER                                    35FB

                NUCKEY                             12FB

                SARAH                                 10FB

                WINNIE                                 7FB

                EASTER                                                5FB

                HARRIET                             2FB

                JULIA                                    9/12FB                SEPT

267. CAMPBELL, LANDON                87MB

                PARN, HARRIET                              40FB

                PETER                                    5MB

268. LINSEY, FRANK                  72MB

                LIDDA                                   47FB

                PATSY                                   16FB

                DOLLY                                   14FB

                JANE                                      13FB

                LAURA                                 11FB

                JACK                                     10MB

                FEBY                                      7FB

                CHARLOTTE                     3FB

                EMMA                                  1FB

                MONTGOMERY, HENRITTA 20FB

                BETTIE                                  1FM

269. PERRY, TOM                      57MB

                CATHRINE                           40FM

                HARRY                                  23MB

                TOM JR.                                19MB

                MOSES                                  17MB

                CREME                                  15FB

                ELIZA                                    14FB

                MALINDA                          13FB

                JIM                                         12MM

                BROTSON                          9MB

                DENNIS                                 5MB

                SADDLE                              1FB

                BARTIE                                 1FB

270. AMERICIA                                   33FB

                WASH                                   20MB

                BELLA                                   19FB

                SAM                                      17MB

                WILLIS                                  6MB

                SWEET                                  3FB

                HARRY                                  5/12MB                FEB

                HARRY                                  46MB

271. BECKY                                           26FB

                PUSS                                      17FB

                MARY                                   12FB

                TONY                                     8MB

272. BINGHAM, DOE                        40MB

                MARGARET                        37FM

                CAROLINE                           16FB

                ELINER                                  15FB

                MARGARET                        14FB

                HANNAH                             12FB

                MARY SUE                        8FB

                JOSEPHINE                           5FB

                LIZZIE                                   2FB

                ELLEN                                    11/12FB                SEPT

                MCDONEL, HARRIET                85FB


                EDNEY                                   52FB

                JUDGE                                   15MM

                ERMIRE                                 7FM

                DAVID                                   3MB

274. CAMPBELL, DAVID                   57MB

                COLUMBUS                        21MB

                MECKEE                              18FB

                CLBERRY                             12FB

                ROLLUH                             10MB

275. KING, LOTTY                   35FB

276. RUFFIN, JOSEPHINE                           21FW

                JOHN                                     4MW

                LOLLIE                                  2FW

277. SMITH, NANCY                 24FW

                JOHN                                     25MW

                MALCOM                            1MW

                SALLIE                                  4/12FW                OCT

278. PUGE, HOLLANZAR                      17MW


                MARTHA                             82FW

280. JEAMS, A.                                    53MW

                SIMIS                                     14FW

                WALLACE, CARRA                11FW

281. PRINCE                                          37MB

                CAROLINE                           34FM

                MIRROR                             20MB

282. HIGGINS, GEORGE                                56MB

                ISABELLA                          56FB

                ISABELLA                          14FB


                LOUISA                                 27FB

                PATSY                                   7FB

                LOUISA                                 6MB

                PEGGY                                   5FB

                LODA                                    3FB

                MARGARET                        1FB

284. JOHNSON, WADE                   28MB

                JADA                                     27FB

                WILLIAM                            7MB

                MOLLIE                                 1FB

285. TUMARD, CAROLINE                27FB

                JOHNATHAN                    17MW

                ALLICE                                  14FB

                SHEPPARD                          12MB

                ANTHONY                          9MB

                CASTER                                6FB

                CARRIE                                 1FW

286. BROWN, ANTHONY                           65MB                VIRGINIA                                            





299. BROWN, ISABELLA                            10FB

                FRANCIS                              8FB

                MARGARET                        8FB

                ELLA                                      5FB

                HOLLINGSHED, EASTER                65FB

300. ALSTON, GEORGE                                60MB

                HENRY                                  50FB

                HARRY C.                            10FB

301. PERRY, RIDLE                    40MB

                MARTHA                             65FB

303. MORRIS, WILLIAM                             35MB

                FEBY                                      30FB

                MOSES                                  7MB

304. PETTY, WILLIAM                             68MW                                    KENTUCKY

                MARTHA                             48FW

                NANCY                                 19FW

                MARIA                                 17FW

                WILLIAM                            15MW

                JAMES                                  12MW

305. SMITH, JOHN L.                 28MW

                MARTHA J.                         24 FW

                WILLIAM WALTON                1MW

3006. HOGAN, W.F.                       55MW

                MARTHA J.                         44FW

                J.P.                                          19MW

                ELLEN M.                           16FW

                DORRY M.                           14FW

                ELIZABETH                        9FW

307. JAMES, JOE                                 25MB

                LOUISA                                 26FW

                SALLIE                                  3FM

                GEORGE A.                            1FB

                YOUNG, JOHN                     20MB

                MCCREIGHT, WESLY                21MB

308. CAROLINE                                   23FB

                SAM                                      2MB

                JAMES W.                           9/12                         NOV

                JAMES GRACY                  48FB

309. CURRY HARRY                  21MB

                JAMES, GRACI                   46FB

                LOUISA                                 4FB

311. CUMMINGHAM, JIM         52MB

                CANNIS                                                40FB

                JAMES, LUCINDA                18FB

                LUTHY                                  12FB

                MARTHA                             10MB

                JAMES                                  9MB

                ALLEN                                   7MB

                MARY E.                             7/12FB

312. PRESLEY, DAVID                   50MW                MINISTER

                SARAH B.                            43FW

                TOM P.                                  17MW

                LIZZIE H.                            15FW

                W.C.                                       12MW

                ISABELLA R.                      4FW

                SANIE                                    1FW

313. HUGHS, JENNIE                  53FB

                ISAAC                                   18MB

                PETER                                    13MB

                WILLIAM, MARTHA                35FB

314. ASKEW, ROBERT                                45MB

                EASTER                                                42FB

                MARGARET                        19FB

315. WILLIAMS JOHN                     32MW

316. RIGHT, OSBORN                               26MB

                SARAH                                 22FB

                OLIVER                                  7MB

                LUCY                                     5FB

                MARY                                   10/12FB                  AUG

317. MCALISTER, PHILLY                  55MB

                JANE                                      34FB

                MARY                                   16FB

                JACOB                                   16MB

                QUEEN                                  12FB

                ALBERT                                12MB

                PAUL                                     5MB

                ANN                                       5FB

                ASKEW, JACKSON                11MB


                CALLIE                                  2FB

                SULUS                                   6/12MB                DEC

                PHILIS                                   6/12MB                DEC

319. WILLIS, FILL                        45FB

                SUSAN                                  17FB

                ALBERT                                14MB

                LIZA                                      10FB

                MARY                                   8FB

320. MCDUFFIE, BOB                        38MB

                MARTHA                             35FB

                CLARRA                             14FB

                ROBERT                                10MB

                SAM                                      8MB

                EMMA                                  6FB

                GEORGIA                             2FB

321. PLAIR, PAUL                     37MB

                CHARTTA                          38FB

                LEE                                         9MB

                SARAH                                 6FB

                MARY                                   2FB

                MARY                                   75FB

322. POMPUS                                       42MB

                FANNIE                                 34FB

                ELLENOR                             21FB

                LAURA                                 14FB

                KATY                                    15FB

                MACK                                   11MB

                CISSAROE                           8MB

                JOHN                                     7MB

                CAROLINE                           20FB

                WILLIS                                  2MB

323. GLENN, JOHN                     50MB

                PAULINE                              36FB

                JANE                                      21FB

                BELL                                      16FB

                DENNIS                                 15MB

                TONY                                     9MB

                ANTHONY                          5MB

                CHARLOTT                        7/12FB                JAN

324. RIGHT, JIM                                   35MB

                SUSAN                                  34FB

                DICK                                      16MB

                ESSEY                                    14FB

                CATHRINE                           10FB

                MANDY                                5FB

                ALCORN                             9/12MB                SEPT

325. TOM                                              29MB

                MARY                                   25FB

                CYNTHIA                             7FB

                JOHN                                     3MB

326. WILLIAM, MIT                        30MB

                DOLLY                                   30FB

                ELIZA                                    11FB

327. WEAVER, GEORGE                                21MM

                EMMERLINE                       19FM

                HENRY W.                           10/12MM

                ELLA G.                                 10/12FM

328. COOK, NED                                  25MB

                CAROLINE                           24FM

                WILLIAM                            3MM

                JOHN                                     2MM

                CHARLES                           6/12? MM        DEC

329. PETERSON, CALVIN                 22MB

                FLORENCE                           20FB

330. WALLS, AZEY                     23MB

                JANE                                      23FB

                ANDREW                            3MB

                NEWTON                             1MB

                CHARLOTTE                     5FB

331. WELLS, JOHN                     58MB

                ELLA                                      40FB

                ELLEN                                    24FB

                LAURA                                 17FB

                CLIMMIE                              15FB

                SOPHIA                                 12FB

                LUCY                                     8FB

                MAY                                      3FB

                MACY J.                             6FB

                PEGGY                                   4FB

                GILES                                     10MB

                CINTHIA                             8FB

                ALEX                                     9MB

                SARAH                                 4FB

                WINNIE                                 3FB

                MARY                                   1/12FB                MAY

332. JANE                                              43FB

                MANDY                                21FB

                DAVE                                     19MM

333. COWARD, LUCY                     70FM

                JOHNSON                             22MB

                BELT, HANNAH                             29FB

                THOMPSON, CODY                18FM

33. HOGAN, LIZZIE                   45FB

                PATON                                  23MB

                NEAL                                     20MB

                CALVIN                                 18MB

                LUCY                                     14FB

                BOYD                                     12MB

                ELLA                                      10FB

                DAVIS                                   4MB

335. RIGHT, CHARLES                             30MM

                ABBY                                     18FB

336. WOODHOUSE, ANDREW                27MB

                PEGGY                                   3FB

                NANCY                                 4FB

                PEGGY                                   49FB

                HARRIET                             18FB

                NELSON                                15MB

                BETSY                                   14FB

                FRANK                                  10MB

337. ELLOTT, BRISTON                              27MB

                JUDGE                                   13MB

                MISSISSIPPI                         11FB

                JONIA                                    4MB

                JULIA                                    2FB

                AGALINE                              23FB

338. BOYD, ANDERSON                         36MB

                NASLIN                                 34FB

                DORA                                    16FM

339. BOYD, DELLA                   16FB

                MARTHA                             13FM

                SOPHIA                                 9FM

                MIKELLER                           6FM

                LAURA                                 5FM

                MARY                                   3FM

340. BOYD, CLARENCE                           38FM

                CAROLINE                           10FB

                CALLIE                                  6FB

                BIAS                                      9MB

                DORSEY                                8MB

                MCDUFFIE                          ?14MM

341. LAMPKIN, W.G.                       50MW

                SUSAN                                  44FW

                R.W.                                       21MW

                EMMA                                  18FW

                ALEX                                     15MW

                ALISON                                 12MW

342. ISHAM, HARDY                 60MB

343. GILLSIN. FRANK                  20MB

344. EVANS, GLOSS                   23MB

                WINNIE                                 29FM

                ANN                                       11FB

                JOE                                         7MB

                MANERVA                          4FB

                PRACILLA                          10/12FB

345. SCOTT, JOSEPH                 53MB

                SALLIE                                  38FB

                ANN                                       19FB

                ELIZA                                    17FB

                ELIZABETH                        15FB

                HARRISON                          13MB

                JOHN W.                           11MB

                CHARLES                           9MB

                LUCY                                     6FB

                ABE                                        4MB

                GREENELLA                        1FB

                SIMPSON, ALEX                                31MB

346. WARD, ELIAS                    23MB

                LOUISA                                 26FB

                JEAMS                THOT                     24MB

                JULIA A.                            22FB

                GRACY                                  6FB

                MARY                                   5FB

                SUSAN                                  7/12FB

347. WILLIAMS, LOUIS                    45MB

                MARIAH                             42FB

                BERRY                                   22MB

                MARY                                   15FB

                COLUMBUS                        12MB

                ANNIS M.                           4/12FB

348. MYER, MIKE                     21MB

                ELIZA                                    18FB

                DANIEL                                 9/12B

349. WINSON, WILLIAM                             40MB

                LOUISA                                 32FB

                WILLIAM                            13MB

                MARGARET                        11FB

                BETSY                                   8FB

                MADISON                          7MB

                ANDREW J.                        6MB

                LUAN                                    5FB

                MARY T.                            7/12FB

350. GILLESPIE, MADISON                55MB

                ELIZA                                    37FB

                WILLIE                                  5MB

                HARRIET                             2FB

                CLARY                                  72FB

351. ASKEW, ALFORD                               26MW

                ANNIE                                   22FW

                JENNIE                                  3MW

                FRANCIS                              2FW

352. FLOWERS, JOE                         79MW

                ANNIS                                   33FW

                JAMES A                             32MW

                ELIZABETH                        32FW


                EDWARD                             18MB

354. TATTON, LOUCION                              45MB

                CARRY                                  40FB

                MARGARET                        19FB

                TILDA J.                             15FB

                LEWIS                                   7MB

                ALEX                                     6MB

                MARY                                   1FB

355. HAMILTON, SAMPSON                69MB

                MATILDA                          54FM

356.         HENRY                                  24MB

                VINEY                                    22FB

                JOHN                                     17MB

                BILLY                                     18MB

                ELIZA                                    4FB

                HENRY                                  1MB

                MALISS                                                10FB

357. RIGHT, JOHN                     26MB

                MALINDA                          26FB

                PATSY                                   4FB

                LETHA                                  2FB

                NANCY E.                             3/12FB

358. HAMILTON, EMELINE                40FB

                KITTY                                    23FB

                JOSEPHINE                           15FB

                KING                                      13MB

                COOK, ALF                        23MB

359. DAVIS, TOM                      30MB

                MARGARET                        28FB

                ROBERT                                12MB

                LUCY ANN                       12FB

                CHARLOTTE                     11FB

                TOBY                                     8FB

                ORESY                                   7FB

                SUSAN                                  6FB

                EMMA                                  4FB

                ELIZABETH                        2FB

                ROSETTA                             1FB

360. HAMILTON, ALLEN                   37MB

                OLENY                                   20FB

                DOLFUS                                15MB

                JUNIPER                             13MB

                MANERVA                          12FB

361. WOODS, JOHNIE                  4/12MB

362. TAYLOR, ABB                       42MB                BLACKSMITH

                BETSY                                   32FB

                JOHN C.                                 11MB

                MORULLA                          9MB

                HENRY                                  6MB

                MARGARET                        4FB

                JIMMIE T.                            7/12MB

363. HUGHES, RICHARD                             42MB

                LAURA                                 36FB

                LOUISA                                 21FB

                JAMES                S.                             18MB

                JOHN                                     17MB

                ELLEN                                    14FB

                GEORGE                                                12MB

                W.M.                                      9MB

                RICHARD                             7MB

                OSCAR                                  2MB

                OBBY                                     2FB

364. SMITH, HAMILTON                         36MB

                SARAH                                 42FB

                CAROLINE                           20FB

                LUCY                                     19FB

                AMILINE                              15FB

                CHRISTINA                          13FB

                CHARLES                           12MB

                PATSY                                   7FB

                FLETCHER                           5MB

                SUSAN                                  3FB

                JANE                                      30FB

365. HENDERSON, LANKIN                48MB

                TIDRIC                                  18MB

                MARY                                   14FB

                PEN                                        13MB

                MONROE                              6MB

                GUSS                                      4MB

                HENRY                                  2MB

366. DAVIS, SIMON                  59MB

                ELIZA                                    50FB

                NELLY                                   14FB

367. DAVIS, PATSY                   11FB

                ELLEN                                    6FB

368. BICHAM, DOSS M.                               35MW

                NANCY                                 29FW

                LETHA                                  3FW

                LODA                                    2FW

                CARTS, WILLIAM                16MW

369. SMITH, ELIZA                    30FB

                HANNAH                             6FB

                EDDIE                                    4MB

                JANE                                      1FB

                MARTHA                             1FB

370. WILLIAMS, HENRY                  22MB

                CYNTHIA                             30FB

                SUSAN                                  10FB

                JEFF                                       8MB

                EMMA                                  6FB

                WILLIS                                  3MB

                HICKERSON                        1MB

371. PERKINS, TOM                      35MB

                ELBERT                                 9MB

                CHARLOTTE                     3FB

372. THOMPSON, WILLIAM L.                25MW

                MARTHA                             38FW

                LILLY                                     15FW

                MOLLIE                                 13FW

                WILLIE                                  9MW

                NORMA                                1FW

373. HAMILTON, FLETCHER                40MB

                ANNY                                    30FB

                DELLA                                   15FB

                SAM                                      13MB

                BECKY                                   12FB

                PAT                                        10FB

                JULIA                                    8FB

                MARY                                   6FB

                ELIJA                                     3MB

                infant noname                  8/12MB

                infant noname                  8/12MB

374. CARTER, MOSES                  50MB

                DELIA                                    45FB

                ISABELLA                          17FB

                CYNTHIA                             15FB

                RUBE                                     12MB

                CAROLINA                          11FB

                CYRA                                     10FB

                MILTON                             9MB

375.         MARY                                   30FB

                NEWT                                    6MB

                HURY                                     7/12MM

376. THOMPSON, JOHN                     24MW

                CORDELIA                           19FW

                BENJAMIN                        1MW

377. RIGHT, HENRY                  65MW

                PATSY                                   58FB

                CHARLES                           26MB

378. MARGUES, E.S.                         55MW                MAIL CARRIER

                MARY E.                             26FW

                RICHARD                             18MW

                JOSEPH                                 16MW

                WILEY                                   12MW

                SALLIE                                  10FW

                ELLIS                                     8MW

                MONROE                              5MW

                SAMMIE                              1MW

                JUDSON, MARTHA                10FW

379. RULE, J.B.                                     45MW

                MARY                                   35FW

                CHURCH                             17MW

                JOHN                                     12MW

                JAMES                                  10MW

                MARY C.                            5/12FW

380. PLAIR, MARIA                 28FW

                ANNY                                    7FB

                ELIZA J.                                                1FB

                ELIZA                                    80FB

381. ADAMS, POLE                      28MW

                MARY F.                             36FB

                ANN                                       9FM

                COLLINS                              7MM

                NANCY                                 4FM

                HESS P.                                  4/12FB

                CLARENCE                        12FB

382. WOODHOUSE, PATIMUS                42MB

                MARY                                   22FB

                EDWARD                             17MB

395. HOGAN, ELLA                      24FB

                JOE                                         10MB

                WESLEY                             8MB

                MARGARET                        2FB

384. BUTLER, BEN                        75MB

                EPSY                                      65FM

                ELIZABETH                        3FM

                BILLY                                     17MB

385.ADGER, ROBERT                                36MB

                MAY                                      30FM

                MARY                                   13FM

                ASSEEN ELLA                      6FM

                MARTHA L.                        3FM

                DELVE                                   7/12FM

                JOHN W.                           4MW

                MARY J.                             1FB

386. MONTGOMERY, F.T.                         35MB

                ROSETTA                             25FB

                TOM                                      18FB

                JOE                                         16MB

                BOB                                        15MB

                GEORGE                                                13MB

                LAURA                                 10FB

                ELLEN                                    21FB

                MESTLEY                             11MB

                HENRY                                  4MB


                SARAH L.D.                         38FW

                DAVID R.                            11MW

                VALECIA                             3FW

                JOHN R.                                 9MW

388. BURNS, SIMON                  47MB

                LUCY                                     30FM

389. HAMILTON, J.E.                          28MW

                ELIZABETH                        24FW

                MARY                                   7/12FW

                CLARIDA JEAMS                29MW

390. ISHAM, ANDREW                             36MB

                SARAH                                 40FB

                COX, LEWIS                   28MB

                HENRY                                  3MB

390. REMETS, W.M.                      26MW

                ELIZA                                    28FW

                MARY                                   2FW

                IDA LEE                                                4/12FW

                BAKER, MARTHA                11FW                DOMESTIC SERVANT

391. MONTGOMERY, T.L.                         29MB

                ANNY                                    18FB

                BEN                                        2MB

                MARY                                   8/12FB

392. CANNON, LANDON                              63MB

                SYBIA                                    70FB

                HERRY JULIA                    27FB

                HENRY                                  9MB

                RAYMOND                          18MB

                TOM                                      6MB

                HARRIET                             1FB

394. DICA                                              43FB

                GRACIE                                 7FB

395. SIMON                                          21MB

                WILLIE                                  1MB

                infant no name                       3/12MB

                LUCY                                     18FB

                LUCY                                     22FB

                FRANK                                  18FB?

                ROSS, CALVIN                 36MB

396. OWENS, SAM                      48MB

                LORA                                     48FB

                HARRIET                             15FB

                MARTHA                             13FB

                AGGY                                     9FB

                CASTINA                             8MB

                PETER                                    3MB

397. BUTLER, ED                                 36MM

                ROSE                                      34FM

                GRENNELLA                        16FM

                JOHN                                     14MM

                JOE                                         13MM

                LIZZIE                                   8FM

                MARY                                   6FM

                HENRETTA                          4FM

                LINDSEY                             2FM

                ED                                           6/12MM

398. YEATS, JAS                                 55MW

                MARY L.                             43FW

                JOHN A.                                23MW                CLERKING

399. YEATS, LEE                                  23MB

                WINNIE                                 20FB

                ELLA                                      4FB

                SPENCER                             1MB

400. EVERT, JACK                     34MB

                RACHEL                              34FM

                MARY                                   15FM

                CYNTHIA                             12FM

                JOHN H.                                                10MM

                JOSEPH                                 7MM

                SOPHIA                                 3FM

                THOMPSON, ELIZABETH  16FM

401. PARKER, CAROLINE                           34MB

                MATILDA                          22FB

                WILLIAM HENRY                3MB

                ALEX                                     9/12MB

                YEATS, ANDERSON                22MB

402. CHANDLER, JESSIE                    21MB

                EMMA                                  15FB

403. HARMON, ARCHY                  28MB

                SARAH                                 30FB

                JOE                                         8MB

                SAM                                      5MB

                MERRY                                  3MB

                CHARLIE                              5/12MB

404. YEATS, CHARLES                             27MB

                CATHRINE                           28FB

405. YEATS, NEWTON                              8MB

                TOM                                      6MB

                WESTLEY                           17MB

406. YEATS, BEN                                 28MB

                VIOLET                                  24FM

                MARCASITY                       7FB

                GRENNELLA                        5FM

                HENRETTA                          3FM

                WILLIAM                            1/12MM

407. STEPHENSON, ANTHONY                27MB

                MARTHA                             23FB

                SUSAN                                  3FB

                HAYNES, ED                      30MB

                LAURA                                 26FB

                HANFORD                          1MB

408.         NELSON                                24MB

                MANDY                                21FM

                ANDREW L.                       4MB

                MARY E.                             2FB

409.         WILEY                                   23MB

                NANCY                                 20FB

                HARRIET                             4FB

                ROBERT                                3MB

                EMERLINE                           7/12FB

410. DAVIS, ADAM                  48MB

                LOUISA                                 21FB

                OWENS, HARRIET                54FB

                JANES TURNER                                4MB

                PEARSON, ANGELIA                16FB

411. PERKINS, GEORGE                                23MB

                MARIAH                             18FB

                GRACIE                                 1FB

                JULIA                                    21FM

                ELBERT                                 8MM

                ANNIE                                   7FB

                CLARICCA                          6FB

                CHARLOTTE                     3FB

                GEORGE                                                2/12MB

                FRANK                                  11MB

                BILL                                       9MB

412.                HANNAH                             3FB

        MAXWELL, JOHN                     24MB

                MARGARET                        20FB

                ROBERT                                2MB

                CUSHMAN, MARY                17FB

                OWEN, MOSES                  23MB

413. SPENCER, JIM                         40MB

                MARY                                   41FB

                SUSAN                                  13FB

                SPENCER                             11MB

                STEPHEN                             9MB

                MARY E.                             2FB

414. WILLIAMS, PRINA                   23MM

                SOPHIA                                 26FB

                NANCY                                 1FM

                DAVIS, SIMON                  24MB

                JAMES  S.                             1MB

415. GILLESPIE, JAKE                      40MB

                DARKIS                                                42MB

                WILLIAM                            12MB

416. JOHNSON, JERRY                    48MB

                JULIA                                    36FB

                MARY                                   14M?B

                CHARLEY                           12F?B

                WASHINGTON                  10MB

                MARIA                                 7FB

                JENNIE                                  5FB

                ELIZA                                    2FB

417. MAXWELL, MARY                   23FW

418. PAGE, J.G.                                     63MW

                ELIZA W.                           56FW

                OLIVER                                  19MW

                AARON                                 14MB

419. PAGE, A.M.                                  25MW

                J.R.                                          23MW KEEPING HOUSE?

                MADLINE                           3FW

                CORA                                    1FW

                VALENTINE, MANEY                12FB                NURSE  

420. MCDOWELL, HAMILTON                35MB

                FRANCIS                              23FB

                ELLA                                      7FB

                GILLESPIE, LIDDIE                4FB

                JIM                                         9MB

421. SCOTT, J.J.                                   54MW

                MARGARET                        30FW

                JASPER                A.                            19MW

                MARIAH                             16FW

                NANCY                                 14FW

                MARTHA                             6FW

                WILLIAM                            3MW

                HILLPAN, PEGGY                82FW

                WORLD, JANE                    24FW                DOMESTIC SERVANT

422. SMITH Z                                       55MW

                HARRIET                             53FW

                P.P.                                         16MW

                NANNIE                                4FW

423. JOHNSON, EDWARD                             18MB

                ALLEN                                   17MB

424. LATHAM, NANCY                 36FW                SOUTH CAROLINA

                LIZZIE                                   11FW

                JOHN                                     9MW

                HENRY                                  7MW

                WILLIAM                            6MW

                JOEL                                       1MW

425. SMITH, GEORGE                                29MW

                MARY                                   30FW

                JOSEPH                H.                            6MW

                BELL, GEORGE                                15MB

                MCDONELL, FRANCIS                13FB

426. BELL, MOSES                  66MB

                ELIZA                                    35FB

                WILLIAMS, VINEY                12FB

                BELL, MOSES                  24MB

427. WATT, LASARINE                           31MB

                MARY                                   23FB

                NANCY                                 4FB

                GIRTINE                                2FB

428. WALFORD, MANDY                                21FB

                WILLIAM                            2MB

429. DEAN, BEN M                            56MW

                OBEDIAH                             54FW

                SALLIE                                  25FW

                MARTHA                             26FW

                MAHALA                             19FW

                GEORGE                                                16MW

                SUSAN                                  19FW

                DAVID                                   10MW

                PEARSON, WILEY B.                12MW

430. PEARSON, JESSE                     40MB

                MALINDA                          37FB

                ALLEN                                   16MB

                WILEY                                   14MB

                MONROE                              11MB

                GREEN                                   7MB

431. DEAN, JIM                                   25MW

                CAROLINE                           18FW

                BAKER, ROBERT                17MW

432. BELL, WILLIAM                             60MB

                HARRIET                             70FB

433. BROWN, WILLIAM                             35MB

                MALINDA                          30FB

                HARRIET                             13FB

                WILLIAM                            2MB

                SARAH                                 3FB

434. PERKINS, W.J.                        35MW

                AMANDA E.                     30FW

                J.E.                                          13MW

                WILLIAM M.                      11MW

                MARY F.                             9FW

                PHILANDER                        7MW

                JACK                                     9/12MW

435. HUGHES, MATILDA                            50FB

                PETER                                    20MB

                ALEX                                     15MB

                MIT                                        14FB

436.FORD, JOHN                                 45MW

                BET                                        35FW

                SAMUEL                              7MW

                HENRAETTA                     5FW

437. PERKINS, E.E.                         55FW

                ALLICE                                  16FW

438. CURRY, JULIA                    65MB

                LIDDIA                                  40FB

439. THOMAS, JIM                         35MW

                LAURA                                 25FW

                IDA                                        3FW

                BOB                                        1/12MW

                MITCHELL, LOUIS                40MW

                NANCY                                 37FW

440. PEARSON, GUY                        42MB

                DOLLY                                   30FB

                TRACEY                             15FB

                BRIENT                                 12MB

                SUSAN                                  10FB

                ALFORD                             7MB

                JOHN                                     5MB

                WILLIAM                            2MB

                WHIT                                     1MB

                CHARLES                           3MB

441. CUSHMAN, JOE                         43MB

                CAROLINE                           50FB

                MATILDA                          19FB

                MISSOURI                            16FB

                CISAROE                              13MB

                RITTA                                   10FB

                CHIM                                     9FB

442. CUSHMAN, MATIS                  18FB

                DAVE                                     2MB

443. CUSHMAN, ELIZA                    24FB

                ALBERT                                5MB

                LAURAH                             2FB

444. CURRY, PETER                    37MB

                CAROLINE                           27FB

                ANGIE                                   9FB

                LUCINDA                             7FB

                SALLIE                                  3FB

                infant no name                       3/12MB

                TOLSON, HANNAH                30FB

445. PERKINS, PETER                    22MB

                TEBY                                      21FB

                NANCY                                 3FB

                BEN                                        10/12MB

                SARAH                                 5FB

446. BUSH, WILLIAM                             39MB

                MANDA                             35FB

                MARY                                   17FB

                SANDERS                           15MB

                ANDREW                            9MB

                ILE                                          2FB

447. SUGAOT, PETER                    18MB

                ALEX                                     16MB

448. LUTTON, BRAMBERY                35MB

                MARTHA                             26FB

                FRANK                                  10MB

                JULIA                                    8FB

                BREMBRY                           3MB

                HAGER                                  1FB

                FRANCES                           7FB

449. BOYD, WADE                   41MB

                MARY                                   33FB

                MACK                                   15MB

450.         ABRAM                                24MB

                FRANCES                           25FB

                TOM                                      3MM

451. BELL, GEORGE                                29MB

                MARIA                                 30FB

                LOUISA                                 12FB

452.         MOSES                                  29MB

453.MARTIN, ELI                                28MB

                RACHEL                              29FB

                MARY                                   12FB

                NORA                                    8FB

454. BREWER, ALEX                     30MW

                NANCY                                 30FW

                J.W.                                        11MW

                ALBERT J.                             8MW

                MOLLIE                                 5FW

                SALLIE                                  9FW

                HANT                                    3/12MW

455. ALEEN, W.R.                       20MW

456.          P.A.                                       20FW

                JOHNSON                             9/12MW

457. SLANTON, T.P.                         23MW

                SARAH M.                           24FW

                SIMEON                                10/12MW

                PARKER, SUSAN                16FW

458. NEWT, JOSEPH                 23MB

                SARAH                                 39FB

                DOCK                                    1MB

                MALINDA                          15FM

                MARY                                   14FM

459. WARD, HENRY                  39MB

                BERTHIE                              38FM

                AMANDA                          13FM

                MARIA                                 10FM

                WASH                                   7MM

                JOHN                                     4MM

                LULA                                     1FB

460.         NICA                                      38FB

                PIFEMAON                          16FB

461. MARRINER, SAMPSON                55MB

                BETSY                                   55FB

                LIDDIA                                  18FB

462. WILLIAMS, ELIZA                    30FB

                SARAH                                 14FB

463. MCCRIEGHT, J.B.                          30MW

                V.L.                                         27FW

                JAMES C.                            8MW

                SAMUEL H.                         2MW

                COLLIER, BEN H                               21MW

                                JOHN C.                 18MW

464. WEST, M.C.                                  30FW

                HANNAH                             11FW

                IDA                                        9FW

455.CRITZ, PETER C.                               73MW

                EASTER                                                54FW

                DEWEY, EASTER                15FW

466. DRAKE, SALLIE                  55FB

                HAUSON                             17MB

                SALLIE                                  18FB

467.         BIAS                                      21MB

                LAURA                                 17FW

468.                 DOCTOR                             21MB

                ANN                                       18FM

                infant no name                       10/12MM

469. HIGGINS, JESSIE                    32MM

                ADAM                                  62MB

                MARGARET                        62FM

470. CRITZ, A.H.                                  31MM

                LAURA                                 27FW

                EASLY, MONCH                                14MB

471. CRITZ, WILEY                   29MW

                NANCY                                 27FW

472. ROGERS, DANIEL                 27MB

                ANN                                       25FB

                CARRIE                                 5FB

                AGNESS                                18FB

473. GALLAWAY, A.M.                       41MW

                LORETTA                             37FW

                W.M.                                      14MW

                JOHN                                     13MW

                ALICE                                    12FW

                BEN                                        9MW

                SALLIE                                  8FW

                JEFF D.                                  7MW

                DANIEL                                 5MW

                JOE                                         3MW

                COEN                                     5/12FW

                HETTIE                                  6FW

464. CRITZ, ARCHEY                               64MW

                SUSAN                                  58FW

                RUTH                                     24FW

                SAM                                      22MW

                MARY                                   22FW

                KATE                                     17FW

                LAURA                                 15FW

                FANNIE                                 9FW

465. CUSHMAN, TURNER                                27MB

                ELIZA                                    21FB

                ORA                                       6FB

                WILLIAM                            1MB

                DELLA                                   6/12FB

                HENY, MATILDA                25FB

                CORDELIA                           1FB

466. WILLIAMS, HARRY                  24MB

                VINA                                      26FB

                TENA                                     18FB

                GEORGIANNA                   5FB

                MARY F.                             1FB

                infant no name                       1/12FB

467. ROGERS, MINNIE                 35FB

                ALABAMA                         16FB

                LAURA                                 4FB

                JOHN                                     3MB

                TEBY                                      17FB

                GEORGE                                                4/12MB

468. GREGORY, ALFORD                               35MB

                LUCY                                     22FB

                HENRY                                  4MB

                CALVIN                                 2MB

                ALEX                                     1/12MB

                DORA                                    4FB

                HUBBARD                          2MB

469. DOUGLAS, ANN                       60FB

                MARTIN, PLEASANT                8MB

470. HARRISON, HENRY                  25MB

                EMMA                                  22FB

                WILLIAM HENRY                2MB

                infant no name                       10/12MB

471. TAYLOR, WILLIS                  36MB

                LUCINDA                             28FB

472. CRINGE, CALVIN                 39MB

                MARY                                   30FB

                IKE                                         8MB

                MANDY                                8FB

                NEP                                        6FB

                ELIZA                                    1FB

                infant no name                       1/12MB

                PETERSON, ABRAM                16MB

473. BARDWELL, ANZIE                   22MB

                CHARLOTTE                     22FB

                MARTIN                             6MB

474. MCCALL, ALEX                     23MB

                CYNTHIA                             18FB

475.         ELIZA                                    1FB

476. BELL, LIDDIE                   50FB

                BOOKTER, POMPY                48MB

                HESTER                                 50FB

477. WATT, NELSON                                27MB

                LUCY                                     21FB

                PRESTON                             8/12MB

                BELL, MARGARET                23FB

                                SABRY                  8/12FB

478. SHELTON, IRFUM                   66MB

                ANNY                                    55FB

                PHILLIS                                 14FB

                MATILDA                          11FB

479.         GINDEN                                 22MB

                NANCY                                 20FB

480. HINES, J.C.                                    61MW

                ANN D.                                  62FW

                POBE, B.A.                        6MW

                J.H.                                         4MW

                GREEN, DRUCILLA                15FB

481. CURRY, MOSES                  65MB

                SARAH                                 55FB

                HARRIET                             18FB

                AARON                                 4/12MB

482.         RUFE                                      37MB

                CALVIN                                 29MB

                LUCINDA                             2FB

                MOSES                                  11/12MB

                CAROLINE                           14MB

483. WOOD, ISAAC                   25MB

                SALLIE                                  26FW

484. YARKIN, ISHAM                  30MW

                HESTER                                 18FB      

                INFANT                                                2/12MB

                MAKINS, ANN                  17FB

485. MOOTY, DICK                      38MB

                HANNAH                             37FB

                IDA                                        13FB

                DICK                                      10MB

486. MAXWELL, NANCY                 20FB

487. BARDWELL, ALFORD                35MB

                CYNTHIA                             40FM

                MATHA                             17FB

                JENNIE                                  14FB

488. CARTER, S.R.                         54MW

                TENNESSEE                         24FW

                ALICE                                    7FW

                JOSEPHINE                           2FW

                MCCALL, ALEX                 14MB

                TRIPLETT, BEUMS                21MB

489. WELL, J.W.                                   39MW

                SALLIE                                  38FW

                SUSAN                                  15FW

                AGNESS                                9FW

                ALLICE                                  5FW

                EFFIE                                     3/12FW

490. LOVE, R.C.                                    53MW

                MARY                                   47FW

                DAVID                                   17MW

                NICALAS P.                         15MW

                LIDIEM D.                            13FW

491. CLARK, SQUIRE                 71MW

                PHARALY                           66FW

                ELIZABETH                        17FW

492. BLACK, ANNIE                   35FW

                WILLIAM                            4MW

                STARK, SILAS                    4MW

                MCCRACKIN, J.H.                28MW                PHYSICIAN

493. PRICE, JAMES                  46MB

                ANNETT                             36FB

                LILLIE                                    17FB

                MARTHA                             15FB

                MARGE                                 13FB

                THOMAS                              9MB

                JOSEPH                                 7MB

                SAMUEL                              5MB

                WILLIAM                            1MB

496. CLARK, JOICY                     35FB

                CLARK                                  8MM

                JANNIE                                 2FM

497. HANDON, W.C.                       40MW

                MARY C.                            35FW

                ANNTINS                           18FW

                W.J.                                        16MW

                C.J.                                          15FW

                MARION                             15MW

                V.M.                                       8MW

                DEANA                                 4FW

498. CARTER, ANDERSON                35MB

                OEALY                                  35FB

                HENRY                                  14MB

                ALLEN                                   12MB

                ALEX                                     6MB

                JOHN                                     4MB

                MARIAH                             9/12FB

499. COLEMAN, ADISON                                40MB

                LUCINDA                             30FB

                WEST                                    14MB

                FRANCES                           12FB

                GUS                                        10MB

500. CONNER, SIM                        20MB

                GENNIA                                                20FB

                FRANCES                           1FB

501. SADDITH                WILL                      21MB

                MARY                                   21FB

502. IVY, JONAS                                  22MB

                WINNIE                                 22FB

                FRANCES                           1FB

                SIRES                                     23MB

                THEODRIA                         12MB

503. SUDDETH, ANN                       25FB

                infant no name                       2/12MB

504. TROTTON, CALVIN                 40MB

                KESIAH                                 35FB

                CLARA                                  12FB

                GEORGIANNA                   2FB

505. PETTY, JACK                     55MB

                SARAH                                 30FB

                HANNAH                             14FB

                ELEX                                      12MB

                LIZZIE                                   5FB

                MARY                                   7FB

                JOHN N.                                                3/12MB

506. JOHNSON, GEORGE                                25MB

                MARIAH                             20FB

                ERASTUS                           6MB

                infant no name                       9/12FB

507.         LEE                                         23MB

                EMELINE                              20FB

                infant no name                       8/12MB

508.PANAL, JULIA                    45FB

                FRANCES                           15FB

                GEORGE                                                10MB

                WADE                                   8MB

509. STEPHENS, JOHN                     38MB

                SALLIE                                  25FB

                JESSIE                                    5MB

                CALLIE                                  2FB

510. THOMAS, HENRY                  45MB                BLACKSMITH

                ANN                                       45FB

                ELLEN                                    18FB

                EMELINE                              14FB

                WEST                                    10MB

                JUDIA                                    9FB

                JENNIE                                  8MB

                ROLLAH                             5MB

                HENRY                                  1MB

511. DUKE, BEN                                   45MB

                SEDUSLEN                           14FB

                SPENCER                             12MB

                BEN                                        8MB

                JOHNSON                             6MB

                JULIA                                    4FB

                HAMPSON, DAN                18MB

512.WOOTEN, TONY                     58MB

                CAROLINE                           32FB

                DELANEY                           15FB

                JASPER                                 19MB

                RILY                                       13MB

                ROBERT                                11MB

513.         WADE                                   52MB

                RACHEL                              42FB

                SHARP                                  22MB

                DONEY                                  14MB

                ROMAND                             13MB

                SAMUEL                              12MB

                NEEDAN                             10MB

                BEN                                        8MB

                JOHN                                     7MB

                JAMES                                  6MB

                PIG                                          4MB

514.         ROBERT                                28MB

                MEREY                                  16FB

                BOB                                        10MB

                ALICE                                    4FB

                ABE                                        4/12MB

                GEORGE                                                16MB

                JIM                                         17MB

                PHILLIS                                 15FB

                SACKEY                             5FB

515. HENRY, WILEY                   60MB

                HUGER                                  32FB

                BECKY                                   16FB

                PHILLIS                                 11FB

                PETER                                    8MB

                ANNA B.                            1FB

516. ELLIS, J.R.                                     54MW                PHYSICIAN

                MARY L.                             44FW

                GEORGE                                                19MW

                W.G.                                       15MW

                PAWHATEN                     13MW

                JAMES B.                            11MW

                BILL A.                                  1MW

517. ELLIS, WESLEY                                20MM

                CURRY, AUSTIN                                18MB

                ELLIS, ANTHONETTA                17FM

                SARAH                                 17FB

518. COOPER, SILAS                    65MW

                MARTHA L.                        38FW

                MARTHA E.                        7FW

519. PRICE, MARY                   22FM

                BEN                                        1MM

                COOPER, GEORGE                9MB

                MARY J.                             7FB

520. LFAN, JOHN J.                             22MW                MERCHANT

                SALLIE                                  22FW

                MARTHA                             1FW

521. HERNING, ASA                       33MW                CARPENTER

                MALINDA                          25FW

                WILLIAM H.                       1MW

                E.J.                                          6/12MW

522. CHRISTOPHER, THOMAS                69MW

                ELIZABETH                        64FW

523. VINIS, FRANCE                                30FW

                ROBERT                                11MW

                ELIZABETH                        9FW

                THOMAS                              1MW

524. WILLIAMS, H.B.                        39MW

                FRANCES                           227FW

                JOSEPHINE                           2FW

525. SUDDETH, J.C.                          44MW

                SARAH                                 34FW

                PIG                                          4MW

                WILLIAM H.                       1MW

                FOWLER, SAM                  13MW

                A.M.                                       11FW

                JEFF                                       8MW

526. HODGES, JOE                         27MW                ENGLAND

                MARTHA                             25FW                ENGLAND

                CHARLES                           4MW                ENGLAND

                MARIA                                 2FW                ENGLAND

527. BEARD, J.R.                                  40MW                   

                AMANDA                          38FW

                CORDELIA                           13FW

                JEFF                                       11MW

                JANE E.                                 7FW

                JOSEPHINE                           5FW

                ELENOR                                                3FW

                FLETCHER                           1MW

528. WADE, J.W.                                 35MW                TEACHING SCHOOL

                MAHALA                             25FW

                OLIVER                                  12MW

                EDWARD E.                         9MW

                CHARLES W.                     7MW

                E.B.                                         5FW

                JOHN L.B.                         2MW

530. SANDS, R.N.                                                30MW

                JANTHORY                        36FW

                MARTHA                             8FW

                ELLEN                                    4FW

                SENA                                     1FW

531. SAUNDERS, J.B.                          55MW

                ELIZABETH                        44FW

                ANGALE                              17FW

                MARGARETTA                  15FW

                ATTULA                             13FW

                EUDORA                             10FW

                BETTIE F.                             6FW

                FANNIE                                 4FW

                IDA                                        2FW

                PEARSON, CLARK                14MB

532. WILLIAMS, NELSON                                70MB

                NELSON                                5MB

533. PEARSON, MANDY                                26FB

                ANN                                       7FB

                JENNIE                                  4FB

534. LOWERY, WILLIS                  52MB

                CATHERINE                       40FB

                ROSE                                      10FB

535. HALL, MARIA                 50FB

                WILEY                                   23MB

                FRANK                                  20MB

536. HALL, ELIZA                    24MB

                HARRIET                             23FB

                EDDIE                                    4MB

                SUSANNA                          5FB

537.         SIMON                                  29MB

                MARGARET                        23FM

                CHARLES                           3MM

                FRANK                                  8/12MM

538. BELL, JANE                                  35FB

                GEORGE                                                18MB

                EDMAN                                                17MB

                CHARITY                             14FB

                CADA                                    13MB

                DANIEL                                 10MB

539. HALE, CLARKE                                40MB

                RACHEL                              26FB

                ELLA                                      4FB

                NANCY                                 10FB

                EMILINE                              1FB

                RACHEL                              26FB

540. SINGLETON, JASNA                  57MB

                CLARINDA                          57FB

                RICHARD                             15MB

                LOUISA                                 13FB

                MOLLIE                                 21FB

                GREASON                          1MB

541. BOYLE, PRICY                    30FB

                JULIA                                    9FB

                CLARRENTINE                    7FB

                EASTER                                                14FB

542                MARTHA                             ?2FW

                EDWARD                             13MW

                OSKER                                   12MW

                ROXEY A.                            8FW

                ELSON                                   4MW

                GEORGE                                                4MW

                BOYLES W.F.                       48MW

543. BOYLES, ALFRED                                27MB

544. TAYLOR, BEN                        53MW

                MALINDA                          41FW

                EMMA                                  5FW

                GLENN                                   3MW

                infant no name                       6/12MW

                LOGAN, RUTH                     35FW

545. BELL, DOCK                                 55MB

                ADLINE                                 30FB

                JOHN                                     3MB

                MARTHA                             8/12FB

                CHARLES                           5MB

546. SUDDETH, ALF                        25MB

                JULIA                                    25FB

                WILLIAM                            2MB

                HENRY                                  8/12MB

                CURRY                                  60FB

547.ESTER, ISHAM                  45MB

                VINEY                                    40FB

                BETTIE                                  8FB

                NANCY                                 7FB

                HARRY                                  5MB

                JULIA                                    19FB

                RACHEL                              15FB

548. JOHNSON, GEORGE                                40MB

                MARTHA                             40FB

                EDMOND                             13MB

                LUCY                                     11FB

                BILL                                       9MB

                PHIRIBY                                7FB

                MENCIS                                 5MB

                GEORGE W.                           3MB

                CLARINDA                          1FB

549. SUDDETH, MARY                   18FB

                SMITH, BILL                       14MB

550. SIKES, HENRY                  50MB

551. ELLOTT, J.A.                         47MW

                MALINDA                          42FW

                JOHN L.                                 23MW

                ALLICE                                  18FW

                ANNA                                   16FW

552. ELLIOTT, JULIA                    43FB

                SAMUEL                              15MB

                GEORGE                                                12MB

                EMILY                                   11FB

                MALISSA                             23FB

553. LOVE, MARTHA                             27FB

                MONROE                              9MB

                MARGARET                        2FB

554. BEARD, J.W.                                23MW

                MARY                                   22FW

                MARY                                   4FW

                ALLICE                                  2FW

555. BEARD, JOSEPH                 67MW

                GABRIELLA                        47FW

                ESTILLA                             13FW

                WILLIAM                            10MW

556. ANTHONY, JOHN                     52MB

                MILLY                                   45FB

                NANCY                                 14FB

                ALEX                                     13MB

                JESSE                                     10MB

                MILLY                                   3FB

                MARY                                   1FB

557. HODNOTT, WILLIAM                51MW

                REBECCA                             25FW

                WILLIAM H.                       5MW

                SAMUEL S.                         25MW

                EMMA                                  20FW

                SUSAN                                  2FW

                JOHNSON, LIDIA                45FW

558. SMITH, HENRY                  28MB

                CATHARINE                       35FB

                PETER                                    6MB

                RACHEL                              71FB

559. SUDDETH, P.R.                         60MW

                SALLIE                                  56FW

                LANDREN, JOHN                25MW

560. WHITFIELD, JULIA                    47FB

                ALICE                                    14FM

                PERNANDE                        12MM

                MONROE                              9MM

561. SPENCER, SEBE                      20MB

                JOANN                                  18FM

                TIBBE                                    5/12FM

562. MCCALL, MANDA                               45FB

                MARY                                   5FB

                PETER                                    1MB

563. CHILDRES, JOSEPH                 50MW

                SARAH                                 24FW

                MARY J.                             13FW

                LUCUS                                   12MW

                LIDDA                                   10FW

564. THOMAS, JOSEPH                 28MW

                MARY                                   21FW

                EUGEN                                   1MW

                MARTIN                             27MW

                COX, JOE                         12MB

                CASTINDY, THOMAS                55MW

565. ELLIS, SIMON                  58MB

                PATSY                                   28FB

                ELIZABETH                        17FB

                FRANCIS                              10FB

                JACKSON                             9MM

                NANCY                                 7FB

                CHARLOTTE                     11FB

566. SMITH, ROSE                      20FB

                ALICE                                    4FB

567. MATHERSON, WILLIAM                32MW

                ELIZABETH                        38FW

                JOHN C.                                 10MW

                MARY                                   9FB

                JOHN T.                                 4MW

                JOE W                                    1MW

568. SMITH, W.R.T.                   28MW

                SALENA F.                        35FW

                ELLA F.                                 4FW

                ROBERT W.P.                       1MW

569. TRIBBLE, J.R.                          49MW

                J.F.                                          26FW

                M.J.                                        19FW

                JOS. J.                                    15MW

                W.P.                                       12MW

                S.K.                                         9MW

                W.L.                                       6MW

                SNELL, R.A.                        24FW

                TRIBBLE, JOSEPH                23MW

570. PEARSON, SAMPS                  39FW

                ROBERT C.                            23MW

571. ELLIS, P.A.                                    23MW

                H.A.                                        24FW

572. HALE, JULIA F.                                26FW

                MATTIE                              2FW

                TRANSON, SALLIE                12FB

                MARY                                   11FB

                CHARLES                           8MB

573. DILLORD, T.W.                       61MW

                VIRGINIA                             20FW

                COMMANCESHEE                17FW

                COLLBZAKE, N.                 16FW

                SMILEY                                 16FW

                WANFORK, CHARLES                11MB

574. ELLIOTT, JOEL                       62MB

                CHARLOTTE                     35FB

                CHARLES                           15MB

575. STEPHENS, MANERVIA                23FB

                FRANK                                  4/12MW

576. QUINN, PEGGY                   34FB

                COLEMAN                          6MB

                CHARLES                           5MB

                GEORGE                                                3MB

                MCBOYDE, SOPHIA                50FB

577. SHERMAN, DANIEL                 65MB

                JANE                                      63FB