Oktibbeha County, MISSISSIPPI: 1870, Beat 5 Census

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1. CRIGLER, J.L.                                   32MW

                LYDIA                                   32FW

                SALLIE G.                            7FW

                JOHN L.                                 3MW

                COVINGTON, MARY                29FW

2. JONES, LUCY                                   24FB                COOK

                ABBA                                    5MB

                GEORGIA                             2MB

3. HALBERT, MARRIAH                            55FB

                BILL                                       17MB

                JOSEPH                                 3MB

                JOHN                                     27MB

                CARPENTER, SAMUEL                21MB

                SURESET, SAMUEL                27MB

                LIZZIE                                   26FB

                FRANCIS                              7FB

                BETSY                                   5FB

                JAMES                                  2MB

                MARY J.                             3/12FB

                HEGGAR, FRANCIS                70FB

4. MOORE, RACHIEL                              40FB

                LUE J.                                     18FB

                NANCY J.                             17FB

5. WILSON, RUNSWELL                          22MM

                ELIZABETH                        24FB

                DAVID                                   8MB

                HETTEN                                7FB

                ALICE                                    4MM

                JULIA L.                                2FM

                JOINER, KINER                    35FB

6. LOMAX, JOSEPH                 45MB

                SALLIE                                  35FB

                ALLIS                                    14FB

                ANGELINE                           7FB

                LINDA                                   4MB

                WILL D.                                 1MB

7. GARTNER, E.W.                       67MW

                AVA T.                                  39FW

                ROBERT T.                            21MW

                LEDBETTER, SUSAN                14FB

8. GARTNER, ELIZA A.                               28MW

                FANNIE                                 17FW

                RANDALL, ROBERT                12MW

                McCARTER, BUSH                14MW

9. LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                 31MB

                VIOLET D.                            29FB

                LUCY                                     13FB

                THOMAS                              11MB

10. MAY, POLLY M                            40FB

                VINA                                      20FB

                IKE                                         14MB

                CRIGLER, CUMPS                50MB

11. BEBERY, GAGEN                  50MB

                JULIA                                    60FB

                G. FRANK                  20MB

                LILLEN                                  17FB

                JULIA                                    16FB

                MAHALA                             14FB

12. BEBERY, JOSEPH A.                            23MB

                EADEN                                  22FB

                WESTLEY                           1MB

13. HALBERT, JOHN C.                 26MW

                SPENCE, JOHN W.                19MW

                MULLER, HENRY C.                29MW

                MOOREHEAD, WILLIAM D.                24MW

                                ELIZABETH        25FW

                JOHN W.                           2/12MW

                PORTER, HARRIETT                36FB                COOK

                RENNINTON, JULIA                8FB                NURSE

14.RANDALL, SIDNEY                 38MB

                MORGAN H.                        30FB

                EARLY                                   19MB

                FREDERIC                            14MB

                FRANCES                           12FB

                FREEMAN                          7MB

15. DAVIS, CAROLINE                           19FB

16. JONES, GEORGE                                32MB

17. DAVIS, BETTIE                  45FB                VIRGINIA

                ELLEN                                    16FB

                PETER                                    14MB

                WOODGARD, JANE                20FB

18. KINARD, ROBERT                                75MB

                FANNIE                                 45FB

                SUSAN                                  22FB

                MARY                                   20FB

                PERNLLA                             18FB

                CHARLES                           15MB

                RUFUS, JACK                     26MM

19. HOLBROOKS, DENISON                33FB

                CLERCY J.                             16FB

                SARAH                                 12FB

                HANNAH                             5FB

                JOSEPH C.                            3FB

                MACK                                   8/12MM

                ESQUIRE N.                         13MB

20. McLEODE, MALCOM                             78MW

                LIDIA C.                                15FW

                DANIEL                                 34MW                MINISTER

                MARY D.                            19FW

                NEAL                                     30MW

                ROSS, CLAZAT                               30FB                COOK

                MARY M.                           3FB

                BUD                                       8/12MB

21. MELBUS, HENRY                  40MB

                SEALY                                   37FB

                GILBERT                             1MB

                ANGELINE                           60FB

                HOCKING, AGNUS                3FB

                MULLINS, GEORGE                15MB

22. HENERS, JERRY                    44MB

                ELIZA                                    30FB

                ELVINA                                 16FB

                HULDA                                 13FB

                MARIAH                             9FB

                GASTON, MARGE                26FB

                MARIAH                             5FB

                CHARLEY R.                      1/12MB

24. HOLBROOK, WILEY                   43FW

                GANDY, DARCUS?                20FW

                JOHN W.                           20FW?

                LAWRENCE, DAVID                14MW

                JOHN                                     10MW

                HANNAH                             24FB

                DELLA                                   3FB

                BROOKS, IKE                     20MB

25. WILLIAMS, NAT                       65MB

                MARTHA                             35FB

                LIZZIE                                   12FB

                EDDY                                     10FB

                SIGH                                       6MB

                JOSEPH                                 3MB

                DUMP                                    1FB

26. KINARD, EDMUND                              25MB

                HARRIET                             20FB

                EMMA                                  3FB

27. NEAL, NELSON                                38MB

                DELLE                                    22FB

                ANN                                       5FB

                EDNY                                     3FB

                BETTIE                                  1FB

                LAURA                                 17FB

28. ROSS, CHARLES                             60MB

                LUCY                                     40FB

                VINA                                      18FB

                HESTOR A.                            13FB

29. JONES, HARRY                  74MB

                ELIZA                                    51FB

                SOPHIA                                 13FB

                ANTHONY                          12MB

30. JONES, WILLIAM                             24MB

                NANCY                                 26FB

                JOSEPH                                 7MB

31. HOLBERT, BOB                        70MB

                LOUISA                                 48FB

                JANE                                      11FB

32. HOLBERT, SOPHIA                 64FW

                SOPHIA C.                            28FW

                BERT                                      16MW

                WES                                       13MW

                LULA                                     8FW

33. CARPENTER, HURMAN                45MB

                MARIAH                             44FB

                FEE                                         12MB

                ALLIS                                    10FB

                THOMAS                              10FB

                LOUISIA                             6FB

                SOPHA                                  1FB

34. POE, GADFORD                            26MB

35. GYLES, HENRY                  35MB

                VINCH                                   36FB

                LIZZIE                                   12FB

                ALBERT                                10MB

                FANNIE                                 3FB

                EMMA                                  1FB

36. HALBERT, MARY                   38MB

                MARY                                   23FB

                JAMES                                  4MM

37. HALBERT, VICK                      21FB

                WILLIAM                            2MB

                ALBINA                                1FB

                JAMES, MATILDA                25FB                COOK

                JESSE                                     4MB

                GEORGE W.                           1MM

38. BROOKS, JOEL M.                 44MW

                HARRIET F.                         38FW

                HATTIE L.                             2FW

                REBECCA                             14FW

                PERMELIA                           9FB

39. BROOKS, SAMUEL                               46MB

                CAROLINE                           39FB

                GEORGE W.                           17MB

                DANIEL                                 14MB

                HUGH                                    7MB

                MATIN                                  5MB

                RICHARD                             3/12MB

                CAVANAH, DIZA                26FM

                JENNIE                                  7/12FM

40. JAMES, JESSE                     45MM

                JANE                                      24FM

                EARLY J.                             22MM

                ALLIS                                    15FB

                STEPHENS                           13MB

                CLIDER                                  6FM

                MOSES                                  3MM

                WILLIAM                            1/12MM

41. BROOKS, JORDAN                               24MB

                ROXEY                A.                            21FB

                ANN                                       2FB

42. JAMES, WALKER                              30MM                BLACKSMITH

                MARIAH                             27FM

                HARRIET                             11FM

                ELLY                                      5FB

                JOHN                                     2MB

43. MAY GEORGE                                30MB

                SEALY                                   23FB

                HANNAH                             12FB

                LEE                                         8FB

                CALLY                                   7FB

44. HILL, GOVERNOR                          50MM

                HANNAH                             30FB

                COTTON, NAT C.                12MB

                THOMAS                              6MB

                JULIA W.                           5FB

                COLB, OLIVER                  20MB

                MARY A.                            18FM

                REAL                                     16MM

                HAYWOOD                       12MB

45. SELBA, ELIZA                    21FB

                LULA                                     1FM

46. BROOKS, JOHN                     54MB

                MARY                                   40FB

                FLEROD                                                21MB

                LOVELS                                 14MB

                BURNEY                             10MB

                MAGGIE                              8FB

                HOLBERT, LEE                    17MB

47. GRAY, FERBY C.                            50FW

                THOMAS J.                          26MW

                HENRY A.                            23MW

                JOHN M.                           14MW

                DAVID                                   15MB

48. ANDERSON, PEGGY                   26FB                COOK

                ANDREW                            9MB

                HENRY C.                            1MB

49. GRAY, JOHN                                  55MB

                FILLIS                                    34FB

                NIMROD                             10MB

                JEAN N.                                 3MM

                POE, CLARA                  40FB

                CHARLIE                              12MM

50. POE, CHARLIE                              60MB

                THOMAS S.                         35MM

                JANE                                      26FM

                MONROE                              8MM

51. GRAY, WILLIAM                             43MB

                ELIZA                                    33FB

                WESLEY                             18MM

                MARGARET                        17FM

                LAURA                                 16FM

                MARY A.                            12FB

                NANNY  C.                            8FB

                WILEY                                   4MB

                LOUELLA                             2FM

                LOUDESS                              1/12MM

52. CANE, GEORGE                                22MM

                MABLY                                 22FM

                GEORGE E.                             1FM

                PARAHANA, PHEBY                50FB

                JOSEPHINA                          11FB

53. CANE, STEPHEN                              60MB

                HARRIET                             45FB

                JOHN H.                                                24MB

                MANSFIELD                       18MB

                STEPHEN                             13MB

                GREEN                                   11MB

                JACKSON                             7MB

                HALL, MARSHALL                25MM

                MARGARET                        28FM

                EMMA                                  8/12FM

54. CANE, ALFRED                                27MB

                SILVINA                             26FB

                ALFORD                             5MB

                HALL, CALVIN                 50FB

                SINERS                                  14MB

                DORA A.                            13FB

                AARON                                 8MB

                CAUDLES, ARCH                18MB

55. YOUNG, PETER                    37MB

                MARY A.                            27FB

                MURELL                              10MB

                REBECCA                             8FB

                EDMUND                             3MB

                WAT                                      2MM

                SAMUEL                              27MB

                ANN                                       25FB

                MARY                                   6FB

                HENDERSON                     1MB

                NANCY                                 39FB

                CHARLES                           15MB

                EALY                                     12MM

                PARKER, WILLIAM                24MM

                GRAY, CHARLES                30MM

56. LIDE, ALEX S.                             30MW

                EMMA                                  20FW

                MARY E.                             9FW

                MELVILLE                           6FW

57. NASH, HAMBERT                           54MB

                JENNIE                                  44FB

                WESTLEY                           20MB

                ROSE A.                                                18FB

                LIZZIE L.                             16FB

                AMOS                                   13MB

                ALLIS                                    11FB

                CARDS, PAINTS                 20MB

                HART, EDMUND                30MB

                RODEY                                  25FB

                THOMAS                              9MB

                CAROLINE                           8FB

                CONEAL                              6MB

                VINA                                      3FB

                SIDNEY                                 21MB

58. MIKUNELL, ENOCH                  33MB

                RIDDEN                                 26FB

                WILLIAM                            10MB

                LYDIA                                   6FB

                NELLY                                   3FB

                MARIAH                             2FB

59. MICAL, LINGON                 45MB

                LIZZIE                                   26FB

                PLEASANT                          18MB

                TONY                                     14MM

                BENJAMIN                        10MM

                ANN                                       70FB

60. CEMIURS, EDMOND                              80MB

                LUCY                                     70FB

                DAVID                                   6MB

61. HART, YINAURAN                          24MB

                HESTER                                 21FB

                CANNON, JAMES                38MB

                LENNA                                  28FB

                TEASIEN                             7FB

63. CALVERT, BUCK                     26MM

                CAROLINE                           28FM

                GEORGE W.                           8MM

                CATHARINE                       6FB

                HARRIET                             11FB

64. CHANDLER, LUSHOR                                40MB

                ANN W.                                                23FB

                JENNIE                                  2FM

                KATHARINE                       1/12FB

65. MALLARD, LEWIS                   26MB

                NANCY                                 24FB

                POLLY                                   7FB

                JAMES                                  2MB

                WILLIAM                            1/12MB

66. CANNON, WILLIAM                             44MB

                LALEY                                   50FB

                GEORGE W.                           13MB

                MONROE                              17MB

67. CANNON, ALFORD                               45MB

                BINER                                    40FB

                LANDERS                           14MB

                ELLEN                                    12FB

69. DOSS, LAFAYETTE W.                45MM

                ANN N.                                  34FW

                BETTIE J.                             10FW

                LAFAYETTE W.                                3MW

70. MOORE, ELIZA E.                                61FW

                SUSAN                                  25FM

                LIZZIE                                   4FB

                ROSA                                     1FB

71.PELLER, HERMAN                              36MB

                ROSANN                             34FB

                CHARLOTTE                     13FB

                BETTIE                                  12FB

                JOSEPH                                 7MB

                MARY                                   3FB

                ROBERT                                1MB

                MALONE, TILMON                17MB

72. WATT, GEORGE                                35MB

                FRANCES                           45FB

                MOORE, HENRY                  24MB

                JANE                                      18FB

                CONNELL, MILLY                14FB

73. MOORE, GILBERT                               26MM

                CHANEY                             22FB

                HANNAH                             6FM

                GEORGE                                                1MB

74. MIMNO, MATHEW                            56MW

                SUSAN                                  40FW

                LINA                                      18FW

                LEMIE                                    16MW

                SULTON                             10MW

                MAGGIE                              5FW

                MILLIE                                  5FW

                CLAUD                                  2MW

                MAUD                                   2FW

75. VINSON, LYDIA                   43FW

                NANNIE                                10FW

76. DOSS, JEREMIAH                           45MB

                JULIA                                    30FM

                EMMA                                  14FM

                AMANDA                          12FM

                FANNIE                                 10FM

                JERRY                                    3MM

                LENA                                     2FM

                JOSEPH                                 10MB

78. BUNER, SAMUEL R.                          57MW

                EMMA                                  30FW

                SAMUEL W.                       4MW

                PATRICK C.                        3MW

                MCDANIEL, JAMES                26MW                MILLER

79. MOORE, BRYANT                               30MB

                GENIE                                    33FB

                FLOID                                    4MB

                CONEONE                           1FB

80. MOORE, LENA                     54FB

                JAMES                                  34MB

                CAROLINE                           23FB

                ANNOR                                 4FB

                JAMES W.                           7/12MB

                RITTIA                                  14FB

                DOOGAN                             21MB

81. MOORE, JACK                     25MB

                CINNA                                   21FB

                ELLA                                      6/12FB

82. MOORE, WADE                   28MB

                MALINDA                          24FB

                DAVID                                   14MB

                STEP                                      10MB

                CHARLES                           6MB

                ROSE A.                                                3FB

                OTHER                                  1MB

83. EADINON, JAMES                  41MB

                MARGARET                        37FB

                HENRY                                  17MB

                SALLIE                                  15FB

                ELIZA                                    16FB

                BETSEY                                 12FB

                CHARLOTTE                     5FB

                ALLIS                                    8/12FB

84. MOORE, OBA                                50MB

                LOUISA                                 48MB

                SAMUEL                              21MB

                SUSAN                                  20FB

                LIZZIE                                   3FB

                ROSE B.                                 1FB

                BUTLER, MARY                 5FB

85. CONNER, NAPOLEON                          26MB

                HARRIET                             46FB

                MARTHA                             21FB

                EMMA                                  18FB

                JOSEPH                                 12MB

                SALLIE J.                             5FB

                MARY F.                             2/12FB

                ELLA                                      8/12FB

86. PEEPLES, ALLEN                   30MB

                FANNIE                                 24FB

                RACHEL                              11FB

                ALLEN                                   3MB

                LINA                                      2FB

87. THOMPSON, STARLING                32MB

                HARRIET                             29FB

                CORNELIA                           14MB

                EGGLISTON, COLUMBUS                20MB

88. MIMS, DOPUS                  60MB

                HANNAH                             60FB

                THOMPSON, JACK                16MM

89. STUDERSON, THOMAS                50MB

                SALLIE                                  54FB

90. MOORE, BONEY                  29MB

                HARRIET                             30FB

                VINA                                      9FB

                MANUEL                              7MB

                WITT                                     2MB

91. INGRAIM, DANIEL                 60MB

                JANE                                      45FB

                PALEL                                   13MB

                JANE                                      16FB

                CRIGLER, BETTIE                18FB

92. SELBY, BENJAMIN                           51MW

                MARY                                   40FW

                THOMAS M.                        21MW

                WILLIAM S.                        18/MW

                JOHN S.                                 14MW

                DAVID M.                           10MW

                LORAL B.                            7FW

 94. OTIS, WILLIAM T.                        46MW

                RUTH E.                                                25FW

                CAYTON, LIZZIE A.                14FW

95. DAVIS, JOHN W.                           45MW

                SALLIE E.                             28FW

                OLA                                       14FW

                JOHN L.                                 9MW

                LILLA B.                            7FW

                HALBROOK, NANCY                19FW

                SALLIE S.                             17FW

96. BROOKS, MARY                   25FB

                CARRY                                  5FB

                REANY                                  4FB

                ADDA                                   2FB

                JOSEPH                                 27MB

97. MULLEN, BOB                        24MB

                CANDES                              23FB

                LILDA                                    2FB

                HENRY                                  1MB

                LOGAN, BOB                        24MB

                ANN                                       23FB

                ALLIS N.                            6FB

                DISEY                                    2FB

                SCOTT                                   4/12MM

98. EDWARD JOHN                     22MB

                NANCY                                 19FB

                DELLA                                   7/12FB

99. MULLIN, JESSE                     28MB

                ADALINE                           28FB

                ELIZA                                    8FB

                HOLLINS                              5MB

                MOLLIE                                 3MB

                BOB                                        1MB

                JOHNSON, ANDY                24MB

                LALEY                                   22FB

                LISSIE                                    4FB

                BUD                                       1MB

100. MALORY, JAMES D.                             30MW                TABACCA DEALER

                WILLIE                                  31MW                   

                MOLLIE A.                            35FW

                MOREHEAD, WILL                25MW

                HALBERT, GENEIVA                50FB

101.HURSTH, DAVID G.                              36MW                PHYSICIAN

                SOMER A.                            29FW

                JOSEPH R.                            6MW

                DAVID A.J.                         3MW

                JOHN C.                                 1MW

                GLENN, JANE S.E.                61FW

102. HALBERT, POLK                     54MB

                MICHAEL                           21MB

                MARGARET                        24FB

103. LEDBETTER, JESSE                     51MB

                CAROLINE                           24FB

104. CRIGLER, MITCHEL                              44MB

                MALINDA                          30FB

                MARY                                   9FB

                CHARITY                             7FB

                FRANCIS                              5FB

                HENRY A.                            4FB

                HANNAH                             2FB

                ALFRED                                11FM

105. THOMPSON, CHARITY                64FB

                CHANDLER, GRAMSON                46MM

                LUCY                                     26FB

                DAVID                                   22MB

                AMANDA                          12FB

                JESSE                                     2MB

106. MULLEN, GILBERT                               37MB

                LAURA                                 30FB

                LUCY                                     11FB

                TIMBLICK                          7MB

107. CHANDLER, MURREW                30MB

                MARGARET                        30FB

108. STEWARD, WILL                      65MB

                LUE                                        14FB

                BEN                                        11MB

109. LIDE, JAMES                  65MB

                SOLOMAN                          14MB

110. ANDREWS, HENRY                  38MB

                CAROLINE                           30FB

                BENJAMIN                        2MB

                DOLLIE                                  60FB

113. GREEN, CHARLES                             35MB

                MATILDA                          28FB

                ELIZABETH                        1FB

113. CARROL, JOHN G.                 37MW                PHYSICIAN

                NARCISSA E.                      27FW

                HANNAH B.                        10MW

                FEEBE                                    7FW

                BEAN E.                                                1FW

114. HOLASSE, SALLIE                  40FB

                PRESILLA                             8FM

115. GAZZAWAY, WILLIM B.                31MW                MERCHANT

                ANN E.                                  33FW

                JOHN W.                           14MW

                JAMES E.                             12MW

                MARY E.                             10FW

116. RAY, JOHN                                   68MW                SADDLE AND HARNESS MAKER

                CATHARINE                       26FW

                NANCY                                                 22FW

                MARGARET                        17FW

117. RUSHING, THOMAS                              38MW

                SALLIE E.                             30FW

                WILLIAM B.                       4MW

                JAMES T.                            2MW

                THOMAS L.                         6/12MW

                RUSHING, FELIX                                34MW                BOOT AND SHOE MAKER

                ALONZO M.                       21MW

118. CARPENTER, CAROLINE                27FB

                WILLIAM                            4MB

                BURRIS                                 2MB

                JEFFERSON                          6/12MB

                JOHN                                     10MB

                ENGLER, WILLIAM                6/12MB

119. ROGERS, RICHMOND                30MB

                MARTHA                             18FB

                SARAH J.                             4FB

                MARY                                   4/12FB

120. DOSS, PERRY                   21MB

                JANE                                      18FM

                HENRY                                  4/12MB

121. MELTON, SAMUEL                               54MB

                ELIZA                                    30FB

                GEORGE ANN                       11FB

123. ABNER, TAYLOR                               36MB

                MATILDA                          26FB

                MARTHA                             10FB

                VERINDA                             6FB

                JACKSON                             4MB

                ABRAM                                1MB

                RODOLL, HEPSEY                56FB

                HEPSEY                                 17FB

                ISABELLA                          7FB

                CALFER, ALFORD                20MB

                SUSAN                                  26FB

                RANDALL, JENNY                28MB

                MANENVY                           20FB

                JOSANNA                          7FB

                LIDE, JOHN                     23MB

                KIZZY                                    2FB

                ARTUMS                              14MB


                MARY A.                            38FW

                WILLIAM E.                        14MW

                JEFF D.                                  11MW

                CHARLES B.                       8MW

                ALLIS                                    6FW

                MARY                                   3FW

                SALLIE                                  1FW

124. RIGHT, JAMES                  50MM

                KATY                                    32FB

                MAT                                      15FB

                JOSEPHINE                           11FB

                CHANDLER, SALLIE                11FB

                RILEY                                     6/12MB

                SALLIE                                  15FB

                JULIA                                    14FB

125. BROOKS, BILL R.                   22MB

                MARY J.                             20FB

                SALLIE                                  1FB

                JUDA                                     70FB

126. STEWARD, ESLEY                    44MB

                WEATHERBY, JOSEPH                70MB

                TERRELL, LIZZY                                30FB

                LUNERIA                             9FB

                SIMON                                  7MB

127. BERDOY, DUNCAN                              26MB

                MARTHA                             28FB

                NANCY                                 7MB

                MARY                                   4FB

                ALLEN                                   1MB

128. YOCKLEY, THOMAS                              50MB

                LUCY                                     45FB

                MARIEK                             20FB

                MARGARET                        19FB

                ALBERT                                15MB

                THOMAS                              12MB

                LEON                                     9FB

                JOHN                                     6MB

                HARRIET                             4FB

                LEWIS                                   1MB

                JONES, DENNIS                 25MB

                BUTLER                                                8/12MB

129. RICE, CHARLES                             34MM

                LEAR                                     33FM

                MARY D.                            16FM

                LEWIS W.                           13MM

                BENJAMIN                        11MM

                ARTHUR                             10MM

                CHARLES JR.                     3MM

                MINOR, JAMES L.                21MM

                PERKINS, VINA                 15FB

                LOGAN, EUGENE                15MB

130. STALLING, SEBRON                                35MB

                CEALEY                                                30FM

                MARIAH                             9FM

                EMMA                                  4FM

                IDA                                        2FM

                BABY                                     2/12FM

131. STALLING, WILLIAM                26MM

                EADY                                     24FB

                SILAS                                    11MM

132. SPARKS, SIMEON                                21MW

                LUCY                                     21FW

                ALICE                                    6/12FW

133. JAMES, ABRAM                                35MB

                JANE                                      30FB

                LEWIS                                   9MB

134. NABBER, WANEY                                23FB

                NINA                                     5FB

                ROBERT                                3MB

                YIBBET                                  1MB

135. JONES, JAMES                  50FB

                HENRY                                  16MB

                JACK                                     11MB

                CARRIE E.                             8FB

135. HALBERT, ISAAC                   36MW

                NANCY                                 29FW

                PEARCE W.                           10MW

                FRANK O.                            7MW

                LULAR                                  4FW

                JOHN R.                                 2MW

137. BIRCH, LOUDON                               30FB

138. ROBERTS, BEN                        50MB

                EMMA                                  35FB

                JOHN                                     12MB

                FED                                        10MB

                PHEBEY                                 8FB

                ANGELINE                           7FB

                ROBERT                                5MB

                BENJ. JR.                           3MB

                JESSE                                     6/12MB

139. MOORE, JACK                     36MB

                LOU                                        25FB

                SK.                                          11MB

                GIB                                         4MB

                BULY                                     3FB

                CULPOR, NEAL                   23MB

140. HALBERT, SALLIE                  25FB                COOK

                PRICE                                     8MB

                ABE                                        4MB

                JOHN                                     1MB

                LUCY                                     18FB

                CHARLES                           8/12MM

141. ANDERSON, CHARLES                27MB

                ANN                                       36FM

                JAMES                                  1MB

                RICE, LIGE                       16MM

                CAROLINE                           13FB

                DANIEL                                 10MB

142. HALBERT, ALEX J.                 29MW

                ARTILLA                             23FW

                EMMA J.                             8/12FW

143. BEALES, CARROTT                            40MB

                POLLY                                   35FB

                JACK                                     15MB

                BEST                                      5MB

                HALBART, ANDREW                25MB

                MATT, WILLIAM                17MB

144. ERVIN, DOCK                    45MB

                FRANCIS                              35FB

                NESSY                                   14FB

                BELLE                                    6FB

                LINDA                                   3FB

                HANNAH                             4/12FB

145. PACK, CHURCH                               27MB

                AMANDA                          32FB

                RACHEL                              9FB

                ALLIS                                    8FB

                WILABY                             7FB

                JONAS                                   5MB

                MICHAIL                              3MB

                ARTHUR                             1MB

146. HALBARD, HANNAH                50FB

                JANE                                      35FB

                EMMA                                  12FB

                MOLLIE                                 5FB

147. LOGAN, MARY                   35FW

                BETTIE                                  40FW

                JOHNSON, WILLIAM                23MB

148. ALLEN, FANNIE                 30FB

                WILLIAM D.                       3MB

149. STALLING, BRYANT                               20MB

                JENNIE                                  26FB

                ALLIS                                    11FB

                ANDY                                    9MB

                DANIEL                                 4MB

                MARY                                   2FB

150. LOGAN, PETER                    35MB

                ELIZA                                    25FB

                JACK                                     11MB

                DAVID                                   9MB

                CHARLOTTE                     6FB

151. LOGAN, JASON                   18MB

                HENRY                                  13MB

                LUE                                        10FB

152. CARPENTER, CUREHILL                61MW

                MARTHA                             52FW

                JAMES M.                           21MW

                VIRGINIA                             22FW

                WILLIAM C.                       18MW

                ELLEN                                    16FW

                ADELLA                             14FW

                A. JACKSON                             12MW

                JOHN                                     10MW

                HATHER                             7FW

                BABAN                                 3MW

153. BOYD, JOSEPH                 35MW

                FANNIE                                 23FW

                SELIA                                    1FW

                BOYD, LIZZIE                   21FW

                LENORA                             16FW

                LAWRENCE, EMMA                6FB

154. REDUS, MILTON                                24MW

                SALLIE E.                             20FW

                MARY F.                             4/12FW

                NASH, LEROY                   13MB

155. RYAN, JAMES L.                              41MW

                MARY E.                             35FW

                McEWIN, JULIA A.                17FW

                VINSON, CALVIN                15MB

156. BLY, HENRY                                 37MB

                MARNELLA                        26FB

                CLAY                                     12MB

                CIRENO                                 8MB

                GEORGE                                                4MB

                VIRGIE                                   2FB

157. TAYLOR, AUGUSTUS                38MB

                ELIZA                                    37FB

158. PERKINS, JOSEPH B.                             42MW

                WASHINGTON, HANNAH 35FW

                PERKINS, GERTRUDE                9FW

                JOSEPH B.E.                         3MW

                HUNTER, MARY                               16FB

159. PERKINS, NANCY                 55FB

160. BARNET, JOSEPH                 35MB

                MINNY                                  30FB

                PRICE                                     6MB

161. BARNET, JOHN                     30MB

                AARON                                 10MB

                OLIVER                                  8MB

                PRICE, CARLINE                              8FB

162. HARTNESS, MARY                   35FW

                GEORGE D.                            17MW

                FANNIE C.                            15FW

                MELTON                             13MW

                DAVIS D.                            9MW

                LYDIA                                   4FW

163. BLAIR, ANTHONY                           30MB

                DILSEY                                  40FB

                FANNIE                                 11FB

                HENDRIX, JANE                 35FB

                ALBE A.                                14MB

                CLARIA                                                11FB

                CASSY                                   10FB

                SALLIE                                  7FB

164. REDUS, ELIJAH                  45MW

                FRANCES E.                       43FW

                THOMAS                              20MW

                MARY A.                            16FW

                BETTIE E.                             15FW

                JOHN W.                           11MW

                JEFF D.                                  8MW

165. WELCH, WILEY                   35FB

                LUCINDA                             5FB


                NELLY                                   26FB

                LETTY                                   2FB

                PERKINS, MINTER                5FB

                CUSSIE                                  23FB

                BROWN, EMMA                                26FB

167. CALVIN, ELIJAH                  41MM

                MOURNING                         31FB

                DAVID                                   13MM

                BRYANT                             11MM

                RICHARD                             9MM

                FANNIE                                 4FM

                JOHN                                     2MM

                ROBERT                                10/12MM


169. BROTHERS, RIVERS                  37FB

                JOHN                                     20MB

                SARAH                                 14FB

                MARY                                   12FB

                PETER                                    11MB

                JASANNA                          5FB

                GARDNER, GEORGE                17MB

170. TOARSON, SETH                      63MB

                LONNICE                              40FB

171. AUSTON, FRED                      40MB

                HELPAHE, WILEY                20MB

                MARION                             24FB

                CANNON, ELIZA                40FB

172. TOLSON, MARY A.                              57FW

                JAMES C.                            21MW

                SARA C.                            17FW

173. AUSTON, LOISA                    40FB

                JANE                                      18FB

                ALBERT                                15MB

                NATHAN                             13MB

                ETTON                                  8FB

174. CONNER, STEWART                            30MB

                SALLIE                                  17FB

                CASSY                                   1FB

175. NAILS, PETER                    35MB

176. STALLING, GREENE B.                65MW

                LUCY                                     55FW

                PARISH, BENJAMIN                32MW

177. CRIGLER, LIZZIE                   30FB

                ESTER                                    6FM

                JOSEPH                                 5MM

                ROSE                                      3FM

                WALTER                             1MM

                NAIL, MANERVA                18FB

178. STALLING, ISSAC                    35MB

                CEALEY                                                30FB

                ANDREW                            16MM

                JAMES                                  15MB

                ERVIN, ELIAS                    15MB

                KENNDY, CORNELIUS                16MB

                ERVIN, CHARLES                13MB

179. YOUNG, JOHN                     41MB

                PEGGY                                   40FB

                BENJAMIN                        29MB

                JAMES                                  12MB

                ALEXANDER, GERT                75FB

                YOUNG, ALFORD                25FB

                ALFORD                             24FB

                MALERY                             3FB

180. BOLDING, ROBERT                                24MB

                LUCINNIA                           21FB

                MARY                                   1FB

181. OWENS, BEK                        38MB

                ANN                                       21FB

                YOUNG, DELLA                   8FB

182. BROWING, WILEY                   52MW

                SARAH C.                            40FW

                SAMUEL                              19MW

                WILLIAM                            14MW

                JOHN C.                                 5MW

                ANLIZA                                4FW

                LAUREN J.                         2FW

                FORD, MARTHA                23FW

                MARGARET                        5FW

183. WHEELER, PEYTON                                63MW

                JANE                                      44FW

                JACOB                                   18MW

                JOSEPHINE                           8FW

                ELIZA J.                                                5FW

                FRESHOUR, PRICILLA                36FW

184. PARAMORE, ELIZA                    35FW

                ERY                                        6FW

                WESTBROOKS, NARTUS 18MW

                CHARLES                           14MW

185. ERVIN, ZACKARIA                          38MB

                LUCY                                     17FB

                JUNO                                     36FB

186. ERVIN, CORNELIUS                         45MB

                JOHN                                     14MB

                GEORGE                                                12MB

                RICHARD                             10MB

                ELLEN                                    24FB

                ELIJAH                                  38MB

187. FOSTER, SALLIE                  40FB

                ERVIN, ART                       35MB

                WEATHERLEY, CLAIR                23FB

                JOSEPHINE                           6FB

                FOSTER, ELONA L.                5FB

                ELIZA A.                            10/12FB

188. CORWELL, BEN                        60MB

                ELAS                                      63FB

                CHARITY                             50FB

                EDMOND                             5MB

189.ERWING, WASHINGTON                45MB

                LIZZIE                                   35FB

                MARY                                   19FB

                MELTON                             30MB

                ETTER                                   5FB

                GRACIE                                 4FB

                WILLIAM                            1MB

190. LYDE, ANNELL                                21FB

                HENRIETTA                       1FB

                ERVIN, HENRY                  36MB

191. LANCASTER, HAYDEN                50MW

                MARY                                   45FW

                SAMUEL                              21MW

                HARRIET A.                        17FW

                WILLIAM                            15MW

                JAMES P.                             13MW

                JESSIE L.                             10MW

192. ERVIN, FLORA                  27FB

193. KENNARD, DEAK                    45MB

                HARRIET                             38FM

                WILLIAM                            21MM

                GREAR, ELIZA                    12FB

195. PERSLELLE, AJMES                  35MB

                EMMA                                  27FB

                PICK                                       4MB

                JAMES                                  3MB

                DOLLIE                                  4/12FB

                MARNERVA                       22FB

                ERVIN, DOLLIE                  50FB

196. SALLINGS, BURRIS                 35MB    

                CLARNICE                           45FM

197. ERVIN, EMON                    34MB

                JUDA                                     25FB

                DELLA                                   7/12FB

198. BRYAN, SHEPARD                             25MB

                ADALINE                           25FB

                ERVIN, HENRY                  10MB

199. ERVIN, POLLY                   40FB

                PRINCE                                  12MB

                JOSEPH                                 10MB

                ELLEN                                    14FB

                JEFF                                       7MB

                FEN                                        2FB

200. ERVIN, LOUIS                    40MB

                RITTER                                  54FB

                MARGARET                        20FB

                HANNAH                             20FB

                CLARIY                                 14FB

                GRANT                                  7MB

200. BROWN, HUMPHREY                34MM

                MALINDA                          24FM

                ERVIN, ELLEN                    22FB

201. HAYS, HENRY                  35MM

                ROSE A.                                                24FB

                JESSE                                     9MB

                GRANT                                  2/12MM

202. CARPENTER, WESLEY                27MB

                JANE                                      30FB

                AMANDA                          16FB

                GEORGE A.                            3FB

203. CARPENTER, SLAUGHTER                36MB

                RARCAL                              26FB

                HIGH W.                           7MB

                GENERAL S.                      5MB

                MARY W.                           1FB

                MARSHALL                        8MB

204. McILWAIN, SAMUEL                39MW                (s/o Samuel and Susan Conn)

       (Logan)SARAH                   35FW

                JOHN W.                           8MW     

                MARGARET J.                     6FW                (married Frank M. Oakley)

                LEAVY, JERRY M.                71MW                IRELAND

                McILWAIN, ROBERT                50MW                (b/o Samuel)

205. SHEFFARD, TASH                     25FB

                OCTAVIA                             4FB

206. ASHFORD, JESSIE                    48MB

                CAROLINE                           44FB

                JESSIE, JR.                           12MB

                MARY                                   9FB

                SUSAN                                  6FB

                BRAB                                     2MB

207. ERVIN, LOUIS                    37MB

                SEALY                                   18FB

                BETTY                                   12FB

                HENRY A.                            2FB

                ALLIS                                    6/12FB

208. HALEY, ISAAC                   45MB

                DILSEY                                  50FB

                NAT                                       19MB

                CHARMER                           17FB

                CEALY                                   16FB

                SALLIE                                  9FB

                JENNETT                             7FB

                BURRIS                                 4MB

                CHRIS                                    2MB

209. HALEY, JOHN                     22MB

                AMANDA                          22FB

                CALLIE                                  3FB

                STEPHENS, NED                                28MB

                JAM                                       23FB

                LOGAN, JERRY                    30MB

210. HALBERT, JAMES                  27MB

                RODY                                     70FB

                STALLING, ANN                               8FB

211. SMITH, GILBERT                               35MB

                CAROLINE                           25FB

                LOUIS                                    9MM

                ELLEN                                    1FM

212. COLBY, JESSE C.                                36MB

                ELLEN                                    27FB

                JULIA                                    7FB

213. COOPER, MARGARET                35FB

                WESTLY                             13MM

                JOSEPH                                 10MB

                SCOTT                                   4MB

                STEWARD, HESTER                76FB

214. STEWARD, SIDNEY                 59MM

                ADALINE                           30FB

                KINARD, MEDOR                27FB

                ABERDEEN                        10MM

                LEON                                     8MM

                COSIA                                   3MB

                MARGARET                        2FB

215. GASTON, ALFORD                               35MB

                SUSAN                                  27FB

                ANDY                                    5MB

                JULIA                                    4FB

216. McGHEE, JERRY                    40MB

                SHALLET                             40FB

                HENRY                                  18MB

217. SHIVERS, JAMES E.                              24MW

                SARAH J.                             22FW

                McALVOY, PERCILLA                27FW

                SHIVERS, MARY A                8FW

218. EASTES, GEORGE                                40MB

                ANN                                       35FB

                ROBERT                                19MB

                ELIZABETH                        9FB

                ELBERT                                 7MB

                ELLEN                                    3FB

                IDA                                        1FB

                SHEPPARD, ELLIS                39MB

219. PERKINS, NATHANIEL                32MW

                ZILLA L.                             34FW

                PERKINS, WILLIAM                20MB

220. LINCECUM, HAYWOOD                44MW

                MARY E                                37FW    

                OLYMPUS                           19MW

                OTILIA                                  5/12FW

                PERKINS, JOHN H.                12MW

                ELISHA                                 10MW

                JULIUS U.                            8MW

221. LOVE, JUDGE                   27MB

                EMMA                                  17FB

                MALINDA                          10FB

                THOMAS                              2MB

                LOWERY, MARIAH                65FB

                GASTON, SARAH                7FB

222.OBANON, WILLIAM C.                36MW

                MARY                                   30FW

                BENJAMIN                        11MW

                JAMES J.                             18MW

                MINNIE E.                             6FW

                WILLIAM                            3MW

                BUDDIE                                 5/12MW

223. ZUBER, HENRY                  41MB

                SALLIE                                  31FM

                HENRY                                  16MB

                SALLIE                                  13FB

                CALVIN                                 12MB

                JAMES                                  9MB

                DOSSIE                                  7MB

                MOLLIE                                 4FB

                GUSSIE                                  1FB

                BOYD, PRICE                     16MM

224. GASTON, AARON                 33MB

                MARTHA                             22FB

                CHARLES                           6MB

                WILLIAM                            4FB

225. JACKSON, HENDERSON                28MB

226. TUCKER, JAMES A.                             33MW

                DORANS                              28FW

                MINNIE                                 2/12FW

                ABBERGAIL                      70FW

227. ZUBER, STEPHEN                              31MB

                DICEY                                    18FB

                ANDERSON                        6MB

                ANDREW                            18MB

228.CARPENTER, FRANCES                28FB

                SUSAN                                  5FB

229. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                58MB

                MARY                                   58FB

                ANNA                                   22MB

                JANE                                      17FB

                MOSLEY, NATALY                9FB


                PEGGIE                                  17FB

                FARNTAIN                        3/12MB

231. MALONE, ANDREW                             65MB

                PEGGIE                                  60FB

                ANTHONY                          26MB

                PATRICK                             17MB

                ANDREW JR.                     14MB

                CALHOUN, MARGARET                8FB

232. SHELTON, JULIA                    24FM

                MANUEL                              6MM

233. HUMPHRIES, BENJAMIN                32MB

                LINDA                                   28FB

234. RICE, FREDIRIC                              33MB

                LUCY                                     30FB

                BETSEY                                 13FB

                FREDERIC                            10MB

                JULIA                                    6FB

235. COALMAN, JERRY                    20MB

236. HENRY, JOHN M.                                    MW

                MARY A.                            28FW

                LEONA P.                             9FW

                JOHN J.                                  6MW

237. MASUS, JOHN                     75MB

                KIZZIE                                   70FB

                SALOON, REBECCA                21FB

                ELIZA                                    11/12FB

                TUCKER, HANNAH                40MB

                WATSEY                             38FB

                ERANS                                  17MB

238. MOSELY, HARRY                  30MB

                CHARLETT                        23FB

                AMOS                                   5MB

                MARIAH                             3FB

                MARY                                   2FB

                MARTHA                             2/12FB

239. MOSELEY, PETER                    28MB

                ELLEN                                    28FB

                JAMES                                  4MB

                MARY                                   3FB

                CHARLOTTE                     10/12FB

240. EDWARD, ALFORD                               39MM

                LYDIA                                   32FB

                GRACEY                             17FB

                VIRGINIA                             12FB

                MAHALA                             15FB

241. COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER                27MB

                GRACEY                             22FB

                NANCY                                 7/12FB

242. LOWERY, SAMUEL                               64MB

                TISHA                                   50FB

243. DISMUTH, CHARITY                              21FB

                DAVID                                   5MB

                LOWERY, LUCY                 8FB

244. STALLING, HANABER                23MB

                SUSAN                                  19FB

                ELLY                                      2MB

245.                MARYMAN                      25MB

                GEORGE A.                            22FB

                JAMATH                             2MB

                CORNELIUS                         10MB

                SHVETT                                                12FB

                LOGAN, STARK                  22MB

246. EVENS, LISHINE                                37FB

247                WASHINGTON                  15MB

                JOHN                                     5MM

                CAINS, ELLEN                    8FB

                ROBERSON, ED                   17MB

248. BADDORN, BAB                       55MB

                AGNESS                                45FB

                CHARLES                           18MB

                LUCINDA                             16FB

                ROSE A.                                                13FB

                BENJAMIN                        12MB

                CORNELIUS                         10FB

249. CURRY, CHARLES                             25MB

                HAGAR                                 30FB

                LUCY                                     18FB

                CORICE                                 15FB

                PECK                                      14MB

                PETER                                    5MB

250. WOODARD, NANCY                 60FB

                BELLA                                   25FB

                SOOKEY                             30FB

                TITUS                                    11MB

                ALFORD                             5MB

                PATSEY                                                4FB

                JESSE                                     4/12MB

251. WOODARD, JAMES                  21MB

                JULIA                                    17FB

                AGGERSON                          11/12MB

                GARROTT, ALSEY                75FB

252. SEVAYON, GEORGE                                60MB

                MARY                                   35FB

                GEORGIE A.                        13FB

                LUCY                                     8FB

                MARIE                                  4FB

                ELIZABETH                        3FB

253. SUPER, IVY                                   35MB

                ROXANA                             37FB

                ELIZA                                    15FB

                LOWERY, TAYLOR                75FB

254. TUCKER, ELBERT                 36MM

                OLLIE                                     37FM

                EASTER                                                21FB

                DICEY                                    16FB

                EMMA                                  15FB

                LAURA                                 12FB

                JAMES                                  4MB

                LIZZIE                                   10/12FB

                CUTRIE                                 3FB

                FRANKLIN, JAMES                57MB

                AGNES                                  40FB

                MILLER, GEORGE                14MB

255. MALONE, WALTON                             25MB

                AMANDA                          23FB

                ELIZABETH                        10FB

                DAVIS, WILLIAM                25MB

                LOUISA                                 20FB

                LEONA                                  14FB

256. MOBLEY, CALORN                               22MB

                FELIX                                     70MB

                RANDALL, DANIEL                28MB

257.SALLINGS, WILLIAM                             45MB

                AMY                                      26FB

                ELIZA                                    11FB

                DOSSIE                                  5MB

                LOTTIE                                  4FB

258. ERVIN, JAMES S.                              26MB

                HANNAH                             20FB

                ELIZABETH                        7FB

                ALLEN                                   3MB

259. RICE, HENRY                  70MB

                MARY                                   68FB

                SAMUEL                              38MB

                JENNETT                             32FB

                PHEEBY                                 12FB

                MARY J.                             10FB

                GENERAL                          5MB

                MARIAH                             2FB

                ORA                                       10/12FB

260. HANILL, EDMUND                              35MM

                CATHERINE                       35FM

                JACOB                                   12MM

                STALLING, MATHEW                22MM

                MORGAN, DANIEL                20MB

261. LOGAN, DAVID                   20MB

                JESSE                                     1MB

262. McILWAIN, JOHN                     24MW                (s/o of Samuel)

        (Boyd)ELIZABETH                             26FW

                SUSAN C.                            22FW    

                KINNARD, NETTIE                12FB

263. LOVE, JAMES A.                             31MW

                EMMA P.                             30FW

                MINNIE                                 5FW

                MARY E.                             2FW

                CHARLES H.                      2/12MW

264. BROOKS, ALFORD                               22MB

                ALSTON, JOSEPH                25MB

265. McGHEE, HOWARD                             35MB

                MARY                                   26FB

                EBENEZER                           6FB

                ELIZA                                    7/12FB

266. EASTIS, BALIS                    44MW

                SALLIE L.                             36FW

                JOHN D.                                                10MW

                HARDON, HETTY                11MW

267. CARPENTER, ABRAHAM                80MB

                LUCINDY                             45FB

                MAHALA                             19FB

                HANNAH                             14FB

                LAURA                                 12FB

                JAMES                                  13MB

268. JAMISON, JOSEPH                 22MW

                LYANDER                           18FW

                CARPENTER, DOVE                6FB

                POE                                        4FB

269. PEARCE, SIMION                 40MW

                LUCINDA                             35FW

                IDILIA                                   10FW

                SIMION                                 8FW

                WILLIAM                            6MW

                EARNEST                             3MW

                WEIR, ELLA                      10FM

                LAWRENCE, ANDREW J.             21MW

270. BEVILL, ROBERT F.                            38MW

                CORNELIA                           24FW

                ELVIRA                                 11FW

271. McGHEE, ELIZABETH                27FB

                JAMES J.                             6MB

                WADE                                   3MB

                JOHN H.                                                1MB

272. JORDEN, MOURNING                45FB

                HENRY                                  6MB

                LAWRENCE, FRANK                49MB

                KINARD, FRANK                33MB

                AMANDA                          19FB

                BOB                                        1MB

                FRANK                                  3/12MB

273. HALBROOK, NANCY                 75FW

                HANNAH, NANCY                18FW

                HOLBROOK, ALLINA                13FW

                JOHN                                     10MW

274. MOORE, OBA                       58MB

                LOUISA                                 58FB

                MARY                                   4FB

                MOORE, SAMUEL                26MB

275. CARPENTER, WILLIAM                43MW

                CAROLINE L.                      35FW

                VIVIAN M.                           14MW

                HENRY W.                           13MW

                EDWINA O.                        11MW

                SEPHILL L.                             9FW

                EARNEST M.                       7MW

                MARY D.                            5FW

                CARRY                                  3FW

                MATTIE O.                         1FW

276. QUARLES, JOHN                     84MB

                CAROLINE                           35FB

                ALLEN                                   12MB

277. SHORT, LOUIS                    50MB

                LYDIA                                   25FB

                ALLEN                                   12MB

278. SHORT, LOUIS                    50MB

                LYDIA                                   25FB

                WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                51MB

                SILLAR                                  49FB

                ELIZABETH                        17FB

                JOSEPHINE                           15FB

                OSCAR                                  5MB

278. MOORE, WILLIAM                             24MM

                LUCINDA                             30FB

                FRANCIS                              10FB

                DALLAS                              9MB

                WILLIAM                            3MB

279. CARPENTER, JAMES                  58MB

                ANN                                       26FB

                JANE                                      15FB

                BANKS                                  13MB

                ORINGO                                                9MB

280. WAIT, REBECCA W.                       48FW                (d/o Amos Roberts w/o Zackary)

                CHARLES B.                       14MW

                SALLIE E.                             11FW

                LYDIA                                   9FW

                MARTHA                             6FW

281. ROBERTS, FRANK B.                             47MW (s/o Amos Roberts)

       (Miller) MARY J.                                43FW

                MARY E.                             18FW (married Felix P. Rushing)

                DORSEY H.                            17MW (married Margaret McMillin)

                ARIXIA J.                             15FW  (married James Shields McIlwain)

                JOHN P.                                 12MW

                JAMES M.                           10MW

                WILLIAM F.                        5MW

                JOSEPH D.                            2MW                (married Lillian Switzer)

282. OWENS, JAMES T.                              63MW

                ISABELLA                          63FW

                EDWARD T.                        21MW

283. WAT, JERRY                    33MB

                OWENS, PEGGY                   40FB

284. WAT, JOSEPH                 26MB

285. ALSTON, SUCKEY                                50FB

                HENRY                                  11MB

                MADALA                             7FB

                LITTLETON                       5MB

                BELL, LINA                      55FB

                WILLIAM                            14MB

                LIZZA                                    11FB

                SAMUEL                              4MB

286. CARTER, GEORGE                                78MB

                JANE                                      30FB

                PEARCE                                                12MB

                ISHAM                                  8MM

                ELI                                          4MB

                JOHN                                     1MB

                FOX, RODY                     66FB

287. SELBY, OWEN E.                               47MW

                ELIZA                                    48FW

                THOMAS J.                          25MW

                ELIZABETH                        18FW

                SAMUEL                              16MW

                MARTHA                             11FW

                ELIZA                                    8FW

288. SELBY, MARY                   95FB

                NELLY                                   60FB

                BARDWELL, SISLEY                50FB

289. MOORE, HENRY                  40MM

                SALLIE A.                            24FM

                ROBERT                                4MM

                LOUVINIA                           2FM

                MART                                   1/12MM

290. GARDY, CHARLEY                             24MM

                LUCY                                     20FM

                ANDERSON                        3MM

                GEORGE                                                9/12MM

                ALEY                                     4FM

                STILES, CALVIN                 25MB

                MOORE, BEN                        19MM

                RICE, GEORGE W.                25MM

291. JACOBS, JOHN                     21MB

                JANE                                      24FB

                SOLIMON                             9MB

                PRICE                                     6MB

                ABEY                                     3FB

292. GRUDY, DINER                    25FB

                RUBERTA                             3FM

                HILLARD, HAYWOOD                27MB

                CONELIUS                           23MB

293.GANDY, HARRIS                 26MM

                MARY A.                            23FM

                HELEN                                   7FM

                CHARLES                           5MM

                EDWARD                             3MM

                MUNPHUN                          7/12MM

294. OUTLAW, DORSEY                                27MW

                LUCY OLA                       21FW

295. OUTLAW, CLARA                  32FW

                ELLA                                      19FW

296. JERRY JOHNSON                             28MB

                ELAN E.                                 26FB

                GEORGE C.                            7MB

                HENRY                                  5MB

                LUE                                        2FB

                ANNA                                   4/12FB

297. SIMIMONS, THOMAS                33MB

                LUCY                                     26FB

                AUGUSTUS                        12MB

                FRANK                                  10MB

                SILVA                                    9FB

                THOMAS JR.                       5MB

                ADDAM                            3MB

298. HINKLES, JAMES                  52MB

                ABBIE                                    40FB

                SPENCER                             22MB

                JACOB                                   10MB

                GEORGE                                                4MB

                FLORA                                  30FB

299. TAB, LOVECS                 64MB

                CENIA                                   12FB

                EMMA                                  12FB

                ANN                                       12FB

                NANCY                                 1FB

300. GLADNEY, SALLIE                  23FB

                JOSH                                      1MB

                LAURA                                 7FB

301. BROWN, LIDA                      60FB

                JOHN C.                                 18MB

                PRINCE E.                             17MB

                FIDCHZARD WOODSON                70MB

302. DARBY, WILLIAM H.                27MW

                JAMES H                             27MW

                MARY                                   46FW

                COLUMBUS                        20MW

                LEVI K.                                  18MW

303. CHAMBUS, GEORGE                                35MB

                ALSTON PEN                    30MB

                EMMA                                  50FB

                CEALY                                   25FB

                LUCY                                     15FB

304. OUTLAW, BELL                      32MB

                LUIZA                                   30FB

                HURRY B.                            5FB

                BELL JR                                 1MB

                KING, GREEN                   40MB

                MOIA                                    35FB

                JENNIE                                  16FB

                GEORGE                                                13MB

                NALLIE                                 11FB

                ALLEN                                   8MB

                SILAS                                    6MB

                LEWIS                                   4MB

                FRANCE                              2FB

305. KING, MARY                   40FB

306. OUTLAW, TURNER                                22MB

                MAHALA                             26FB

                RICE, MILTON                                10MB

                TAB, LIZZIE                   10FM

307. ASTIN, EDMOND                              58MB

                MARY                                   40FB

                NICKLES, SAMUEL                40MB

                JUDIA                                    30FB

                MINES                                   14FB

                EDMAN                                                12MB

                LUCY                                     9FB

308. HODGANS, TOD                       35MB

                LUCY                                     60FB

                CAL BILL                       43MB

                ZUDA                                    10FB

                KID JOHN                     65MB

                SALLIE                                  50FB

                TOM                                      25MB

                JENNIE                                  21FB

                SALLIE                                  3FB

                JACK                                     26MB

                BECKY                                   20FB

                FELIX                                     5MB

                SAMUEL                              3MB

                JOSEPH                                 5/12MB

309. HAMILTON                , GRANT  26MB

                MARTHA                             20FB

                HARDY                                 1MB

310. KINNERD, CHARLES                             60MB

                JANE                                      35FB

                CATHERINE                       16FB

                ADALINE                           13FB

                CALHOUN HARRIET                30FB

311. McCRIEGHT, ROBERT                32MW

                SALLIE                E.                             25FW

                BETTIE                                  7FW

                JOHN H.                                                2MW

                infant no name                       3/12FW

                GAY, LEANNA                               25FB

                COUSTUER                        7MB

                COUSTNER                        7MB

                (IT WAS LISTED TWICE)

                JANE J.                                  1MB

                McBELL EASTER                35FB

                LUCIE                                    7FB

312. ALFEATS, BOON                    33MB

                DILLY                                    24FB

                NELSON                                2/12MB

                McBELL, JOSEPH                25MB

313. McCRIEGHT, MARY                   27FB

                PEGGY                                   8FB

                EDWARD                             5MB

314. VALENTINE, CHARLEY                47MB

                SARAH A.                            39FB

                LUCY                                     20FB

                LOUISE                                  16FB

                IRIS                                        12MB

                LEAR                                     9FB

                MARGARET                        7FB

                MARY                                   19FB

                EDMOND, DICK                 85MB

                MARTHA                             2FB

315. VALENTINE, CENIA                   45FB

                RIGHT                                    10MB

                JULIA                                    9FB

                LUCIE                                    5MB

316. VALENTINE, JAMES A.                34MW

                LUCIE E.                                25FW

                WILLIAM J.                        8/12MW

                HAZZARD, JERRY                12MW

317. UPCHURCH, MOSES                  38MW

                EMILY                                   38FW

                JOHN T.                                 17MW

                ROBERT                                15MW

                WILLIAM                            15MW

                MONROE H.                         12MW

                IVY J.                                      10MW

                PETER J.                                3MW

318. ADAMS, WILEY                   20MW

                ELIZABETH                        19FW

                ARENIA                                3/12FW

319. ROBERTSON, BUFORD                37MW

                MARY E.                             28FW

                ELIZA A.                            3FW

                HENRY E.                             3/12MW

320. BEAUFORD, WILLIAM                45MW

                MILLIE                                  42FW

                WILLIAM J.                        18MW

                JAMES                                  17MW

                ELIZABETH                        15FW

                MARY                                   13FW

                BANGARD                          8MW

                MARION                             6MW

                SARRULL D.                      5MW

                THOMAS                              4MW

                ELIZABETH                        2FW

                infant not named                             3/12FW

321. NICKELS, HENRY D.                             14MW

                SARAH, S.                             52FW

                JAMES                D.                            14MW

                ALICE R.                            12FW

                ROBERT R.                            10MW

                EUGENE                                                8MW

322. HAGGARD, PERVIS                  60MB

                MILLIE                                  40FB

                WILLIAM                            21MB

323. KEETON, DOCK                    65MB

                ELIZA                                    40FB

324. WHITE                                          101FB

325. JUNARY, JACOB                   31MW

                ELIZA                                    16FW

                UPCHURCH, WOLLER                 1MW

                BUFORD, NANCY                12FW

                GRIFIN, SAMUEL                21MW

326. ROBSON, WILLIE                  30MW

                ELIZABETHA                     38FW

                WASHINGTON                  15MW

                ELVINA                                 10FW

                MALILDA                          13FW

                JOSEPH                                 3MW

                WASHINGTON B.                2MW

                JACKSON, MARTHA                24FW

                JACKSON, JOHN H.                4MW

327. MURPSEY, PERNINA                              29FW

                MARY                                   12FW

328. NEAL, COOPER                                58MW

                AGNES                                  51FW

                DAVID                J.                             21MW

                LOUZEN A.                        21FW

                WILLIAM L.                        18MW

                FRANCES E.                       16FW

                LOUSA M                            14FW

                AGNES JR.                           12FW

                CASPRILLA                        10FW

                VIRGINIA E.                        8FW

329. WHITE, BUSHROD                            56MW

                EMMA T.                            58FW

                LAURA L.                             26FW

330. WHITE, JOHN L.                 24MW

                FRANCES R.                       19FW

                JOHN L.                                 2/12MW

331. DOLE, HARRIET                              24FM

332. BRAY, NELSON                                45MM

                CAROLINE                           25FB

                JESSE                                     15MB

                PANTESA                             8MB

                DIANA                                  7FB

                KATE                                     4FB

                FRANCES                           6/12MB

                HENRY                                  9MB

                FRANCES                           65FB

333. SHAW, WILL                      20MB

                ELIZABETH                        18FB

334. NICKELS, MARY                   22FB

                SALLIE                                  4FB

                ALLEN                                   6/12MB

335. CRENSHAW, FREEMAN                32MW

                ANNA                                   26FW

                LUCINDA                             1FW

                AULT, LUCINDA                50FW

                REBECCA                             19FW

                MARY                                   18FW

                AULSTON, MARY                13FB

336. HOWARD, NICHALUS                45MB

                MARY                                   35FB

                GEORGIA                             15FB

                CALIB                                    9MB

                MARYANE A.E.                  9MB

                FOSTER, HENTON                22MB

                WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                25MB

                LAURA                                 32FB

                MILLER, HENRY                  6MB

337. GOVER, JNEO                      40MB

                JANE                                      36FB

                ARTHUR                             8MB

                SARAH                                 1FB

338. WHITE, DANIEL                 45MB

                CAROLINE                           44FB

                ADDIE                                   40FB

                JESSE                                     10MB

339. REEDY, M. CHARLES                             70MW

340. BELL, CHRISTOPHER                    24MB

                CHARLOTTE                     20FB

                JOHN                                     1MB

                IDA                                        1MB

341. JACKSON, JAMES                 35MB

                ANN                                       25FB

                HENDERSON, SIRINA                45FB

342. JACKSON, THOMAS                              58MB

                EMMA                                  35FB

                MORRIS                                17MB

                SILAH                                    15FB

                PATSEY                                                12FB

                JEFFERSON, GUS                4FB

                EMMA                                  1FB

343. SPENCER, GEORGE                                56MM

                NANCY                                 42FB

                CHARLES                           24MB

                TURNER                             22MB

                BILLIE                                    20MB

                MARY                                   18FB

                YOUNG, DOLPHINE                25MB

                SARAH                                 21FB

                HENRY                                  5FB

                LEWIS                                   1MB

                LAURA                                 5FB


                MARY                                   65FB

                ANINS                                   14MB

                BLUE, WILLIAM                             23MB

                OVATON, PRICE                                8MB

                ALRA                                    3FB

344. OUTLAW, GEORGE                                38MB

                POLLIE                                  28FB

                FILLMORE                           14MB    

                ISAM                                     12FB

345. DUDLEY, KIT                         55MB

                MINNIE                                 41FB

                ALICE                                    47FB

                FILAS                                    20FB

347. AUSBORN, THOMAS                37MB

                ELVIRA                                 30FB

                FRANK                                  16MB

                WILLIS                                  15MB

                MATHEW                            14MB

                FELIX                                     12MB

                MARY                                   6FB

                THOMAS                              5MB

348. OUTLAW, AARAN                                57MB

                MARY                                   50FB

                ALICE                                    16FB

                FELIX                                     28MB

349. JOHNSON, PHILLIS                 25FB

350. PERKINS, JOHN                     30MB

                VILETTA                             22FB

                JESSE                                     7MB

                ALBERT D.                            5MB

                MONROE                              3MB

                GREEN                                   10MB

351. GORDA, SANDY                  30MB

                BETSY                                   27FB

                MARY                                   12FB

                SANDY JR.                           11MB

                THOMAS                              10MB

                DICK                                      4MB

                ELIZABETH                        3FB

                DOLLIE                                  7/12FB

352. MOORE, ROBERT                                38MB

                FRANCES                           27MM

                ALLICE                                  15FB

                CALVIN                                 12MB

                LAWRENCE                        10MB

                ROBERT JR.                           4MB

                NANCY                                 2MB

                WASHINGTON, JOHN                5MM

353. MCGEE, JACOB                   40MB

                CHARLOTTE                     40FB

                DANIEL                                 22MB

                HENRY                                  17MB

                JAMES                                  12MB

                JOSEPH                                 9MB

                LOUIS                                    6MB

                DILEY                                    15FB

354. MCGEE, RUTH                     38FB

                MATILDA                          12FB

355. OUTLAW, SIMON                  38MM

                SUSAN                                  30FM

                JOHN                                     4MM

                RICK F.                                  2MM

                JOHNSON, WILLIAM                25MM

                infant not named                             4/12MM

356. CARTER, CHARLEY                             57MM

                MALINDA                          59FB

                SALLIE                                  21FB

                MARGARET                        16FB

                DAVID                                   5MB

                RICE, EDWARD                             22MB

357. CARTER, HENRY                  20MB

                LIDA                                      20FB

358. MASON, BURRELL                              26MB

                CATHRON                          26FB

                ELIZA                                    8FB

359. CEALES, BARTON                               30MB

                LOURINE                              21FB

                GILLESPIE, BETSY                62FB

360.WILKERSON, ANN                     60FB

                ELI                                          21MB

361. ERVIN, ADAM                  57MB

                ROSE, QUEEN                  22FB

                JAMES                                  6MM

                GASTON, CHORY                24FB

362. JAMES, GLEN                      25MB

                JANE                                      21FB

363. JAMES, MOSES                  58MB

                JULIA                                    38FB

                CRECIE                                  22FB

                BELL                                      4MB

364. SHAW, SAMUEL                               60MB

                ALLY                                     55FB

                SIMON                                  15MB

                OSKER                                   13MB

                HENRY                                  7MB

365. DEPRIEST, WILLIAM                29MW

                FREDONA                          28FW

                WILLIAM                            5MW

                ANNIE                                   3/12FW

366. WALKER, ABRAM                                60MW

                RIVES                                     14MW

                MARY A.                            12FW

                EDNEY                                   13FB

                MARTHA A.                       23FM

367. COATS, HANNAH                             45FB

368. RAINEY, ALFRED                                35MB

                CHAINLY                             40FB

                ISAM                                     10MB

                SINCER                                  8MB

                ROBERT                                6MB

                LAURA                                 4FB

                ANNIE                                   3FB

                CHANEY A.                        6/12FB

369. HENRY, JOSEPH                                 39MB

                NELLIE                                  30FB

                POLLIE                                  7FB

                CHARLEY                           5MB

370. WATSON, ALEX                     30MB

                SALLIE                                  25FB

                MOSES                                  8MB

                PRICE                                     5MB

371. CARR, JORDAN                               45MB

                ELIZA                                    38FB

                JACK                                     19MB

                ADAM                                  17MB

                MAHALA                             15FB

                BILL                                       13MB

                FRANCES                           11FB

                BOB                                        9MB

                SUSAN                                  6FB

                DAVID                                   2MB

372. CHEATOM, JOHN                     30MB

                PATSY                                   30FB

                HENRY                                  8MB

                JULIA                                    4FB

                ANNA                                   2FB

373. EMMERSON, JAMES                  28MB

                SALLIE                                  25FB

                MARY J.                             7FB

                ALLEN                                   5MB

                JAMES                                  3MB

                BECK                                     19FB

                WILLIE                                  2MB

374. ROWE, ANDREW                             25MW

                ESSIE J.                                  28FW

                EB                                           1MB

                ANDREW                            3/12MW

                BARDWELL, JAMES                14MM

375. GORDON, ALLEN                   48MM

                EASTER                                                33FB

                ALLICE                                  22FB

                SAINE, WASHINGTON                26MM

                EDWARD                             3MB

376. PETERS, WILLIAM                             47MB

                EMALINE                           25FB

                ANN                                       12FB

                MATHEW                            7MB

                NANCY                                 4FB

                WILLIAM JR.                      23MB

377. ERVIN, BILL                                 23MB

                BETTIE G.                            21FB

                RICHARD                             7MB

378. GREGORY, JEFF                       40MM

                RIALLY                                 41FB

                JEFF                                       13MM

                FULCH                                   10MM

                WILLIAM                            7MM

                ALFRED                                5MM

379. REAVES, SIP                                                75MB

                MILLA                                   60FB

                LEAS                                      21FB

                SARAH                                 23FB

                CLANRAND                       1MB

                ELIZABETH                        3FB

381. ERVIN, MACON                                75MB

                SARAH                                 24FB

                SAPBRIA                             13FB

                DARKES                              10FB

                MARTHA                             3FB

                BILL                                       1MB

382. BUG, JACK                                   28MB

                MANERVA                          30FB

                REAN                                     5FB

                DAVID                                   3MB

                SAMUEL                              1MB

                MONGLE, LOUSOR                23FB

383. ERVIN, BETTIE                  21FB

                WILLIAM                            1MB


                FENNIE                                  48FB

                GEORGE                                                25MB

                HOLLIDAY, DAVID                48MB

                KENNARD, MARTHA                27FB

                ROSE E.                                 7FB

                JOHN                                     5MM

                FRANCES                           2FM

                HOLLIDAY, DAVID                25MB

385. JORDEN, CHARLOTTE                60FB

                PICK                                       46MB

                WILLIAM                            19MB

                MARTHA A.                       13FB

                SUSAN L.                             4FB

                HAYNES, MILLA                75FB

386. BERL, JACK                                 28MB

                CAROLINE                           20FB

                SCOTT                                   1MB

387. REAVES, ABE                        40MB

                ELIZABETH                        30FB

                LOUVINA                             12FB

                JULIA                                    5FB

                CAMBERT                           3MB

388. ROBERTSON, BEN                        25MB

                CATHARINE                       24FB

                JACOB                                   12MB

                HARRIET                             10FB

                JERRY                                    8MB

                FENNIE                                  6FB

389. REAVES, RUSSIE                  45MB

                LEE N.                                    40FB

                MARGARET                        21FB

                ANNIE                                   17FB

                JOSEPH                                 2MB

390. WELCH, CALVIN                 19MB

                GEORGE                                                17MB

                DANIEL                                 12MB

                REAN                                     9FB

391. TRAINER, BEN                        23MB

392. MAXWELL, DICK                      52MB

                SELAH                                   25FB

                GREEN                                   16MB

                RUSSEL                                 18MB

                JOANNA                             13FB

                CHARLES                           11MB

                LAURA                                 5FB

                NELSON, JOHN                   20MM

393. VAUGHN, DANIEL                 22MW

                JANE E.                                 18FW

                JOHN W.                           7/12MW

394. HANNER, M. CLABORN                30MW

                CELIA                                    25FW

395. REAVES, BROOKS J.                            55MW

                ELIZA L.                             49FW

                NANNIE                                14FW

                KATE                                     12FW

                HAMM, LOWNDES                22MW

                WAKEFIELD, MATHEW                29MW                PHYSICIAN         

                ALICE                                    19FW

396. PATTERSON, CHARLES                55MW

                ELIZABETH                        50FW

                ROBERT                                16MW

                FREEMAN                          14MW

                JULIA                                    12MW

                AMANDA                          10FW

                CLABORN                          7MW

397. HARRINGTON, ROBERT                67MB

                HANNAH                             55FB

                FRANCES                           22MB

                MARGARET                        17FB

                JANE                                      11FB

                VINA                                      9FB

398. EMMERSON, ADAM                  40MB

                LUCY                                     31FB

                SUSAN                                  13FB

                MARTHA                             12FB

                ANN R.                                  8FB

                JAMES                                  7MB

                HENRY                                  2MB

399.         JACK                                     30MB

                CLAIM                                  28MB

                JORENA                                2FB

                HENDERSON                     3MB

                STORCEN, HANNAH                6FB

400. LEWIS, BEN                                 65MB

                SUSAN                                  50FB

                ALEXANDER, HOWARD                21MB

                TAB, GEORGE                                21MB

                GASTON, SOLOMAN                17MB

401. EMMERY, MARTON                             50MB

                SARAH                                 22FB

                WILLIAM                            4MB

                SARAH                                 3FB

                NATHAN                             6/12MB

402. RANDALL, JOHN W.                               41MW

                SARAH E.                             25FW

                SARAH E.                             16FW

                JOHN D.                                                15MW

                ANNA                                   5FW

                SANSING, MALINDA                12FB

403. REVES, PHILLIP                 34MB

                ANNEY                                  25FB

                RUFUS                                   2MB

                ALICE                                    4/12FB

404. COWLT, ANTHONY                           36MB

                ANN                                       31FB

                GEORGE                                                14MB

                MARGARET                        16FB

                BETSY                                   10FB

                BOB                                        7MB

                ANTHONY                          5MB

                ALLEN                                   4MB

                IDA                                        1/12MB

                HANT, HARRET                               9FB

405. AUSTON, SAMUEL                               22MB

                FRANCES                           5/12FB

406. WHITE, WASHINGTON                30MW

                JOSEPH                                 20MW

                JOHNSON. ELI                     20MW

407. ROACH, WILLIAM                             53MW

                MINERVA                             34FW

                JAMES W.                           8MW

                LAURA                                 4FW

                JOHNSON, BALLARD                10MW

                WILLIAMS, ABRAHAM                46MW

                GEORGIA                             24FW

                LOUANNA L.                     11FW

                ROBERT C.                            8MW

                GEORGE M.                           6MW

                ELIZABETH                        1FW

                YORK, THOMAS                              21MW

                WILLEY                                 18MW

                ROBERTSON, COLUMBUS 17MW

408. SANSING, CAROLINE                35FB

                MARY F.                             18FB

                WYST G.                            17MB

                GIRS                                       9MB

                LENE                                      6FB

                BABE                                     2FB

409.SCARBOURGH, WILEY                62MW

                REBECCA                             46FW

                REBECCA                             13FW

                SARAH E.                             12FW

                WILLIAM E.                        8MW

                SAMUEL C.                         6MW

                REED, DISA                      21FW

410. JOHNSON, MARGARET                40FW

                JAMES                                  18MW

411. LOWERY, PETER                    57MB

                MALINDA                          44FB

                KIZZIE                                   16FB

                LEAY                                     12FB

412. BROWN, LEE                         44MB

                CHARLOTTE                     27FB

                JULIA A.                            26FB

413. LOWERY, PETER JR.                             26MB

                DICA                                      25FB

                JAMES                                  9MB

414. WALKER, MARGRET                40FB

                GEORGE                                                16MB

                BROWN, DELA                   30FB

                JOHN                                     13MB

                MARGRET                           4FB

                WILLIE                                  1MB

415. AUSTIN, LAURA                 25FB

416. RIVES, JOHN E.                             29MW

                MARY                                   22FW

                EDWIN                                  5MW

                WALTER                             3MW

417. HARRIS, JAMES A.                             25MW

                PARMELA                          28FW

418. MOSES, ANDREW                             25MB

                CATHRINE                           18FB

419. HARRIS, WASHINGTON                54MM

                EMMA                                  60FM

                ELIZA                                    39FM

                SELVA                                   10MM

                MOSES, ELIZABETH                13FB

                NETTLES, RANDLE                31MM

                LEANER                                21FM

                PARKS, MATILDA                50FM

                LOE, LUE                        7FB

420. PATE, LEVI                                   23MM

                BETTIE                                  20FM

                FRANK                                  10/12MM

421. RAB, MACK                                                60MB

                LUCY                                     41FB

                BRYANT                             16MB

                DANIEL                                 20MB

422. LYDE, SIGAR                    40MB

                JUDA                                     26FB

                FANNIE                                 8FB

                DIANNA                             6FB

                WILSON                             5MB

423. GARNER, JACOB                   45MB

                KATIE                                   26FB

                BETTIE                                  7FB

                LYDE, EMMA                  5FB        

424. GARNER, CAIR                      5FB

                RANDOR                             4MB

                HARRIS, ANN                     26FB

                GEORGE                                                26FB

425. BYAS, HARRIS                 24MM

                BETSIE                                  24FB

                JOSEPH                                 5MM

                SARAH                                 4FM

                GRANT                                  1MM

                RITTES                                  2/12FM

428. TAB, LUCIE                                  49FB

                GEORGE                                                28MB

                NANCY                                 18FB

                DAVIS, ASTER                   20MB

                COTTON, SELAB                50FB

427. TALSON, CHARLES                             48MB

                PATSY                                   42FB

                DAVID                                   11MB

                WILLIAM                            10MB

                SARAH                                 27FB

                MARSHA                             4/12MB

428. DAVIS, NATHAN                              37MB

                ELIZA                                    30FB

                WILLAS                                14MB

                BETTIE                                  5FB

429. JACOB, CATHRON                            40FB

                ANN                                       18FB

                JOSEPH                                 5MB

                MARIA                                 6FB

                JOHNSON, JAMES                22MB

                MARGRET                           28FB

431. JOHNSON, WASHINGTON                47MB

                MARIA                                 57FB

                FRANK                                  12MB

                GEORGE                                                11MB

                OLIVER                                  11MB

432. JOHNSON, STEHEN                                21MB

                FER                                         18MB

                MARTIN, MACY                              18FM

433. PERKINS, NANCY                 52FB

434. WAIR, CHARLES                             27MB

435. McKEEBOR, NELSON                52MB

                ELLEN                                    50FB

                PERKINS, ANDREW                29MB

436. HARRIS, FRANK                  75MB

                WASHINGTON, MARTIN                33MB

                SARAH                                 32FB

                MARY                                   16FB

                FORT                                     11MB

                JESSE                                     8MB

                GEORGE                E.                            5MB

                CARRY                                  2FB

                CEALY                                   6/12FB

                HARRIS, ALZA                  35MB

437. WASHINGTON, GEORGE                72MB

                REBECCA                             74FB      

438. SIMONS, CZAR                     28MB

                MARIA                                 27FB

                FELTON                                                5MB

439. TUMBLESON, SEL F.                     40MW


                MARY                                   40FW

                JOHN T.                                 15MW

                HIRAM A.                            10MW

                JAMES W.                           6MW

                WILLIAM                            5MW

440. LIDE, ALFRED                                50MB

                JENNIE                                  40FB

                HENRY                                  13MB

                ADALINE                           6FB

441. LIDA, MANEY                 30FB

                CHARRIE                              7/12FB

442. THOMPSON, HENRY                  50MW

                HUGH L.                                26MW

443.HUETT, BEN T.                            30MW

                GOLA S.                                                28MW

                JOHN                                     24MW

                MASSIE, THOMAS                24MW

                DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                22MW

                FREEZE, THOMAS                18MW

443. LOWERY, KYLE                      6MB

                HENRY                                  3MB

                JOHN                                     6/12MB

444. BROWN, JAMES                  45MM

                GILLESPIE, JOHN                32MM

                SALLIE A.                            40FB

                DELLA                                   18FM

                ALLICE                                  7/12FM

                SWAIN, ELIZA                    10FB

445. AKINS, JAMES                  30MB

                ELMIRA                                22FB

                LOUSA                                  8FB

                EMMA                                  5FB

                JAMES                                  1MB

                GLASPIE, MARY                               47FM

                GREEN                                   21MM

                ADALINE                           18FM

                AMMEY                             16FM

                MITCHELL                           15FM

446. RICE, JOSEPH                 60MB

                ELIZABETH                        30FB

                LEE                                         10MB

                SMITH, JACK                     14MM

                GILLESPIE, WASH                11MB

                RAB. WILLES                 30MB

                SARAH                                 25FB

                ISAAC                                   15MB

                MINTER                                16FB

                ELIZA                                    4MB

                ALFRED                                5/12MB

447. GILLESPIE, MOSES                  35MB

                ANN                                       28FB

448. SANDERFER, JESSE                     45MW

                ANN T.                                  35FW

                MATTIE E.                         16FW

                SALLIE L.                             14FW

                SAMUEL D.                         12MW

                HALSEY, IKE                       20MW

                SHIVERS, BEN                    19MW

449. WALKER, BEN                        25MB

450. SPARKMAN, PHILLES                40FB

                WALKER                             2MB

451. LIPSCOMB, WILLIAM                35MW

                REBECCA                             30FW

                SUSAN                                  3FW

                WHITFIELD                        2/12MW

                HYREM                                 25MW


                THOMPSON, MARY                25FW

                RYAN, ALICE                    5FW

453. STYLES, JOHN E.                 51MW

                MARY A.                            49FW

                ANNAR E.                             31FW

                MARY E.                             18FW

                JOHN F.                                 17MW

                LOUISA C.                            15FW

                JAMES P.                             11MW

                WILLIAM                            17MW

                ALSA                                     82FW

                STILES, ISABELA                60FB

                JOHN                                     21MB

454. CROUCH, HILERY B.                             30MW

                FENNIE                                  27FW

                LAURA J.                             3FW

                WILLIAM H.                       2MW

                ALBERT P.                             3/12MW

                BATTAN, ANDREW                28MW

                DENTON, JOSEPH                17MW

455. BARGER, ISAAC L.                               29MW

                MARY                                   33FW

                ALICE                                    7FW

                LUE A.                                   1FW

456. ROBERTS, ISAAC                   50MB

                LENAR                                  40FB

                DAVID                                   24MB

                CLABORN                          21MB

                JAMES                                  17MB

                RICHARD                             17MB

                HALE                                     16MB

                FRANK                                  14MB

                GEORGE                                                12MB

                SAMUEL                              11MB

                ALEX                                     7MB

                SARAH                                 5FB

                SINTHA                                                2FB

                PETTERS, PETER                               60MB

457. ROBERTS, JUDA                     22FB

                ELIZABETH                        6FB

                MARY                                   4FB

                HANNAH                             5/12FB

458. KING, COOK                                                60MB

                MILLA                                   40FB

                NATHAN                             18MB

                WESLEY                             13MB

459. WHITSON, NELSON                                68MB

                LUCIE                                    38FB

                SUSAN                                  3FB

460. ROBERTS, MADISON                48MB

                ANN                                       24FB

                EMMETT                             6MB

                ELLEN                                    6/12MB

                BURTON, WILLIAM                20MB

                CACOAT, HENRY                27MB

                MATTIE                              20FB

                JOHN                                     2MB

461. OUTLAW, JUDA                     30FB

                STEPHEN                             2MB

462. SPENCER, ROBERT H.                32MW

                MARGRET                           31FW

                DOSSIE                                  7MW

                WILLIAM                            2MW

463. BRAWELL, WILLIAM                48MW

                MIDGE                                   36FW

                SALY, PHILLIS                 60FM

                WALKER, MARIAH                31FM

464.GASTON, ASIE                       35MM

                ZEEK, STEPHEN                              18MB

                GASTON, HANNAH                37FB

                VIOLET                                  18FB

                GEORGE                                                16MB

                ISSAC                                    15MB

                GEORGE                                                8MB

                MARY                                   6FB

                ROBERT                                2MB

465. DOSS, GENAT                  70MB

                DINAH                                  38FB

                LEWIS                                   7MB

                WILLIAM                            6/12MB

466. RICE, ALFORD                               65MB

                REBECCA                             40FB

                LILLIE                                    27FB

                ZEAL                                     22MB

                CILLA                                    17FB

                JANE                                      14FB

                ELBERT                                 12MB

                HELLEN                                 7FB

                ALFORD                             5MB

                JULIA                                    12FB

                JAMES                                  2MB

                BOLIVER                             4MB

                GEORGE                                                6/12MB

                DELIA                                    4/12FB

466. SMITH, BEN                                 35MB

                LUE                                        25FB

                ELIZA                                    13FB

                ADALINE                           9FB

                MARY                                   7FB

                COOTSY                             5FB

                SAMUEL                              3MB

                LYDA                                     4/12FB

467. SMITH, JAMES                  38MB

                AMANDA                          26FB

                ROULAND                          11FB

                EMILY                                   9FB

                CATHERINE                       7FB

                JAMES                                  4MB

                OUTLAW, NED                 25MB

                AMANDA                          20FB

                JAMES                                  3MB

                JACKSON                             2MB

468. BREBETHA, SAMUEL                56MB

                HARRIET                             46FB

                THOMAS                              12MB

                NANCY                                 8FB

                CHARTNER, SEATH                26MB

                ZEEL                                      22FB

                SAVANNAH                       4MB

                ALEX                                     4MB

                JAMES                                  3MB

                SAM                                      1MB

                ROBERT                                2/12MB

469. SEPTIAR, SAMUEL                               40MB

                ALBERT                                15MB

                RICE, HARRIET                              40FB

                QUEEN                                  26FB

                SALLIE                                  4FB

                DELPHA                             47FB

                ZILLAH                                 22FB

                MARY                                   6FB

                HENRETTA                          4FB

                CALADONIA                     6/12FB

                MOORE, JOHN                     6MB

                RICE, MARTHA                             8FB

470. SMITH, KINNER                 35MB

                RACHEL                              13FB

                PERMILIA                           11FB

                CHARLES                           7FB

                MONROE                              3MB

                RILEY, RACHEL                                60FB

                JANE                                      21FB

471. JAMES, TAYLOR                               22MB

                NANCY                                 40FB

                WILLIAM                            21MB

                MARY                                   16FB

                ELIZA                                    14FB

                CAROLINE                           14FB

                DAWSY                                                10MB

                MARY                                   6FB

                COLLINS, JAMES                23MB

                MARY                                   21FB

                 ALABAMA                          7FB

                SALLIE                                  4FB

                WILLIAM                            1MB

472. LOWERY, HENRY                  39MB

                JANE                                      27MB

                ALLEN                                   12MB

                ANGLINE                              9FB

                SARAH                                 7FB

                MARTHA                             6FB

                DANIEL                                 4MB

                MARGARET                        2FB

                MARY                                   2/12FB

473.         CANTY                                  50FB

                VIOLET                                  20FB

                RACHEL                              15FB

                BENJAMIN                        12MB

                GEORGE                                                9MB

474. COLLINS, BUCH                     34MB

                MARIA                                 30FB

                AGNES                                  13FB

                JOHN                                     10MB

                WASHINGTON                  8MB

                NICKFLAS                          5MB

                KATE                                     4MB

475. ANDERSAN, NICKALAS                40MB

                KITTY                                    51FB

                FRANK                                  22MB

476. HARRIS, JERRY                    25MB

                REBECCA                             25FB

                WILLIAM                            6/12MB

                MOORE, VINA                      9FB

477. JACKSON, JAMES                  35MB

                BRICY                                    30FB

478. GARRETT, ISABELLA                39FB

                DENDY                                  14FB

                ALFRED                                9MB

479. HARRIS, ISAAC                   66MB

                JOHNSON, WILLIAM                26MB

                MALONE, NICK                  20MB

                RICE, JOHN                     24MB

                ERVIN, JOHN                     20MB

                SHRUB, NED                        22MB

480. SMITH, ALEX                     28MB

                SALLIE                                  30FB

                MOLLIE                                 14FB

                JAMES, HANNAH                12FB

481. JAMES, JOHN                     46MW

                ELIZA                                    36FW

                MAGIE                                  17FW

                MARY                                   14FW

                KATE                                     11FW

                JOHN JR.                           10MW

                JAMES                                  8MW

                BRAVES                                2MW

482. BLAWIN, JOHN                     23MB

                REBECCA                             21FB

                VINA                                      11/12FB

483.CYLAS, JOHN                     26MB

                HARRIET                             38FB

                MARGARET                        15FB

                WILLIE                                  13MB

                JOHN H.                                                8MB

                MARY                                   6FB

484. NICKELS, ISAAC                   26MB

485. MILLER, RUFUS                   41MW

                MARY A.                            36FW

                MARGARET                        12FW

                WILLIAM                            5MW

                JAMES B.                            15MW

486. BELL, LENASA                               24FW

                HENRETTA                          21FW

                NICHOLUS                           5MB

487. CRENSHAW, MOSES                  58MB

                LUCIE                                    21FB

                ANN                                       17FB

                MOSES                                 4MB

                JOHN E.                                 2MB

                JOHN C.                                 4/12MB

488. DAVID, SEPPIA                  27MB

                JANE                                      28FB

                LYDA                                     14FB

                LUE                                        12FB

                ABLE                                     8MB

489. COACH, KITTIE                   17FB

                RAMAN                             5/12MB

490. HARRIS, DICK                      42MB

                LUE                                        36FB

                LEWIS                                   18MB

                ADLINE                                 6FB

                NEELY, WINNIE                 15FB

491. SHELTON, EPHAM                 58MB

                MARIAH                             60FB

                MORRIS                                15MB

492. JENKINS, GEORGE                                20MB

                ROSE                                      22FB

                BARBARY                           9/12FB

493. McBRYDE, GEORGE                                18MB

494. McKELL, WILLIAM                             30MW                SCHOOL TEACHER

                DAVIS                                   26FW

                NENA                                    1FW

495. NORE, THOMAS                              37MW

                ELIZABETH                        39FW

                WILLIAM                            15MW

                THOMAS JR.                       11MW

                ROBERT                                3MW

                JOSEPH                                 2MW

496. WARE, DAVID                   35MB

                PATSY                                   37FB

                ELIZA                                    3FB

                DAVID                                   6/12MB

497. RANDALL, JAMES                  31MB

                EASTER                                                25MB

                MARTHA                             1MB

498. HAMBLETON, SAMUEL                40MB

                FRANCES                           14FB

                DAVIS, FANNIE                 10FB

499. MONROE , STEPHEN                 21MB

                CHARLOTTE                     33FB

                NAN                                       8MB

                JACOB                                   6MB

                NELSON                                1MB

500. OUTLAW, DODRAN                              65MB

                ELIZA                                    45FB

                WASHINGTON                  25MB

501. OUTLAW, ROLEN                   25MB

                MARRAH                             22FB

                ELIZABETH                        6/12FB

502. OUTLAW, ELIZA                    24FB

                NINA                                     9FB

                DOCK                                    6MB

                GRACIE                                 5FB

                JACKSON                             3MB

503. WAT, MARINDA                           22FB

504. OUTLAW, SKELTON                             55MB

                LUCIE                                    58FB

                BILL                                       25MB

                SIF                                          19MB

505.                 MILTON                             18MB

                RUBER                                   18FB

                THOMAS                              14MB

                GANDERSON                     13MB

                ALFORD                             13MB

                EBBA                                     3MB

506. SESSUM, JESSE                     48FB

                LAURA                                 33FB

                NEPPIE                                  19FB

                BASTIN                                 16MB

                GEORGE                                                12MB

                SOLOMAN                          10MB

                KATE                                     4FB

                WILLIAM                            2MB

                CORA                                    1/12FB

510.         FANNIE                                 21FB

511. VAUGHN, FANNIE                 50FB

512. MUREY, HENRY                  25MB

                JOSEPHENE                        24FB

                FANNIE                                 12FB

                GEORGE                                                9MB

                ROBERT                                6MB

                CLARA                                  1FB

523. RANDELL, HENRY                  42MB

                ELIZABETH                        40FB

                HENRY JR.                           16MB

                SUSAN                                  14FB

                FRANK                                  10MB

                ADA                                      8FB

                BETTIE                                  7FB

                CALIDONA                          2MB

                BOB                                        9/12MB

524. THOMAS, ISAAC                   65MB

                SUSAN A.                            58FB

                MARGARET                        56FB

                HENRY                                  9MB

                WAT ROSE                      75FB

525. OUTLAW, DAVID                   42MB

                LIDA                                      50FB

                DAVID                                   22MB

                NETTIE                                  6FB

                EPRAM                                 10MB

                SAMUEL                              5MB

                ALEX                                     25MB

                ELLEN                                    20FB

                CHARLEY                           1MB

526. WAT, JAMES                  56MB

                ROSE A.                                                24FB

                FRANCES                           12FB

                MANERVA                          7FB

                DAVID                                   5FB

                DAILY, GEORGE                                18MB

527. SPROGINS, WILLIAMS                41MW

                NANCY B.                            36FW

                THOMAS J.                          18MW

                WILLIAM                            16MW

                FANNIE J.                             12FW

                CARRIS                                 10FW

                GEORGE W.                           9MW

528.         ANN                                       15FB

                LEVI                                       10MB

                MARY                                   9/12FB

529. DARKIN, CAROLINE                           36FB

                ELLIS                                     17MB

                MARINA                             14FB

                ALFRED                                12MB

                BETTIE                                  10FB

                ISAAC                                   5MB

                MAY                                      2MB

                MAY, AGGIE                    66FB

560. SESSMONS,  SOLIMON D.          MW

                HENRATTA E.                   25FW

                ISAAC                                   15MW

                MATHA                             15FW

                POLLIE                                  13FW

                DAVID J.                             1MW

531. CRUMP, GEORGE                                40MW

                MILDRED                             35FW

                GEORGE J.                             14MW

                ADA B.                                  12FW

                OKTIBBEHA                       10FW

                HARRY T.                            7MW

                WILLIAM P.                        5MW

                MARTHA B.                        4FW

                ROBERT W.                           1MW

532. SESSMONS, THOMAS                25MB

                LITTIE                                   30FB

                AARON                                 8MB

                JORDAN                             40MB

                BETSY                                   60FB

533.SMITH, WESLEY                                65MB

                EASTER                                                35FB

                HARRY                                  18MB

                LUKE                                     25MB

                JULIA                                    12FB

                CHARITY                             9FB

                DANIEL                                 6MB

534. THOMPSON, ABRAM                50MB

                FEBY                                      52FB

536. WILLIAMS, DANIEL                 47MB

                LUCRICIA                             19FB

                MALINDA                          1FB

537. ASKEW, BILL                       59MB

                MARY                                   32FB

                IDA                                        17FB

538. REED, IRWIN                   40MB

                ROSE                                      28FB

                LUCINDA                             4FB

539. EDWARD, BRET                      32MB

                LIZZIE                                   25FB

                KEMP                                    3MB

                LIDA                                      1FB

540. CUTTER, ESQIRE                  27MB

                FRANCIS                              25FB

                HARRIS                                 12MB

                LUCY                                     11FB

                JESTARIA                           2/12FB

541. CHIGSHINGTON, GEORGE                38MB

                LUISA                                    24FB

                WILLIAM                            5MB

                PENNIE                                  80FB

542. FLANDERS, LINSON                 34MB

                PHILES                                  40FB

                BOB                                        14MB

                MARY                                   15FB

                STEPHEN                             12MB

                VARM                                   6MB

                HINDS                                   2MB

543.WIRTHERS, JAMES                  35MB

                CAROLINE                           70FB

                BURNS, PETTER                 70MB

544. HENRY, JERRY                    45MB

                HANNAH                             30FB

                JERRY                                    32MB

545. HAGROVE, JOHN                     34MB

                CHLOE                                   34FB

                JOHN S.                                 4MB

546. HOPKINS, ISAAC                   35MB

                LIDA                                      24FB

                RENIE                                    12FM

                SIMPSON                             7MM

                MARIAH                             6FM

                PESSEY                                  7/12MM

547. ASKEW, EDWARD                             24MB

                LUVINIA                             22FB

                ALFORD                             10MB

                EASTER                                                8FB

                ANN                                       7FB

                DENNIS                                 3MB

548. SISSIONS, BUCK                     35MB

                EMILY                                   25FB

                JAISLY                                  4FB

                ELMIRA                                10/12FB

549. AUTREY, LASSEY                 80MB

                EMILINE                              58FB

                SUCKEY                                35FB

550. ELLIS, LINA                                 55FB

                EMMA                                  27FB

551. SESSUMS, MACON                                21MB

                MALSY                                 35FB

                FANNIE                                 12FB

                NORA                                    1FB

552. HARRISON, FELIX                     32MM

                PATSY                                   22FM

                WILLIAM                            4MM

                GRITURE                              1FM

553. SESSIMS, BOB                        60MB

                MILLA                                   30FB

                CLASSA                             7FB

                MARY                                   5FB

                PETER                                    2MB

554. ASKEW, MACK                   40MB

                LUCIE                                    38FB

                COLUMBUS                        14FB

                FANNIE                                 14FB

                PENNIE                                  30FB

                ABRAM                                1MB

555. KING, HENRY                  40MB

                SARAH                                 18FB

                ASKEW, DALLAS                16FB

556. ASKEW, CINTON                                42MM

                LEAR                                     40FB

                HARRIET                             17FB

                JERRY                                    11MB

                FANNIE                                 8FB

                GAY, ANDREY                               23MB

                MATILDA                          21FB

257. OUTLAW, AUSTIN                                21MB

                MARY                                   32FB

                DAVID                                   8MB

                LUCY A.                                7FB

558. ASKEW, TURNER                                22MB

                CARRET                             30FB

                LUISA                                    5FB

                MELVINA                             3FB

                BAOLVERS, MARY                50FB

                GAY, CLINTON                              6/12MB

559. WILLIAMS, GEORGE                                55MB

                VINIA                                    55FB

                THEODOSIA                      16FB

560. MOORE, SAMUEL                               24MB

                VINA                                      18FB

561. ASKEW, DANIEL                 32MB

                EADY                                     34FB

                HENDERSON                     9FB

                SMITH                                   5MB

                MARY                                   2FB

                ELIZA                                    60FB

562. BACKUS, JOHN                     23MB

                ASKEW, ABNER                                53MB

                MARTHA                             26FB

                LEE                                         8MB

                NED                                        3MB

563. FOSTER, MANUEL                              40MB

                SICLINE                                 30FB

                BRYANT                             16MB

                BELLA                                   8FB

                FORIST                                  5MB

                LUCY                                     2FB

                ELLAS                                   1FB

564. ASKEW, TONA                    55MB

                CATHRAN                          25FB

                TAMER                                 5FB

585. ASKEW, SPENCER                              65MB

                BETTIE                                  45FB

                EASTER                                                8FB

586.         JOSEPH                                 50MB

                FRANCIS                              35FB

                ELLEN                                    16FB

                JOANN                                  15FB

                CALVIN                                 14MB

                BENIE                                    8FB

                MARTHA                             3FB

                HENRY                                  2MB

587. FOSTER, BILL                       25MB

                HARRIET                             21FB

                KIT                                         24MB

                RACHEL                              48FB

568.ASKEW, NOFLET                                48MB

                RINA                                      30FB

                ROBERT                                10MB

                THOMAS                              8MB

                WILLIE                                  4MB

569. BLACKMAN, JERRY                    48MB

                CATHRINE                           30FB

                DEA                                       8FB

                FRANK                                  7MB

                ANNIE                                   60FB

                ELLA                                      20FB

                GILBERT                             20FB

570. ASKEW, ABRAM                                22MB

                ANN                                       20FB

                FIBBY                                    8/12MB

                EARNEST                             7MB

                HALIE, SAMPSON                70MB

571. OUTLAW, HARRIS                 26MB

                KITTIE                                   24FB

                HUMPBURY                        5MB

                JAMES                                  1MB

572. SPENCER, PRINCE                  30MB

                MARY                                   25FB

                STELLA                                 9FB

                SICAROE                              7FB

                ESQUEEN                             6FB

                WATSON                             3MB

573. LAMPKINS, ANDERSON                25MB

                MARY                                   35FB

                GEORGE                                                16MB

574. ASKEW, JOSEPH                 22MW

                WILLIAM                            21MW

575. DAVIDSON, LEVI                       56MB

                MARIA                                 21FB

                ED                                           6MM

                BELLAR                                                12FM

576. BRIDGES, HENRY                  30MB

                HARRIET                             40FM

577. WESTON, CHARLEY                             20MB

                ELLEN                                    25FB

                ELIZA                                    45FB

                JOHN H.                                                3MB

578. WHITFIELD, NED                        67MB

                PLEASANT                          68FB

                THOMAS                              27MB

                RODA                                    22FB

                WILLIE                                  2MB

579. HARRIS, ALEX                     30MB

                ELIZA                                    25FB

                LEE                                         5MB

                NARCISSA                          2FB

                MALLISSA                          16FB

580. FARMER, WILLIAM                             58MW

                FRANCIS                              24MW

                CERENA                             56FW

                THOMAS J                           27MW

                JAMES B.                            22MW

                JACK T.                                 20MW

                JOHN P                                  16MW

                WILLIAM W.                      14MW

                KING, MARY H.                              30FW

                MILTON W.                       12MW

                MARY C.                            10FW

                JACKSON                             7MW

                ANN                                       60FW

581. LAWRENCE, NATHANIEL                44MW

                MARY E.                             28FW

                WILSON G.                        15MW

                CHARLES S.                       13MW

                HENRY B.                            7MW

                SPENCER N.                        3MW

582. JUBITOR, BIRD                      78MB

                JUDA                                     68FB

                ABBIE                                    17FB

583. JUBITER, ANTHNEY                            25MB

                JUDA                                     20FB

                PETER                                    3MB

                ED                                           1MB

                JONOUS                                3/12MB

584. STEWART, BOFORN                               23MB

                JANE                                      25FB

                MATILDA                          7/12FB

585. LEE, ALBERT                                24MB

                RUTH                                     24FB

                EADA                                    5FB

                ALEX                                     7/12MB

                MARY                                   7/12FB

586. JACKSON, MARY                   40FB

                ALEX                                     20MB

                CARLOTT                           10FB

587. CABLE, MARIA                 50FB

                HARRIET                             17FB

                ABRAHAM                         19MB

                ELIZA                                    16FB

                ROSE                                      10FB

                BECKY                                   8FB

588. WASHINGTON, GEORGE                38MM

                LINA                                      25FB

                CHIRA                                   19FB

                MARTHA                             14FB

                ARRON                                 8MB

                HANDY                                 7MB

                GEORGE JR.                           4MB

                BETSEY                                 3/12FB

                CHRISTEN                           8/12FB

589. NELSON, HENRY                  22MB

                MARGARET                        24FB

                GRANT                                  4/12MB

                BAIGHTHACH, JACOB                42MB

                CAROLINE                           25FB

                EDMAN                                                4MB

                ELIZA                                    2FB

                HARRIS                                 2/12MB

                YOUNG, EMMA                  10FB

590. LEE, MARTIN                               48MM

                ELIZA                                    45FB

                BOLEN                                   19MB

                CHAMP                                 17MB

                LUIZOR                                 15MB

                LOUISA                                 10FB

                YASA                                    8MB

                GILMER, CHANLAY                40FB

591. EDWARDS, ALEX                     40MB

                KATE                                     30FB

                LUCRICIA                             15FB

                SMITH                                   17MB

592. JONES, FEBY                      35MB

                WINNIE                                 24FB

593. ZUBER, TUNER                  30MB

                HARRIET                             20FB

                MARY                                   2FB

594. ROBERTSON, JACK                     38MB

                CAROLINE                           35MB

                MARY                                   18FB

                WILLIAM                            14MB

                HALBERT                           12MB

                JAMES                                  5MB

595. RIDLE, MARY                   54FB

                THOMAS                              30MB

                FRANCIS                              19FB

                DAVID                                   17MB

                SAREAN                             17FB

                JOSEPHENE                        15FB

                EMMA                                  12FB

                JAMES                                  7MB

                TONA                                    10MB

596. GARDNER, JOHN W.                               28MW

                MARTHA C.                        27FW

                MARY J.                             1FW

                FRANKLIN, WILLIAM                9MW

                RIDDLE, WILLIE                  25MW

                FRIDAY, SAMUEL                12MW

597. CHEATUM, SAMUEL                53MB

                EMELINE                              35FB

                FRANK                                  17MB

                CHARLES                           15MB

                HENRY                                  14MB

                NEIGH                                    12FB

                AUTHER                             3MB

598. ALLEN, ISAAC                   24MB

                FANNIE                                 22FB

                WILLIE                                  2MB

599. CAM, MORRIS                                14MB

                DOKES                                  50FB

600. LUMPKINS, JOSEPH                 55MB

                FRANCIS                              24FB

                WILSON                             8MB

                ALBERT                                6MB

                JULIA                                    4MB

                TILDA                                   2FB

                JOSEPH JR.                           4/12MB

601. HOLLINSHED, MAN                      43MM

                SARAH                                 43FM

                CORDELIA                           8FM

                BRUNK, TAYLOR                14MB

602. SUTTO, ELIOS                     46MB

                SALLIE                                  40FB

                ELVIRA                                 26FB

                FIBBIE                                   7FB

603. FOX, NOD                                     24MB

                SUDA                                    21FB

                SARAH                                 1FB

                FULTON, WILLIAM                49MB

                ELIZABETH                        50FB

                MATTDA                             80FB

604. FOX, HENRY A.                            21MW

                EUGENIA                             27FW

                SARAH J.                             25FW

                EMILY M.                           23FW

                CONNER, JOHN R.                28MW

605. KEMP, ANTNETT                            30FB

                JOHN                                     12MB

                ALLEN                                   4MB

                NABORS, DICK                  28MB

                HANNAH                             20FB

                MARY                                   7/12FB

                WILSON, GRANVIL                21MB

                NED                                        50MB

606. WARD, LEWIS                   25MB

                HENRETTA                          22FB

                ABRAHAM                         21MB

                MASTON                             19MB

                BILL                                       17MB

                JOHNSON, DAVID                55MB

                JULIE                                     35FB

                ISAAC                                   16FB

                MILLA                                   12FB

                HAMISH                             9FB

                THOMAS                              5MB

607. WARD, ISAAC                   48MB

                SOPHIE                                  45FB

                CHARLOTTE                     11FB

                MILES                                    8MB

608. BRADDY, JACK                     45MB

                AGNES                                  16FB

                FOX, FRANCES                             50FB

                CALVIN                                 12MB

                MALINDA                          8FB

609. FOX, DICK                                    25MM

                SICLEY                                  30FM

                BEN                                        16MM

                HENRETTA                          12FM

610. WILLIAMS, MOSES                  28MB

                PHILLIS                                 20FB

                BELLOR                                 12FB

                BRAG                                     8MB

                PERMILA                             2FB

                MOSES                                  7/12MB

611. ALLEN, BURREL                                25MB

                ELLEN                                    24FB

                GUS                                        4MM

612. KEMP, COFFEE                 50MB

                JANE                                      48FB

                GEORGE                                                18MB

                HARRISON                          14MB

                HENRETTA                          12FB

                MARY                                   3FB

                MARGARET                        1FB

                LORETTA                             8FB

613. RICE, HENRY                  65MB

                LYDA                                     55FB

                PETER                                    21MB

614. HICKS, JAMES                  40MB

                YAMES                                 41FB

                CHARLOTTE                     12FB

                WILLIAM                            8MB

615. FOX, DAVID                                                50MB

                MARY                                   48FB

                SCOTT                                   19MB

                MARTHA                             17FB

                LEE                                         14MB

                OLIVER                                  11MB

                ELIZABETH                        10FB

                ROSE                                      6FB

                CHARLES                           4MB

                HENRY                                  1MB

616. FOX, WALTER                              45MB

                LILLIE                                    40FB

                SARAH                                 6FB

                BILL                                       4MB