Oktibbeha County, MISSISSIPPI: 1910 Census – ED 102 Beat 4 (part of)

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Oktibbeha 1910 District 102 Beat 4 (part of), excluding Sturgis town. All south of I.C.RR.


1. GIBSON, EDD                                     HEAD                      MB22                M1                                                          

                LUCY                                      WIFE                       FB19                M1                           1                1                             

                JEWEL M.                            DAU                        FB5/12                S                                                                             

2. WEST, TILLMAN                               HEAD                      MMU33                M                7                                                             

                SUSIE                                      WIFE                       FMU20                M                7                4                4                             

                DALLAS                                  SON                         MMU6                S                                                                             

                FANNY                                   DAU                        FMU5                S                                                                             

                DEHOMA                             SON                         MMU4                S                                                                             

                TILLMAN JR.                        SON                         MMU4/12S                                                           

3. JOSEY, JOHN M.                                 HEAD                      MW27                M                2                                                             

                MATTIE                                 WIFE                       FW23                M                2                2                2                             

                VIOLA M.                            DAU                        FW1                S                                                                             

                                J.F.                           SON                         MW1/12                S                                                             

4. HOFFMAN, JOHN H.                  HEAD                      MW27                WD                                                         

                KENNETH                             SON                         MW12                S                                                                             

                ETHEL R.                             DAU                        FW10                S                                                                             

                MARY E.                                 DAU                        FW6                S                                                                             

5. SPEIR, ROBERT J.                              HEAD                      MW42                WD                                                         

                SEPHIE                                   SON                         MW17                S                                                                             

                HOUSTON                             SON                         MW15                S                                                                             

                OTTO                                     SON                         MW12                S                                                                             

                WESTERN                             SON                         MW10                S                                                                             

                MAXEY                                  SON                         MW8                S                                                                             

                POLLY                                    DAU                        FW5                S                                                                             

6.MCGEE, NATHAN                                HEAD                      MB30                M                11                                                           

                VIOLET                                  WIFE                       FB26                M                11                            5                5                             

                ESTELLE                                DAU                        FB10S                                                                     

                HARDY A.                            SON                         MB6                S                                                                             

                RHODALPHUS                       SON                         MB4                S                                                                             

                ROSSE                                     SON                         MB2                S                                                                                             

                JAMES                                     SON                         MB11/12                S                                                             

7. MCCLELLAND, GANDRESON                HEAD                      MW39                M2                7

                LULU E.                                  WIFE                       FW24                M1                7                4                4

                HATTIE                                  DAU                        FW6                S

                LIZZIE                                    DAU                        FW4                S

                CECIL                                     SON                         MW2                S

                HOWARD                             SON                         MW11/12S

9. MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                HEAD                      MW36                M2                2

                NANNY                                   WIFE                       FW23                M1                2                0                0

                WALTER                                SON                         MW12                S

                ESSIE                                       DAU                        FW6                S

9. KEETON, MARGERY                              HEAD                      FW65                WD

                THOMAS L.                             SON                         MW28                S

       PALLEY, JOSEPH E.                               BOARDER              MW27                S

       JONES, THOMAS                                SERVANT             MB32                D

10. PUGH, JOHN H.                                HEAD                      MW50                M1                24

                MARY I.                                  WIFE                       FW50                M1                24                7                6

                ROSCOE S.                             SON                         MW22                S

                JUSITT C.                             SON                         MW19                S

                CARL                                      SON                         MW18                S

                BRADLEY                             SON                         MW15                S

                EDNA                                      DAU                        FW12                S

                JOLLEY                                  SON                         MW9                S

11.LIVINGSTON. MARGARET E.                HEAD                      FW52                WD                          4                4

                JOSEPH S.                             SON                         MW26                S

                NETTIE D.                            DAU                        FW24                S

                ROSA LEE                         DAU                        FW21                S

                WINNIE M                             DAU                        FW16                S

12. WILLIAMS, JAMES F.                 HEAD                      MW53                M1                31

                ELIZA M.                            WIFE                       FW47                M1                31                7                4

                ROBERT L.                             SON                         MW23                S

                ASTOR                                    SON                         MW17                S

                MARY E.                                 DAU                        FW15                S

       SHELLY, JAMES                     SERVANT             MB14                S

13. CRUMPTON, WILL S.                   HEAD                      MW46                WD

                MARY R.                                 SISTER                    FW48                D                             0                0

                HEWITT B.                             SON                         MW18                S

                WILLIE M.                            DAU                        FW15                S

                ESTELL                                  SON                         MW10                S

                MARGARET                           DAU                        FW6                S

                JOE W.                                    SON                         MW1                S

      HOSKINS, MORGAN                                SERVANT             MB16                S

14. SHEPPARD, TISLEY                   HEAD                      FB71                WD                          11                2

                ISABELLA                             DAU                        FB32                D                             0                0

15. SHELTON, NANCY                   HEAD                      FW35                WD                          5                5

                MARYBELL                           DAU                        FW9                S

                LOIS                                        DAU                        FW8                S

                SAMMIE                                 DAU                        FW6                S

                MAGGIE                L.                             DAU                        FW4                S

                HARRY?                                  DAU                        FW3                S

16. MAULDIN, JAMES                     HEAD                      MW75                S

                MEALEY E.                             SISTER                    FW68                S                              1                1

                MOLLY                                   NIECE                     FW20                S                             

17. DOLLAR, M.M.                                                HEAD                      FW59                WD

                MARVIN P.                             SON                         MW22                S

                CHARLEY                             SON                         MW16                S

18. COOK, J.M.                                       HEAD                      MW60                M2                23

                LAURA E.                             WIFE                       FW59                M1                23                2                1

                E.K.                                         SON                         MW21                S

19. MURPHY, K.R.                                 HEAD                      MW26                M1                2

                LULU                                      WIFE                       FW17                M1                2                0                0

                LUTHER                                 PARTNER              MW26                S

                MARION                                 HALF-BROTHER                MW6                S

                A.V.                                         HALF-BROTHER                MW3                S

      MCCLELLAND, CALVIN                  SERVANT             MW19                S

20. MCCLELLAND, GUS P.                     HEAD                      MW47                M1                19           

                BETTIE                                  WIFE                       FW40                M1                19                9                8

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW18                S

                IBBIN                                      DAU                        FW17                S

                LIZZIE                                    DAU                        FW16                S

                FRONIE                                   DAU                        FW14                S

                HASSIE                                    DAU                        FW11                S

                HUBBARD                             SON                         MW9                S

                BERTIE LEE                         DAU                        FW3                S

                FANNIE M.                            DAU                        FW1                S

21. GRANT, BENJAMIN                             HEAD                      MW35                M1                10

                MARY A.                                                WIFE                       FW37                M1                10                4                4

                WILLIAM H.                        SON                         MW9                S

                SARAH S.                                                DAU                        FW6                S

                HOWARD B.                         SON                         MW5                S

                NOEL J.                                   SON                         MW2                S

22. ERVIN, T.A.                                      HEAD                      MW24                M1                4

                ALURA                                   WIFE                       FW24                M1                4                2                2

                JEWELL                                  DAU                        FW2                S

                WALTER E.                             SON                         MW5/12                S

23. MCCLELLAND, TIMAN                   HEAD                      MW26                M2                2

                MARYBELLE                         WIFE                       FW18                M1                2                1                1

                HUBBARD H.                         SON                         MW7                S

                LINNIE                                   SON                         MW3                S

                ROMEO V.                             DAU                        FW1                S

24. MURPHY, JAMES M.                               HEAD                      MW34                M2                1

                AMIE                                      WIFE                       FW24                M1                1                1                1

                LULU E.                                  DAU                        FW15                S

                LOUIS                                     SON                         MW14                S

                VICTOR                                  SON                         MW9                S

                MATTIE L.                             DAU                        FW6                S

                HOWARD                             SON                         MW3                S

                JIM JR.                                    SON                         MW5/12                S

25. CRUMPTON, ROBERT S.                              HEAD                      MW46                M1                14           

                KATIE                                    WIFE                       FW39                M1                14

                JOHN R.                                  SON                         MW13                S

                PRENTIS B.                             SON                         MW10                S

                GEORGE S.                             SON                         MW8                S

                ELLA S.                                   DAU                        FW5                S

                BAKER                                    SON                         MW1                S

       RIVES, HETTIE                  S-IN-LAW       FW23                S

26. JACKSON, DANIEL B.                              HEAD                      MW36                M1                18

                LUCY C.                                  WIFE                       FW34                M1                18                7                6

                CORBETT                             SON                         MW17                S

                BURNICE                                SON                         MW13                S

                GLADYS                                  DAU                        FW10                S

                ARNOLD S.                             SON                         MW7                S

                LILLY M.                            DAU                        FW5                S

                LECTA MAUD                     DAU                        FW2                S

27. OSWALT, HENRY A.                               HEAD                      MW55                M1                37

                A.V.                                         WIFE                       FW53                M1                37                6                4

                DORA                                      DAU                        FW32                S

                LEE                                         SON                         MW27                S

        ROACH, MARY                     BOARDER              FW42                S

28. COVINGTON, ISOM                       HEAD                      MB39                M1                19

                IDA                                         WIFE                       FMU35                M1                19                2                2

                JAMES                                     SON                         MMU18                S

                STELLA                                  DAU                        FMU6                S

        BAILEY, POLLY                    M-IN-LAW       FMU60                WD                          2                2

                MILLY                                    S-IN-LAW       FMU32                S

                LOU                                        NIECE                     FMU15                S

                LIZA                                       NIECE                     FMU10                S

                LIDA                                       NEPHEW                MMU13                S

                JOE                                          NEPHEW                MMU6                S

                DONA                                     NIECE                     FMU3                S

        COVINGTON, ELMIRA                  MOTHER                FB67                M1WD                    10                2

                EUNRINA                             SISTER                    FB33                M1 D                       1                0

29. ROACH, MARTHA                                HEAD                      FW67                WD                          10                9

                ALENA A.                            DAU                        FW30                S

                MINNIE                                  DAU                        FW24                S

                ARTHUR                                 SON                         MW20                S

                WICK                                      SON                         MW15                S

30. JACKSON, MARCUS T.                            HEAD                      MW30                M1                12

                ALTA                                      WIFE                       FW28                M1                12                6                4

                WISE                                       SON                         MW8                S

                MAYO                                     SON                         MW6                S

                T.J.                                          SON                         MW4                S

                ALVIN R.                                                SON                         MW1                S

31. MCGOWAN, G.W.                        HEAD                      MW34                M2                6

                NINA                                       WIFE                       FW26                M1                6                2                2

                HAZEL                                    DAU                        FW4                S

                PAULINE                              DAU                        FW1                S

                JENNY                                    ADOPTED DAU    FW15                S

32. BROWN, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MMU23                M1                5

                EMMA                                    WIFE                       FMU21                M1                5                2                2

                LEE E.                                     SON                         MMU3                S

                EARL W.                                 SON                         MMU1                S

                SOPHIA                                   MOTHER                FB62                WD                          7                5

        DAVIS, ERIE                                   SISTER                    FMU22                D                             2                1

                ALLIE B.                                 NIECE                     FMU5                S

33. ROBERTSON, JOHN C.                  HEAD                      MW23                M1                6

                BESSIE                                    WIFE                       FW21                M1                6                1                1

                BERTHA B.                             DAU                        FW3                S

34. UPCHURCH, M.E.                        HEAD                      FW48                WD                          7                5

                FREDWICK                           SON                         MW20                S

                MINTA                                   DAU                        FW17                S

                IRA                                          SON                         MW16                S

                RENA                                      DAU                        FW13                S

35. WELLS, JOE N,                                 HEAD                      MW33                M1                13

                LAURIE                                  WIFE                       FW32                M1                7                4

                BETTIE                                  DAU                        FW11                S

                WILLIE LOU                        DAU                        FW10                S

                POLLY B.                             DAU                        FW6                S

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FW3                S

36. ROACH, JAMES                                HEAD                      MW26                M1                5

                VIRGINIA                             WIFE                       FW23                M1                5                2                2

                INA                                         DAU                        FW4                S

                NANNY B.                             DAU                        FW2                S

       CALDWELL, CLAUD                   BOARDER              MW26                S

37. MALAKE, ROBERT                 HEAD                      MW18                M1                6/12

                CLIDE                                     WIFE                       FW17                M1                6/12

38. YORK, GEO                                      HEAD                      MW44                M1                1

                LIZZIE                                    WIFE                       FW29                M2                1                6                5

      GRIFFIN, MILLIE MAUD                       STEP-DAU        FW14                S

                ANNIE LEE                         STEP-DAU        FW12                S

      DUKE, EMHEST                 STEP-SON         MW7                S

      YORK, GEO JR                                  SON                         MW2/12                S

      MOORE, WIRT                                 BOARDER              MW20                S

39. BETTES, RAY                                  HEAD                      FW30                WD

                MULDROW                            SON                         MW6                S

                LILLY                                     DAU                        FW3                S

                ALEX                                      SON                         MW6/12                S

        ADAMS, SIDNEY                   BROTHER              MW25                S

40. MCHANN, JOE                                 HEAD                      MW56                M1                34

                JANE                                       WIFE                       FW57                M1                34                4                1

      HARROD, HOWARD                               GRANDSON           MW12                S             

      JOHNSON, GEORGE                  LODGER                 MW13                S

41.SIDES, JOHN                                      HEAD                      MW26                M1                8

                DONY                                     WIFE                       FW26                M1                8                4                4

                SALLIE                                   DAU                        FW7                S

                POLLY                                    DAU                        FW5                S

                LONNIE                                  SON                         MW4                S

                MOLLIE                                  DAU                        FW2                S

      PETERSON, NANCY                   M-IN-LAW       FW49                D

      SIDES, OSCAR                                   BROTHER              MW20                D

      TIGGA, J.C.                                       SERVANT             MB ----------

43. HARTNESS, JAS M.                     HEAD                      MW33                M1                12

                ESTELLA                             WIFE                       FW28                M1                12                5                5

                FLOSSY A.                            DAU                        MW10                S

                CLONKY V.                             DAU                        FW8                S

                JOHN W.                           SON                        MW7                S

                ANNIE L.                             DAU                       FW5                S

                OTHO                                    SON                        MW2                S

        SIDES, GROVER                  B-IN-LAW       MW17                S

44. PATTERSON, SALLIE                   HEAD                      FW39                WD

                VERA                                      DAU                        FW6                S

                ANNIE LOU                        DAU                        FW4                S

       YORK, BECKY ANN                        MOTHER                FW79                WD                          10                4

45. WHATLEY, FRANK M.                              HEAD                      MW26                M1                3

                LULU L                                   WIFE                       FW31                M2                3                3                2

       HARROD, LENA                      STEP-DAU        FW10                S

46. MCHANN, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MW50                M1                30

                ROSE ANN                        WIFE                       FW48                M1                30                9                6

                YANCY                                   SON                         MW28                S

                ASBERRY                             SON                         MW21                S

                TINNY                                    DAU                        FW18                S

                DANIEL                                  SON                         MW14                S

                HALLIE                                  SON                         MW8                S

                MARGARET                           MOTHER                FW87                WD                          11                8

47. TUCKER, JOHN                       HEAD                      MW32                M1                8

                BERTIE                                   WIFE                       FW26                M1                8                4                3

                OTHO H.                                 SON                         MW5                S

                J.D.                                          SON                         MW2                S

                C.B.                                         SON                         MW7/12                S

48.ROBERTSON, EDD                        HEAD                      MW40                M2                3

                SARAH E.                             WIFE                       FW48                M1                3                0                0

                LELA MAY                       DAU                        FW17                S

                WILLIAM J.                         SON                         MW13                S

49. MCCLELLAND, LYLE                      HEAD                      MW52                M1                28           

                LITHA                                    WIFE                       FW56                M2                28                1                1

      MCGINNIS, LUTHER                 STEP-SON         MW38                M1                15

                MARY                                     STEP-D-IN-LAW  FW31                M1                15                5                5

                BROOKSIE                              STEP-NEICE     FW14                S

                LUDIE                                     STEP-NEICE     FW10                S

                WILLIE                                   STEP-NEICE     FW6                S

                WILLIAM L.                        STEP-NEPHEW                MW2                S

                PEARL                                    STEP-NEICE     FW8                S

50. MAURICE, NETTIE                  HEAD                      FW52                WD                          6                6

                JOHN W.                                 SON                         MW18                S

                CLIFTON                                SON                         MW14                S

                CLIDE                                     SON                         MW11                S

      SIDES, SALLIE                                  SISTER                    FW63                WD

51. ROBERSON, THOMAS                                HEAD                      MW38                M2                9

                MATTIE                                 WIFE                       FW28                M1                9                1                1

                MYRTLE                                                DAU                        FW15                S

                WALTER P.                             SON                         MW5                S

                COLUMBUS                            1ST COUSIN   MW61                WD

52. JONES, WIRT                                   HEAD                      MW21                M1                4/12

                BROOKSIE                              WIFE                       FW14                M1                4/12

53. PETERSON, LOU S.                     HEAD                      MW55                WD

                JACK                                       ADOPTED-SON     MW15                S

54. MCHANN, DOCK                      HEAD                      MW38                M1

                BECKY                                    WIFE                       FW30                M1                           8                8

                ALICE                                     DAU                        FW14                S

                CALLIE                                   DAU                        FW13                S

                HOWARD                             SON                         MW12                S

                JIMMIE                                   SON                         MW10                S

                ALFRED                                  SON                         MW9                S

                DELLAR                                 DAU                        MW6                S

                PALION                                  SON                         MW5                S

                QUITMAN                             SON                         MW4                S

55. PRISOCK, VIRGEL                   HEAD                      MW48                M2                13

                LINDY                                    WIFE                       FW47                M1                13

                JOSEPH E.                             SON                         MW17                S

                JAMES L.                                                SON                         MW15                S

                MARY A.                                                DAU                        FW11                S

                VERA B.                                  DAU                        FW7                S

                VIOLA M.                            DAU                        FW4                S

56. HALL, JOHN A.                                HEAD                      MW35                M1                10

                ELIZABETH                           WIFE                       FW30                M1                10                1                1

                NOEL,                                     SON                         MW5                S

       RIVES, BOB                                      SERVANT             MB50                WD

57. GILLESPIE, LUXINIA                                HEAD                      FMU43                D                             4                4

                JOHN H.                                  SON                         MMU17                S

                MELINDA                             DAU                        FMU14                S

58. GILLESPIE, PEARLIE                                HEAD                      MMU22                M1                2

                HARRIET                             WIFE                       FMU20                M1                2                1                1

                CURTIS                                   SON                         MMU1                S

59. CHEATAM, MARY                     HEAD                      FMU34                WD                          5                5

                BITSY                                     DAU                        FMU16                S

                CHAINY                                  SON                         FMU14                S

                MAGGIE                                  DAU                        FMU12                S

                JOHN H.                                  SON                         MMU10                S

                VINEY                                     DAU                        FMU1                S

60. JONES, HENRY                                 HEAD                      MB55                M2                20           

                LYDDIA                                  WIFE                       FB36                M1                20                8                7

                BERTIE                                   SON                         MB18                S

                VIOLA                                     DAU                        FB16                S

                SALLIE                                   DAU                        FB14                S

                ROSE LEE                         DAU                        FB8                S

                HENRY                                   SON                         MB4                S

                PRENTISS                              SON                         MB2                S

                ADA                                        DAU                        FB2/12                S

61. HORNSBERGER, ANTHONY                HEAD                      MMU28                M1                9

                LUCY                                      WIFE                       FMU25                M1                9                5                5

                TONY                                     SON                         MMU8                S

                SARAH J.                                 DAU                        FMU6                S

                MARY T.                                                DAU                        FMU4                S

                D.C.                                         SON                         MMU3                S

                JESSIE B.                                 DAU                        FMU8/12                S

       CARTER, ILBIE                      1ST COUSIN   MMU16                S

62. HORNSBERGER, TONY                     HEAD                      MMU52                M1                30

                MARGARET                           WIFE                       FMU50                M1                30                6                5

     CARTER, WILLIE                   NEPHEW                MMU11                S

     HORNSBERGER, HENRY                   GRAND-SON         MMU2                S

63. LOWRY, CLEVE                    HEAD                      MMU32                M1                18

                HENRY                                   WIFE                       FMU32                M1                18                9                9

                MARGARET                           DAU                        FMU17                S

                ROUND                                   SON                         MMU14                S

                RAMSON                                 SON                         MMU12                S

                ANTHONY                             SON                         MMU10                S

                MARY                                     DAU                        FMU8                S

                BURLY                                    SON                         MMU6                S

                EMMA                                    DAU                        FMU4                S

                MAUDY                                  DAU                        FMU2                S

                CLEMMIE                              SON                         MMU8/12  S

64. DEVINE, BILL                                  HEAD                      MMU25                M1                5

                HARRIET                             WIFE                       FMU23                M1                5                4                1

                ANNIE                                    DAU                        FMU4                S

65.DEVINE, JULIUS                    HEAD                      MB38                M1                14

                HETTIE                                  WIFE                       FB31                M1                14                6                6

                ELIZABETH                           DAU                        FB12                S

                TANNY                                   DAU                        MB9                S

                JULIA MAY                       DAU                        FB8                S

                FRANK                                    SON                         MB7                S

                SUE W.                                    DAU                        FB5                S

                JOHN D.                                  SON                         MB1                S

66. DEVINE, CLIVE                     HEAD                      MMU30                M1                3

                ANNIE                                    WIFE                       FMU28                M1                3                0                0

        TRIPLET, NATHANIEL                NEPHEW                MMU6                S

                          ATHANIEL                             NEPHEW                MMU6                S

                          ZERO                      NEPHEW                MMU2                S

       DEVINE, GREEN ELLA                         NEICE                     FMU11                S

       CHAFINS, HENRIETTA                          M-IN-LAW       FB57                S

67. PIERCE, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MB32                M1                9

                MARIA                                    WIFE                       FB35                M1                9                2                2

                OLLIS                                      SON                         MB13                S

                LEOLA                                    DAU                        FB1 7/12                S

68. GRAY, IDA                                       HEAD                      FMU38                WD                          1                1

69. COLEMAN, LIZZIE                    HEAD                      FB40                WD                          10                4

                RACHEL                                 DAU                        FB14                S

                MARTHA A.                         DAU                        FB10                S

                LEROY                                    SON                         MB8                S

70.JORDON, BETTIE                  HEAD                      FB60                WD                          14                8

                HOSKIN                                  SON                         MB25                S

        GILLISPIE, EASTER                  GRAND-DAU        FB4                S

71. COLLINS, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MB41                M1                18

                ANN                                        WIFE                       FB30                M1                18                9                7

                DESORO                                  SON                         MB16                S

                EVA J.                                     DAU                        FB15                S

                WILLIAM P.                        SON                         MB13                S

                LYDIA                                    DAU                        FB11                S

                MARY ILLA                       DAU                        FB8                S

                SIDRIA                                    DAU                        FB6                S

                RICHARD                             SON                         MB2                S

72. BROWN, A.B.                                   HEAD                      MB70                M1                50

                ROSENA                                  WIFE                       FB70                M1                50

73. TUCKER, EVANS                    HEAD                      MB59                M1                36

                RACHEL                                 WIFE                       FB50                M1                36                3                3

                WATAY                                  MOTHER                FB83                WD                          1                1

74. LOWERY, ROUND                   HEAD                      MMU30                M1                12

                LAURA                                   WIFE                       FMU25                M1                12                0                0

       CARTER, SARAH                    M-IN-LAW       FMU55                WD                          8                5

                LUCY                                      NIECE                     FMU18                S

75. GILLISPIE, ANDREW                                HEAD                      MMU35                S

76. CANNADY, GATSON                 HEAD                      MB30                M1                10

                ELLA                                      WIFE                       FB29                M1                10                5                5

                MARGARET                           DAU                        FB8                S

                GATSON                                 SON                         MB6                S

                HENRY                                   SON                         MB5                S

                WILLIS                                   SON                         MB3                S

                L.D.                                         SON                         MB1                S

                CORNELIA                             MOTHER                FB50                WD                          3                1

       BISMUTE, GRAYSON                               2ND COUSIN   FB20                S                              2                2

                JOHNNIE                                                3RD COUSIN   MB4                S

                CHARLIE                                3RD COUSIN   MB2                S

77. ACKINS, JOHN                                 HEAD                      MB24                WD

                WILLIS                                   BROTHER              MB20                S

       MALONE, JENNY                    SISTER                    FB30                WD                          3                1

                ARTHUR                                 NEPHEW                MB13                S

78. UPCHURCH, R.K.                         HEAD                      MW54                M1                30

                E.J.                                          WIFE                       FW50                M1                30                5                4

                WIRT                                      SON                         MW24                S

                SAMMIE                                 SON                         MW21                S

                ALBERT                                 SON                         MW16                S

79. UPCHURCH, HENRY                   HEAD                      MW26                M1                4

                SUSIE                                      WIFE                       FW23                M1                4                1                0

80. UPCHURCH, ROBERT                 HEAD                      MW25                M1                3

                ALLIE                                     WIFE                       FW24                M1                3                1                1

                ANNIE V.                                DAU                        FW2                S

81. HOLLINSHED, HUBBARD                HEAD                      MB65                M2                7

                LIZZIE                                    WIFE                       FB33                M1                7                4                3

                SAMUEL                                 SON                         MB13                S

                JERRY                                     SON                         MB9                S

                PRICILLA                             DAU                        FB12                S

                JOHN HENRY                   SON                         MB8                S

                PATRICIA                             DAU                        FB4                S

82. CROW, JOHN HENRY                   HEAD                      MW47                M2                6

                ANNIE                                    WIFE                       FW29                M1                6                2                2

                HALLIE                                  SON                         MW21                S

                JAMES                                     SON                         MW19                S

                FRANK                                    SON                         MW17                S

                MARY LOU                        DAU                        FW14                S

                CARL                                      SON                         MW10                S

                ROBERT                                 SON                         MW4                S

                ELVIE MAY                       DAU                        FW2                S

83. HALL, J.E.                                        HEAD                      MW55                M1                39

                SALONIE                                                WIFE                       FW53                M1                39                3                2

84. HALL, T.E.                                       HEAD                      MW26                M1                5

                ALLIE                                     WIFE                       FW22                M1                5                1                1

                HERRIS                                   SON                         MW2                S

        HASKIN, NOEL                      SERVANT             MB15                S

85. ABNER, JOHN                                  HEAD                      MB61                M2                12

                FRANCIS                                 WIFE                       FMU55                M2                12                9                4

                ABNER                                    DAU                        FMU13                S

86. HALEY, JAMES                                HEAD                      MB23                M1                4

                ROSY BELLE                    WIFE                       FB24                M1                4                3                3

                BERCE                                    SON                         MB3                S

                ROBERT                                 SON                         MB1 8/12                S

                BEATRICE                              DAU                        FB7/12                S

                SHEPPARD                           BROTHER              MB16                S

87. HALL, J.B.                                        HEAD                      MW23                M                2

                MINNIE                                  WIFE                       MW18                M1                2

88. BUFORD, SAMUEL                 HEAD                      MW44                M1                20

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FW38                M1                20                5                5

                ALICE                                     DAU                        FW17                S

                HARVEY                                 SON                         MW15                S

                MAUDIE                                 DAU                        FW11                S

                SAMMIE                                 SON                         MW7                S

                JANIE                                      DAU                        FW4                S

       MOREHEAD, JODIE                      NEICE                     FW10                S

89. HALL, HOY. W.                           HEAD                      MW65                M1                40

                S.L.                                          WIFE                       FW58                M1                40                9                6

                A.L.                                         DAU                        FW26                S

                LILY BELL                       DAU                        FW19                S

        YORK, WESLY                   BOARDER              MW29                WD

                J.T.                                          GRAND-SON         MW2                S

90. SCROGGINS, JOHN                       HEAD                      MW49                M2                14

                LELA                                      WIFE                       FW30                M1                14                3                3

                JIM T.                                     SON                         MW18                S

                ARCHIE                                  SON                         MW12                S

                CARRIE                                   DAU                        FW10                S

                CLIDE                                     SON                         MW8                S

91. HEFLIN, A.D.                                   HEAD                      MW40                M2                12

                ANNIE                                    WIFE                       FW34                M1                12                7                7

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW18                S

                MRTYE                                   DAU                        FW16                S

                ALBERT                                 SON                         MW14                S

                BERTHA                                 DAU                        FW10                S

                BETRA                                    DAU                        FW9                S

                HUGHEAND                           SON                         MW8                S

                FLORA                                    DAU                        FW6                S

                LOTIS                                     DAU                        FW4                S

                RUEL                                      SON                         MW3                S

                CARROLL                              SON                         MW1                S

92. BETTS, GEORGE                  HEAD                      MW48                WD

                EDGAR                                    SON                         MW24                S

                DELLA                                    DAU                        FW23                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW22                S

                WILLIAM                             SON                         MW21                S

                JOHN                                       SON                         MW20                S

                MAY                                       DAU                        FW17                S

                PALMER                                 SON                         MW15                S

                ULA                                        DAU                        FW13                S

93. BETTS, JOE                                      HEAD                      MW39                WD

                BURKITT                             SON                         MW10                S

                CARLTON                             SON                         MW10                S

                LUCILE                                   DAU                        FW9                S

94. PEOPLES, HARVEY                 HEAD                      MB47                WD

95. FERGUSON, JAMES                     HEAD                      MW55                WD

                SUSSIE                                     DAU                        FW20                S

                LULU                                      DAU                        FW16                S

       BETTS, SUSIE                                  NIECE                     FW10                S

96. STRIBLING, A.C.                         HEAD                      MW70                WD

                DANIEL                                  SON                         MW33                S

97. KEMP, LONNIE                  HEAD                      MW30                M1                10

                MINNIE                                  WIFE                       FW24                M1                10                5                5

                OSCAR                                    SON                         MW9                S

                OTHO                                     SON                         MW7                S

                ARTHUR                                 SON                         MW5                S

                HATTIE M.                            DAU                        FW3                S

                NOOKIE                                  DAU                        FW1                S

98. HENRY, CANNON                                HEAD                      MB36                M1                14

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FB33                M1                14                8                8

                ARTHUR                                 SON                         MB12                S

                BERTA                                    DAU                        FB10                S

                DON                                        SON                         MB8                S

                DESORO                                  SON                         MB7                S

                CHARLOTTE                        DAU                        FB5                S

                HENRY                                   SON                         MB3                S

                OAK LEE                                SON                         MB2                S

                TIMATHY                             SON                         MB1                S

99. BROWN, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MW59                M1                37

                NANNY                                   WIFE                       FW57                M1                37                5                3

                WILEY C.                             SON                         MW25                M1                0             

                FLORENCE                           D-IN-LAW       FW25                M1                0                0                0

                LUCRETIA                             DAU                        FW14                S

100. ODOM, JESSIE                                HEAD                      MW28                M1                5

                STELLA                                  WIFE                       FW23                M1                5                3                3

                CLUFFIE                                 DAU                        FW4                S

                PEARL                                    DAU                        FW2                S

                EARL H.                                  SON                         MW2                S

                ELIZA                                     MOTHER                FW63                WD                          11                5

101. LEWIS, R.B.                                    HEAD                      MW56                M1                36

                C.T.                                         WIFE                       FW58                M1                36                7                4

                MINNIE                                  DAU                        FW35                S

                HULLTER                              SON                         MW28                S

                EDDIE                                     SON                         MW18                S

                LAURA KATE                      DAU                        FW16                S

102. WALKER, W.G.                        HEAD                      MW52                M2                1

                MOLLIE                                  WIFE                       FW21                M1                1

                ALBERT                                 SON                         MW16                S

                WALTER                                SON                         MW20                S

103. MIERS, CHAP                                 HEAD                      MB33                M2                3

                ADDIE LEE                         WIFE                       FB36                M2                3                6                4

                LUMBERTA                           DAU                        FB14                S

                DEMPSEY                             SON                         MB12                S

                PERRY                                    SON                         MB10                S

                ELMER                                   SON                         MB8                S

                OLIA                                       DAU                        FB5                S

       WALTERS, POLLY                    STEP-DAU        FB18                S

                BULAH                                   STEP-DAU        FB14                S

104. HARRINGTON, MEALY                   HEAD                      FB66                WD                          18                7

                JEFFERSON                           SON                         MB46                S

                MATT                                     SON                         MB42                S

                MARY                                     DAU                        FB24                S

                COLUMBUS                            GRAND-SON         MB7                S

                PRICELY                                                GRAND-SON         MB6                S

105.SOMERFOOT, THOMAS                                HEAD                      MW34                M1                5

                MAGGIE                                  WIFE                       FW27                M2                5                3                3

                CARL                                      SON                         MW8                S

                CORNIECE                              DAU                        FW4                S

                J.T.                                          SON                         MW8/12                S

106. KEMP, FANNY                   HEAD                      FW48                WD                          6                6

                SAMUEL                                 SON                         MW22                S

                OLLIE                                     SON                         MW20                S

                FANNY B.                             DAU                        FW16                S

107. QUINN, JOHN                                 HEAD                      MW37                M1                16

                EFFIE                                      WIFE                       FW30                M1                16                15                8

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FW14                S

                ALVIN                                     SON                         MW11                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW7                S

                LOIS                                        DAU                        FW6                S

                RUTHY                                   DAU                        FW4                S

                JOHN                                       SON                         MW2                S

                G.L.                                         SON                         MW 2/12                S

                E.L.                                         DAU                        FW2/12                S

        STEWART, FULTON                 NEPHEW                MW17                S

108. PATRICK, C.C.                         HEAD                      MW26                M1                7

                MATTIE                                 WIFE                       FW23                M1                7                3                3

                WISE L.                                   SON                         MW6                S

                FRANK C.                             SON                         MW4                S

                LILLY M.                            DAU                        FW2                S

109. WILKERSON, J.W.                         HEAD                      MW52                M2                5

                NETTIE                                  WIFE                       FW26                M1                5

110. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                HEAD                      MW47                M1                21

                MATTIE                                 WIFE                       FW46                M1                21                3                3

                FRANCIS                                 DAU                        FW20                S

                BUCK H.                                 SON                         MW16                S

                MACK                                     SON                         MW14                S

111. SCARBROUGH, SAMUEL HEAD                      MW48                M1                12

                SALLIE                                   WIFE                       FW36                M2                12                8                8

      SULLIVAN, JOHNNIE                                STEP-SON         MW15                S

                BELLE                                    STEP-DAU        FW14                S

         SCARBROUGH, OSCAR                    SON                         MW11                S

                VALEY                                    SON                         MW8                S

                EMMA                                    DAU                        FW7                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW5                S

                GRACE                                    DAU                        FW3                S

                EDDIE                                     DAU                        FW11/12                S

112. BELL, SPENCER                                HEAD                      MB60                M1                33

                LUCINDY                             WIFE                       FB50                M1                33                8                7

                GERTRUDE                           DAU                        FB21                S

                CLARNICE                              SON                         MB19                S

                MARY F.                                 DAU                        MB16                S

                GIOIGE                                    SON                         MB10                S

113. HUGHES, J.W.                                 HEAD                      MW53                M2                23           

                M.E.                                        WIFE                       FW59                M2                23                9                5

      BILLS, ALLIE                                   STEP-DAU        FW14                S

      PATTERSON, ALLIE                     STEP-SON         MW24                S

114. STRIBLING, BOYD                      HEAD                      MW35                M1                9

                ETTA                                      WIFE                       FW28                M1                9                4                4

                INA                                         DAU                        FW8                S

                MAUDIE                                 DAU                        FW5                S

                JOSIE                                       DAU                        FW2                S

                OLLIE                                     DAU                        FW11/12                S

115. MONTGOMERY, MINOR    HEAD                      MW66                M1                44           

                TERRIE                                   WIFE                       FW64                M1                44                7                4

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW24                S

                HERMON                                SON                         MW21                M1                0

                EMMA                                    D-IN-LAW       FW17                M1                0

       WILLIAMS, EARL                      D-IN-LAW BRO                MW9                S

                SCOTTIE B.                             D-IN-LAW SIS  FW6                S

        ERVIN, GEORGE                  SERVANT             MB14                S

116. MONTGOMERY, HENRY   HEAD                      MW31                M1                3

                ALMA                                     WIFE                       FW26                M1                3                0                0

117. MOSHAY, JAMES W.                               HEAD                      MW31                M1                3

                MABEL                                   WIFE                       FW19                M1                3                2                1

                CURTIS                                   SON                         MW2                S

118. MCKENZIE, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MW42                M1                16

                ALICE                                     WIFE                       FW34                M1                16                5                5

                BETTIE                                  DAU                        FW15                S

                JOE                                          SON                         MW12                S

                MAMIE                                   DAU                        FW10                S

                VIRGIE                                    DAU                        FW5                S

                LUCY                                      DAU                        FW3                S

119. ARCHIE, JOE                                  HEAD                      MB30                M2                6

                EVELINE                                                WIFE                       FB30                M1                6                2                2

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MB6                S

                MARY T.                                                DAU                        FB2                S

                JAMES                                     SON                         MB7                S

                JONSH                                     SON                         MB8                S

120. BROWN, THOMAS                                HEAD                      MB31                M1                13

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FB21?                M1                13                7                4

                JOHN HENRY                   SON                         MB11                S

                MINNIE                                  DAU                        FB5                S

                TOMMIE                                                SON                         MB4                S

                FLORENCE                           DAU                        FB2/12                S

121. GREEN, H.R.                                   HEAD                      MW42                M1                20

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FW32                M1                20                5                4

                JOHN                                       SON                         MW18                S

                HUGH                                      SON                         MW16                S

                MELVIN                                  SON                         MW9                S

                LESTER                                  SON                         MW3                S

122. DAWKINS, JOHNNIE                                HEAD                      MW42                M1                21

                MOLLIE                                  WIFE                       FW40                M1                21                8                5

                WILLIAM H.                        SON                         MW15                S

                EARL D.                                  SON                         MW11                S

                WILLIE MAY                       DAU                        FW8                S

                PEARL L.                             DAU                        FW6                S

                CLARENCE                           SON                         MW3                S

123. COLEMAN, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MW55                M1                26

                SARAH F.                                WIFE                       FW44                M1                26                8                7             

                BURRY                                    SON                         MW23                S

                JENNY                                    DAU                        FW22                S

                ALBERT                                 SON                         MW18                S

                TOMMIE                                                SON                         MW16                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW14                S

                LULU BELL                       DAU                        FW12                S

                ROBERT LEE                         SON                         MW7                S

124. CROWSON, J.S.                           HEAD                      MW46                M2                19

                MOLLIE                                  WIFE                       FW46                M1                19                8                8

                LUTHER                                 SON                         MW17                S

                JIMMIE                                   SON                         MW15                S

                RANDOLPH                           SON                         MW12                S

                VELMA                                   DAU                        FW7                S

                LELAND                                 SON                         MW5                S

                VESTER                                  SON                         MW3                S

                EDDIE LOU                        DAU                        FW6/12                S

125. DAWKINS, SARAH                    HEAD                      FW66                WD                          1                1

                LETHA                                   DAU                        FW27                S

                EDGAR L.                             GRAND-SON         MW4                S

126. HANNAH, WESTERN                              HEAD                      MW40                M1                17

                ALICE                                     WIFE                       FW37                M1                17

                LAVADA                                 DAU                        FW16                S

                VIRGIE                                    DAU                        FW14                S

                HARVEY                                 SON                         MW12                S

                GUSTA                                    SON                         MW9                S

                GUSSIE                                    DAU                        FW9                S

                IRVING                                    SON                         MW7                S

                MALCOM                             SON                         MW5                S

                MULDROW                            SON                         MW2                S

127. COLLIER, G.H.                         HEAD                      MW75                M1                43

                ELIZABETH                           WIFE                       FW76                M1                43                9                8

128. NATION, LOCKE                    HEAD                      MW48                M1                18

                MOLLIE                                  WIFE                       FW44                M1                18                5                5

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FW16                S

                BERTHA                                 DAU                        FW13                S

                WILLIE                                   DAU                        FW12                S

                ETHEL                                    DAU                        FW8                S

                VIRGIL                                    SON                         MW7                S

129. RIEVES, JAMES                     HEAD                      MW39                M1                16

                JERRIE                                    WIFE                       FW34                M1                16                2                2

                JONATHON                           SON                         MW15                S

                ALBERT LEE                         SON                         MW12                S

                ANN                                        MOTHER                FW68                WD                          2                1

130. MORGAN, GRO.                        HEAD                      MW48                M1                20

                EDDIE H.                                WIFE                       FW44                M1                20                6                6

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW19                S

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FW15                S

                INEZ                                       DAU                        FW12                S

                J.D.                                          SON                         MW10                S

                WILLIE                G.                             SON                         MW5                S

                FRANCIS                                 DAU                        FW2                S

                GEO. SR                                   FATHER                 MW86                WD

131. GREEN, JOHN                                 HEAD                      MW48                M2                7

                IDA                                         WIFE                       FW32                M2                7                7                7

                VIRGIE                                    DAU                        FW11                S

                ARTHUR                                 SON                         MW9                S

                ERNEST                                  SON                         MW9                S

                PEARL                                    DAU                        FW8                S

                CLARA                                    DAU                        FW6                S

                EDDIE                                     SON                         MW4                S

                TRULY                                   SON                         MW2                S

                NOEL                                      SON                         MW6/12                S

132. GREEN, LONNIE                  HEAD                      MW21                S

                CLAUD                                   COUSIN                   MW18                S

133. LONDONHAM, HARRY                   HEAD                      MB50                M2                5

                HARRIET                             WIFE                       FB34                M2                5                8                7

                CARLTON                             SON                         MB14                S

                MARY                                     DAU                        FB14                S

                EZELLE                                  DAU                        FB12                S

                ODIE V.                                   SON                         MB9                S

                LELAIN                                  DAU                        FB7                S

                INA                                         DAU                        FB7                S

                CRENNA                                 SON                         MB4                S

                ENA MAY                       DAU                        FB12                S

                ANDY                                     SON                         MB9                S

134. FRAZIER, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MB19                M1                1

                PEGGY A.                            WIFE                       FB17                M1                1                1                0

                MILLIE                                   DAU                        FB4/12                S

135. MITCHELL, JAMES H.                                HEAD                      MW63                M1                40

                CARRY                                    WIFE                       FW63                M1                40                4                3

                JAMES                                     SON                         MW27                S

                MACK                                     SON                         MW23                S

       GREEN, ERNEST                  SERVANT             MW19                S

136. FRAZIER, DAVE                      HEAD                      MMU46                M2                18

                EMMA                                    WIFE                       FMU40                M2                18           

                MARY                                     DAU                        FMU14                S

                JOHN                                       SON                         MMU11                S

                CLARA                                    DAU                        FMU8                S

                NORA                                      DAU                        FMU6                S

                VIOLA                                     DAU                        FMU3                S

137. ALEXANDER, ELVEY                    HEAD                      FMU63                WD                          6                4

138. DAVIS, MIRRAY                 HEAD                      MMU45                M1                19

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FMU40                M1                19                9                8

                LELA                                      DAU                        FMU17                D                             1                1

                URDINE                                  DAU                        FMU13                S

                I.C.                                          SON                         MMU12                S

                ISAICK                                    SON                         MMU11                S

                EDIE                                       DAU                        FMU9                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MMU6                S

                DAISY                                     DAU                        FMU5                S

                ERLINE                                   GRAND-DAU        FMU2                S

                ELNORA                                 DAU                        FMU8/12                S

139. THAXTON, G.R.                         HEAD                      MW37                M1                11

                ARDIE                                     WIFE                       FW28                M1                11                4                4

                GEORGE W.                           SON                         MW10                S

                DERO                                      SON                         MW7                S

                MARVIN                                 SON                         MW6                S

                NELLIE LEE                         DAU                        FW1 5/12                S

140. CHESSER, JAMES                     HEAD                      MW48                M1                30           

                ELIZABETH                           WIFE                       FW55                M1                30                4                2

                SUSIE                                      DAU                        FW18                S

       BUFORD, JOHNNIE                                NEPHEW                MW5                S

141. SCOTTS, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MW34                M1                13

                ADA                                        WIFE                       FW28                M1                13                6                5

                WALTER                                SON                         MW11                S

                WILLIE                                   SON                         MW8                S

                MARY L.                                 DAU                        FW7                S

                IRENE                                     DAU                        FW5                S

                CHARLIE LEE                         SON                         MW3                S

                VELMA                                   DAU                        FW6/12                S

142. BURGISS. SAMUEL                 HEAD                      MW59                M1          

                MUGGIE                                  WIFE                       FW55                M1                26                3                3

                ELLIS                                      SON                         MW17                S

         SCOTT M.L.                                  COUSIN                   MW66                WD

143. MORGAN, CHARLIE                                HEAD                      MW45                M2                16

                LENA                                      WIFE                       FW33                M1                16

                ERONS                                    SON                         MW21                S

                ALLIE                                     DAU                        FW19                S

                DECATUR                              SON                         MW13                S

                RUBY                                      DAU                        FW11                S

                SELIA                                      DAU                        FW7                S

                CARRIE M.                            DAU                        FW4                S

                not named                      DAU                        FW1                S

        DAVIS, SAM                                    SERVANT             MB24                S

144. COLEMAN, GEORGE                  HEAD                      MW40                M2                8

                MATTIE                                 WIFE                       FW30                M1                8                5                5

                SPIVA                                      SON                         MW7                S

                RICH                                       SON                         MW6                S

                DAVID                                    SON                         MW5                S

                WILLIE MAY                       DAU                        FW4                S

                KITTIE M.                            DAU                        FW8/12                S

145.GREEN, JOHN ROY                        HEAD                      MW28                M1                9

                IDA                                         WIFE                       FW24                M1                9                4                4

                ANNIE P.                                DAU                        FW8                S

                GUSSIE M                             DAU                        FW6                S

                RUBY I.                                   DAU                        FW3                S

                JAMES P.                                                SON                         MW1                S

146. HUNT, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MB30                M1                7

                IKIE                                        WIFE                       FB25                M1                7                3                3

                WILLIAM                             SON                         MB7                S

                ANNA                                     DAU                        FB5                S

                EZIA                                       SON                         MB1                S

       DAVIS, EMILY                                                GRAND-MOTHER                FB95                WD                          2                0

       LAMPKIN, SQUIRE                   BOARDER              MB24                S

147. MORGAN, JAMES                     HEAD                      MW33                M1                10

                PATRA                                   WIFE                       FW28                M1                8                3                2

                MORRIS                                  SON                         MW5                S

                EUGENE                                 SON                         MW3                S

148. MORGAN, SAMUEL                 HEAD                      MW36                M1                10

     (Tumblinson)PELLIE                              WIFE                       FW30                M1                10                2                2

                NELLIE L.                             DAU                        FW6                S

                ELIZABETH                           DAU                        FW3                S

149. HENRY, WIRT                      HEAD                      MW43                M1                20

                ABBIE                                     WIFE                       FW36                M1                20                12                11

                GEORGE                                  SON                         MW19                S

                RAWSON                                                SON                         MW17                S

                ARCHIE                                  SON                         MW14                S

                EDDIE                                     DAU                        FW12                S

                MARY                                     DAU                        FW11                S

                BETTIE                                  DAU                        FW10                S

                LILIA                                      DAU                        FW8                S

                WIRT                                      SON                         MW6                S

                ABE                                         SON                         MW5                S

                JIM                                          SON                         MW3                S

                ANNIE                                    DAU                        FW7/12                S

150. TOMLINSON, JOHN                       HEAD                      MB20                M1                0

                IDELLA                                  WIFE                       FB22                M1                0

151. WEST, RUFUS                                                HEAD                      MW66                M1                45

                ADELINE                              WIFE                       FW64                M1                45                8                5

                ADDIE L.                                GRAND-DAU        FW8                S

                R.L.                                         GRAND-SON         MW6                S

                JAMES                                     SON                         MW24                D

152. EDWARDS, HENRY                   HEAD                      MB30                M2                2

                IDA J.                                      WIFE                       FB24                M1                2                1                1

                LOUVERT                             DAU                        FB1                S

153. LAMPKIN, TOM                       HEAD                      MB24                M1                3

                MAGGIE                                  WIFE                       FB19                M1                3                2                1

                JOHN SHARP                    SON                         MB2                S

        WOODARD, NOAH                     B-IN-LAW       MB9                S

154. WEST, RICHARD                                HEAD                      MW32                M1                11

                JENNY                                    WIFE                       FW34                M1                11                6                6

                ALLIE MAY                       DAU                        FW11                S

                MERRITT                             SON                         MW10                S

                A.D.                                         DAU                        FW8                S

                LESLIE                                    DAU                        FW6                S

                OLDA                                      SON                         MW5                S

                R.D.                                         SON                         MW7/12                S

155. LEWIS, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MB44                M1                8

                CORA                                      WIFE                       FB27                M1                8                5                2

                RUBY                                      DAU                        FB7                S

                ROBERT                E.                             SON                         MB4                S

                BLOSSY L.                             DAU                        FB1/12                S

156. EDWARDS, TOM                       HEAD                      MB22                M2                0

                EMMA                                    WIFE                       FB17                M1                0

157. SHARP, P.S.                                    HEAD                      MW41                M1                18

                M.E.                                        WIFE                       FW45                M1                18                7                6

                LONNIE O.                            SON                         MW17                S

                JOHN N.                                  SON                         MW15                S

                WILLIAM F.                         SON                         MW13                S

                RENA J.                                   DAU                        FW10                S

                MARY L.                                 DAU                        FW8                S

                MARTHA A.                         DAU                        FW6                S

158. SHARP, J.F.                                     HEAD                      MW68                M1                43

                M.A.                                        WIFE                       FW66                M1                43                8                7

159. HUNT, W.R.                                   HEAD                      MW27                M1                3

                BESSIE                                    WIFE                       FW23                M1                3                1                1

                BEATRICE                              DAU                        FW1                S

160. CARTER, CLIFF                      HEAD                      MMU27                M1                2

                CARRY                                    WIFE                       FMU18                M1                2                2                2

                EARL                                      SON                         MMU1                S

                NETTIE MAY                       DAU                        FMU5/12                S

161. WOODS, JAMES                     HEAD                      MB30                M2                5

                VELMA                                   WIFE                       FB26                M2                5

162. CLEMMONS, FRANCIS                 HEAD                      FB30                S                              4                4

                MATTIE LOU                        DAU                        FB14                S

                ELECTA                                 DAU                        FB11                S

                SCOTT                                    SON                         MB9                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MB5                S

163. LAMPKINS, LUCY                      HEAD                      MB40                WD

                HENRIETTA                        NIECE                     FB15                S

164. WILLIAMS, JOHNNIE                                HEAD                      MB26                M1                7

                VIRGIE                                    WIFE                       FB24                M1                7                5                4

                JOHN H.                                  SON                         MB5                S

                LENORA                                 DAU                        FB4                S

                JAMES T.                                SON                         MB3                S

                EMMA J.                                 DAU                        FB1                S

       HARNES. ANNA                     SISTER                    FB18                S

165. CAPS. WILL                                   HEAD                      MB35                M1                21

                ANNIE                                    WIFE                       FB35                M1                21                7                7

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MB17                S

                HARRISON                             SON                         MB13                S

                THOMAS                                                SON                         MB10                S

                INUA                                       DAU                        FB8                S

                MATTIE                                 DAU                        FB6                S

                ORA                                        DAU                        FB2                S

                unnamed                                  DAU                        FB2/12                S

166. HUTCHINSON, J.W.                         HEAD                      MW45                M1                20

                S.A.                                          WIFE                       FW39                M1                20                10                9

                JOHN                                       SON                         MW18                S

                NANNY                                   DAU                        FW16                S

                ELIZA                                     DAU                        FW14                S

                JIM                                          SON                         MW12                S

                P.C.                                         SON                         MW9                S

                D.R.                                         SON                         MW9                S

                CLARA                                    DAU                        FW6                S

                JANETTE                              DAU                        FW4                S

                THORNTON                           SON                         MW2                S

       KEMP, SILAS                                   S-IN-LAW       MW24                M1                0

                MOLLYE                                                DAU                        FW19                M1                0

167. BABER, JOHN                                 HEAD                      MB38                M1                5             

                LEONA                                   WIFE                       FB32                M1                5                3                3

                HARRISON                             SON                         MB4                S

                LURSALEE                           SON                         MB3                S

                not named                      SON                         MB1                S

168. TUMBERLINSON, A.B.                         HEAD                      MW49                WD

                LELIA                                     DAU                        FW19                S

                RUBEN                                    SON                         MW16                S

                JENNY                                    DAU                        FW14                S

                BUTLER                                 SON                         MW9                S

164. EDWARDS, LUCINDY                               HEAD                      FW55                WD                          3                3

                WILLIE                                   SON                         MW20                S

                RAWSON                                                SON                         MW14                S

                MINNIE                                  DAU                        FW19                S

170. GILLIS, THOMAS M.                           HEAD                      MW55                WD

                ALURA M.                            DAU                        FW30                S             

                ARCHIE                                  SON                         MW25                S

                POLLY L.                             DAU                        FW23                S

                EMMA L.                                DAU                        FW19                S

                INA M.                                    DAU                        FW17                S

                LIZZIE                                    DAU                        FW7                S

       WESTERN, MARY S.                 SISTER                    FW67                WD                          0                0

171. PRISOCK, TOM                       HEAD                      MW29                M1                5

                MELZY                                   WIFE                       FW29                M1                5                3                3

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FW4                S

                ERSKIN                                   SON                         MW3                S

                LESLIE                                    DAU                        FW11/12                S

172. DAVIS, JAMES                                HEAD                      MB17                M1                1

                LILLIE                                    WIFE                       FMU18                M1                1                1                0

173. MORGAN, D.O.                         HEAD                      MW28                M1                4

                MINNIE                                  WIFE                       FW26                M1                4                2                2

                MINNIE LOU                        DAU                        FW3                S

                not named                      DAU                        FW1/12                S

174. YORK, EDNA                                 HEAD                      MW25                M1                4

                LAURA                                   WIFE                       FW28                M1                4                2                1

                G.P.                                         SON                         MW2                S

175. MILLER, U.H.                                 HEAD                      MW60                M2                12

                TILDAE                                  WIFE                       FW52                M1                12                0                0

                SAMUEL                                 SON                         MW19                S

                WILLIE                                   SON                         MW15                S

176. RAY, EDWARD                                HEAD                      MW38                M1                12

                T.E.                                         WIFE                       FW43                M2                12                0                0

        MCHANN, BECKY                    NO-KIN                   FW70                WD                          1                0

177. DAVIS, JAMES                                HEAD                      MB25                M1                7

                DOREAN A.                            WIFE                       FB25                M1                7                5                4

                WILLIE                                   DAU                        FB6                S

                JACOB                                     SON                         MB4                S

                MARY                                     DAU                        FB2                S

                ODELLE                                 DAU                        FB2/12                S

        ROGERS, ISELLA                   NIECE                     FB14                S

178. FIELDS, DAVID                    HEAD                      MB35                M2                7

                MARIA                                    WIFE                       FB23                M1                7                3                1

                PEARL                                    DAU                        FB2                S

179. DAVIS, MALISSA                                HEAD                      FMU40                WD                          8                7

                VIRGIE                                    DAU                        FMU20                S                              1                1

                GEORGE                                  SON                         MMU17                S

                OZELLA                                 DAU                        FMU12                S

                EDNA                                      GRAND-DAU        FMU1                S

180. WHITE, HUBBARD                              HEAD                      MMU25                M1                11

                DUTCH                                   WIFE                       FMU29                M1                11                2                2

                ALBERTA                             DAU                        MMU8                S

                ROSEVELT                             SON                         MMU3                S

181. WHITE, DAVE                      HEAD                      MB45                M1                16

                SALLIE                                   WIFE                       FB42                M1                16                12                10

                HOMER                                   SON                         MB12                S

                CARTER                                 SON                         MB9                S

                GERTRUDE                           DAU                        FB6                S

                JOHN T.                                  SON                         MB5                S

                SARAH B.                             DAU                        FB3                S

182. JONES, WILL                                  HEAD                      MB23                M1                0

                BERTIE                                   WIFE                       FB16                M1                0

                CARY                                      DAU                        FB1/12                S

        TERRELL, EMMA                    AUNT                     FB33                WD                          4                4

                LUCILE                                   NIECE                     FB6                S

                MARY A.                                                NIECE                     FB4                S

                SERAL                                     SON                         MB2                S

183. HUNT, HENRY                   HEAD                      MB28                M2                0

                VELMA                                   WIFE                       FB22                M1                0                2                2

                CHATA                                   DAU                        FB8                S

                JOHN                                       SON                         MB1                S

                HATTIE LEE                         DAU                        FB1/12                S

184. RICHARDSON, THOMAS                HEAD                      MW21                S

                HATTIE                                  SISTER                    FW28                S

                JACOB                                     BROTHER              MW19                S

185. MCCLELLAND, J.W.                         HEAD                      MW29                M1                6

                MIA                                         WIFE                       FW25                M1                6                1                1

                OAKLEY                                 SON                         MW5                S

186. HUTCHINSON, C.B.                         HEAD                      MW48                M1                25

                MARY E.                                 WIFE                       FW43                M1                25                10                9

                MABEL                                   DAU                        FW18                S

                ALLYE                                    DAU                        FW16                S

                VALURY                                 DAU                        FW14                S

                HENRY                                   SON                         MW12                S

                GLADDIS                                                DAU                        FW9                S

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FW5                S

                OLA                                        DAU                        FW1                S

        OSWALT, RHUBEMIA                            S-IN-LAW       FW63                S

        CAPERTON, HENRY                   SON-IN-LAW       MW22                M1                2

                INA                                         DAU                        FW20                M1                2                0                0

187. MCCLELLAND, RUFUS                     HEAD                      MW60                M1                43

                M.A.L.                                     WIFE                       FW61                M1                43                6                6

188. SCARBROUGH, WILL                      HEAD                      MW48                M1                24

                ELLA                                      WIFE                       FW41                M1                24                4                4

                WILLIAM                             SON                         MW19                S

                MARIA                                    DAU                        FW16                S

                JOHNNIE                                                SON                         MW13                S

                ALBERT                                 SON                         MW7                S

189. GLOVER, JANE                       HEAD                      FB79                WD                          2                2

                JACK                                       SON                         MB40                WD

190. WILLIS, EDD                                  HEAD                      MB29                M2                2

                MINNIE                                  WIFE                       FB30                M2                2                4                3

       LOWRY, WALTER                                STEP-SON         MMU12                S

                CALLY BELLE                    STEP-DAU        FMU10                S

                ROSCO                                    STEP-SON         MMU8                S

191. GREEN, SAMUEL                 HEAD                      MW20                M1                1

                LIZZIE                                    WIFE                       MW19                M1                1                0                0

192. FERGUSON, JAMES                     HEAD                      MW23                M1                2

                RUBY                                      WIFE                       FW18                M1                2                1                1

                HUGH                                      SON                         MW6/12                S

193.MCINTOSH, J.R.                          HEAD                      MW58                M1                21

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FW46                M1                21                8                8

                ALICE                                     DAU                        FW16                S

                ARNOLD                                 SON                         MW14                S

                LILA                                       DAU                        FW12                S

                FORREST                                SON                         MW10                S

                OTHO                                     SON                         MW4                S

                MINNIE                                  DAU                        FW2/12                S

                JOHNNIE                                                SON                         MW20                M1                0

                FANNY                                   D-IN-LAW       FW15                M1                0                0                0

194.SULLIVANT, W.T.                        HEAD                      MW53                M2                3

                BECKY                                    WIFE                       FW27                M1                3                1                0

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW17                S

                LUTICHY                             DAU                        FW12                S

                ROSA                                       DAU                        FW10                S

195. MONTGOMERY, WILEY    HEAD                      MW25                M1                8

                LIZZIE                                    WIFE                       FW27                M1                8                3                3

                GRACE                                    DAU                        FW6                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW5                S

                JIM                                          SON                         MW2                S

196. UPTON, J.W.                                  HEAD                      MW50                M2                15

                FANNY                                   WIFE                       FW31                M1                15                7                5             

                DAISY                                     DAU                        FW13                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW7                S

                RUBY                                      DAU                        FW6                S

                EARL                                      SON                         MW2                S

                FANNY                                   DAU                        FW2/12                S

197. FERGUSON, CHARLIE                                HEAD                      MW58                M2                24

                ROSA                                       WIFE                       FW43                M1                24                3                3

                MAX                                       SON                         MW25                M1                .

                MABEL                                   D-IN-LAW       FW15                M1                0                0                0

                GEORGE                                  SON                         MW19                S

198. KARMICHEL, ANNA                     HEAD                      FW57                WD                          7                7

                VIRGIL                                    SON                         MW29                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW21                S

        FANT, BELLE                                                DAU                        FW22                WD                          1                1

                DOYLE                                   GRAND-SON         MW4                S

       KARMICHEL, CARL                      SON                         MW19                S

199. BROWN, JAMES E.                                HEAD                      MW54                M1                29

                BETTIE                                  WIFE                       FW48                M1                29                4                4

                JIMMIE                                   SON                         MW17                S

                DEWEY                                  SON                         MW11                S

                LAVELLE                              SON                         MW7                S

200. BAKER, ELLA                                HEAD                      FB45                D

        DAWKINS, GARFIELD                              SON                         MMU25                S

        COVINGTON, WILL                      NEPHEW                MMU22                S

201. PRULE, W.E.                                  HEAD                      FW78                WD                          6                4

202. MCILVANEY, S.M.                         HEAD                      MW67                M2                18

                LECTA                                    WIFE                       FW48                M2                18                1                1

                ROBERT                                 SON                         MW16                S

       BROWN, MARINOR                               BOARDER              MW50                S

203. LIVINGSTON, L.D.                         HEAD                      MW49                M1                23

                LULA                                      WIFE                       FW48                M1                23                2                2

       COOK, ROSA                                   MOTHER                FW73                WD                          7                2

204. COOPER, JENNY                    HEAD                      FMU35                WD                          3                3

                LOUIS                                     SON                         MMU15                S

                FRANCIS                                 DAU                        FMU11                S

                HENRY                                   SON                         MMU8                S

205. ADAMS, F.M.                                  HEAD                      MW31                M1                10

                E.E.                                         WIFE                       FW26                M1                10                5                5

                ERVIN                                     SON                         MW9                S

                IDA                                         DAU                        FW7                S

                FRANK                                    SON                         MW4      

                MURRY                                   DAU                        FW2                S

                MARVIN                                 SON                         MW4/12                S

206. BARRON, ANDY                     HEAD                      MMU22                M1                5

                KATE                                      WIFE                       FMU20                M1                5                0                0

207. PATTERSON, EDWARD                HEAD                      MW33                M1                11

                MITTIE                                  WIFE                       FW24                M1                11                5                3

                EARL                                      SON                         MW6                S

                MAURICE                              SON                         MW4                S

                EDDIE H.                                DAU                        FW1                S

208. BAGWELL, FRANK                    HEAD                      MW41                M2                10

                CWRENA                                WIFE                       FW26                M1                10                6                4

                ADA                                        DAU                        FW9                S

                CLAUDIE                              DAU                        FW8                S

                ALAIR C.                                                SON                         MW2                S

                SARAH JANE                       DAU                        FW4/12                S

209. HUTCHINSON, WILL                      HEAD                      MW38                M1                15

                JOELLA                                  WIFE                       FW34                M1                15                4                4

                ARNOLD                                 SON                         MW8                S

                ROSS                                        SON                         MW4                S

                BAISEL                                   SON                         MW3                S

                JANE                                       MOTHER                FW78                WD

       KORNEGAY, GUNNER                 SERVANT             MW19                S

210. ADAMS, SAM                                 HEAD                      MW32                S

211. CROSSLAND, M.C.                        HEAD                      MW60                M2                8

                L.A.                                         WIFE                       FW39                M1                8                3                1

                DANIEL                                  SON                         MW21                D

                MANDIE                                 DAU                        FW18                S

                OLLIE                                     SON                         MW13                S

                ARCHIE                                  SON                         MW12                S

                TILLENSON                           SON                         MW7                S

212. METTS, THOMAS                                HEAD                      MB23                M1                11

                SUSANNA                             WIFE                       FB26                M1                11                5                4

                IYELLA                                  DAU                        FB11                S

                FREDDIE B.                             SON                         MB6                S

                ROSEVELT                             SON                         MB4                S

                SPENCER                                SON                         MB1                S

       SCALES, WALTER                                SERVANT             MB15                S

213. KELLUM, R.L.                         HEAD                      MW21                M1                2

                L.J.                                          WIFE                       FW29                M1                2                1                1

                T.E.                                         SON                         MW1                S

                J.E.                                          BROTHER              MW18                S

214. KELLUM, J.R.                                 HEAD                      MW25                M1                7

                SEALY                                    WIFE                       FW26                M1                7                2                2

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW6                S

                ROBERT M.                            SON                         MW2                S

215. LEWIS, OCTAVIA                               HEAD                      FB48                WD                          7                6

                JOE                                          SON                         MB22                S

                JOHN                                       SON                         MB19                S

                MINNIE                                  DAU                        FB17                S

                EMMA                                    DAU                        FB14                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MB8                S

                JOE DELLA                    DAU                        FB1                S

216. BROOKS, CARTER                 HEAD                      MB30                M1                13

                BABE                                      WIFE                       FB30                M1                13                0                0

                MINNIE LEE                         ADOPTED DAU    FMU10                S

217. QUINN, EMILY                    HEAD                      FMU82                WD

                GEORGE B.                             SON                         MMU32                S

                AMIA                                      DAU                        FMU23                S

                WILLIE                                   GRAND-DAU        FMU15                S

218. LEWIS, THOMAS                                HEAD                      MB60                M1                38

                JANE                                       WIFE                       FB62                M1                38                5                4

        KING, MARY                                  DAU                        FB30                WD                          4                2

                MATTIE J.                              GRAND-DAU        FB7                S

                WILLIE                                   GRAND-DAU        FB7/12                S

219. SCALES, MILTON                 HEAD                      MB50                M2                18

                HARRIET                             WIFE                       FB35                M1                18                9                8

                WILLIAM                             SON                         MB18                S

                LULU                                      DAU                        FB15                S

                ROWAN                                  SON                         MB13                S

                KLEBAN                                 SON                         MB12                S

                EFFIE                                      DAU                        FB9                S

                ERRIE                                     SON                         MB4                S

                PEARL                                    SON                         MB11/12                S

220. LEWIS, HARDY                   HEAD                      MB28                M1                8

                JENNY                                    WIFE                       FB26                M1                8                5                1

                BEATRICE                              DAU                        FB5                S

221.OSWALT, G.B.                                 HEAD                      MW31                M1                8

                ABBY                                      WIFE                       FW23                M1                8                2                2

                THELMA                                DAU                        FW5                S

                PAUL                                      SON                         MW2                S

222. DAVIS, JACOB                                HEAD                      MB35                M1                12

                ELLA                                      WIFE                       FB35                M1                12                5                4

                ADDIE                                    DAU                        FB11                S

                THOMAS W.                           SON                         MB5                S

                DORETHA                             DAU                        FB3                S

                SALLIE                                   DAU                        FB2/12                S

                HANNAH                                1ST COUSIN   FB21                S

223. DAVIS, JACKSON                                HEAD                      MMU26                M1                3

                LULU                                      WIFE                       FMU21                M1                3                2                1

                ALLIE B.                                 DAU                        FMU2                S

                EARLY                                    BROTHER              MB17                S

        HUDSON, MIMALE                 NEPHEW                MB13                S

224.BARDWELL, GEORGE                  HEAD                      MB60                M2                16

                LIZA                                       WIFE                       FMU50                M2                16                11                4

                MARY                                     DAU                        FMU30                WD                          4                3

      CLARK, BENJAMIN                             STEP-G-SON         MMU18                S

                BERTHA                                 STEP-G-DAU        FMU16                S

                NANCY                                   STEP-G-DAU        FMU9                S

        DAVIS, JOHNNIE                                ADOPTED SON     MB7                S

                THEODORE                           GRAND-SON         MMU10                S

                ICY                                          GRAND-DAU        FMU7                S

                MELBOURNE                         GRAND-SON         MMU4                S

LAMPKIN, CHARLIE                                ADOPTED SON     MB6                S

225. ROGERS, ROBERT                 HEAD                      MMU32                M1                14

                EMMA                                    WIFE                       FMU27                M1                14                6                5

                HORACE                                 SON                         MMU11                S

                WALTER                                SON                         MMU9                S

                DIKIE                                      DAU                        FMU7                S

                ANDREW                            SON                         MMU4                S

                GEORGIA                                DAU                        FMU3                S

226. ROGERS, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MMU37                M2                4

                DAISY                                     WIFE                       FMU23                M1                4                2                2

                ROSA LEE                         DAU                        FMU6                S

                AMEDDIE                              DAU                        FMU2                S

                PLEMMER                              SON                         MB18                S

       BROWN, HUITT                    SERVANT             MB16                S

227. FRAZIER, ANDREW                                HEAD                      MW44                M1                13

                S.A.                                          WIFE                       FW39                M1                13                4                3

                IRVING                                    SON                         MW7                S

                ODELLA                                 DAU                        FW5                S

                JANETTE                              DAU                        FW2                S

228. BABER, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MB51                M2                20

                ELIZA                                     WIFE                       FB42                M2                20                5                3

                MINNIE                                  GRAND-DAU        FB13                S

                LINNIE                                   GRAND-DAU        FB12                S

229. DAVIS, YANCY                   HEAD                      MMU27                M1                3

                GEORGIA A.                            WIFE                       FMU28                M2                3                4                4

       THOMAS, HENRY                   STEP-SON         MMU10                S

                OSCAR                                    STEP-SON         MMU8                S

                ARTHUR                                 STEP-SON         MMU8                S

                WESTLY                                 STEP-SON         MMU5                S

        DAVIS, MILLIE                   SON                         MMU2/12S

                LINNIE                                   DAU                        FMU16                S

        HICKMAN, WILLIE                   B-IN-LAW       MMU12                S

232. FRAZIER, MARIRCK                               HEAD                      FMU35                WD                          8                6

                BERTIE                                   DAU                        FMU13                S

                MATTIE                                 DAU                        FMU10                S

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FMU8                S

                ERNEST                                  SON                         MMU6                S

                WILLIE                                   SON                         MMU4                S

                WESTERN                             SON                         MMU1                S

       COOPER, WILLIAM                               SERVANT             MMU13                S

233. LAMPKINS, ANDY                     HEAD                      MMU45                M2                13

                MATILDA                             WIFE                       FMU28                M1                13                0                0

234. JACKSON, THOMAS                                HEAD                      MW75                WD

                MARY                                     DAU                        FW32                S

                W.P.                                        SON                         MW28                S

                JENNY                                    DAU                        FW26                S

235. LATHAM, RILEY                     HEAD                      MB40                M1                19

                ANNA E.                                 WIFE                       MMU36                M1                19                9                9

                EULUS                                    SON                         MMU18                S

                BEATRICE                              DAU                        FMU16                S

                MOLLIE L.                             SON                         MMU14                S

                THERESA                             DAU                        FMU12                S

                BENJAMIN                             SON                         MMU10                S

                LAMAR                                   SON                         MMU7                S

                LECTE                                    DAU                        FMU5                S

                ANNIE L.                                DAU                        FMU3                S

                T. ROSEVELT                             SON                         MMU1                S

        HUGHES, MONROE                                B-IN-LAW       MMU30                S

236. FRAZIER, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MMU42                M1                21

                LOUCRECY                           WIFE                       FMU36                M1                21                11                8

                JIMMIE                                   SON                         MMU18                S

                HENRIETTA                        DAU                        FMU16                S

                CLEVELAND                        SON                         MMU13                S

                GUSSIE                                    DAU                        FMU11                S

                WILLIE JEAN                       DAU                        FMU8                S

                CARRIE                                   DAU                        FMU5                S

                BUSTER                                  SON                         MMU4                S

                HETTIE MAY                       DAU                        FMU1                S

237. WOODWARD, BILLY                     HEAD                      MW26                M1                3

                ALICE                                     WIFE                       FW27                M1                3                2                2

                PAULINE                              DAU                        FW2                S

       BARKSDALE, WINSTON                BOARDER              MW20                S

238. BABER, SANFORD                               HEAD                      MB27                M1                7

                MINNIE                                  WIFE                       FB24                M1                7                4                4

                TOLIVER                                SON                         MB6                S

                GRADY                                   SON                         MB4                S

                HARMON                             SON                         MB3                S

                WILLIE                                   SON                         MB1                S

239. FRAZIER, JIM                                 HEAD                      MB60                M2                15

                SALLIE                                   WIFE                       FB45                M1                15                10                9

                LUTHER                                 SON                         MB13                S

                BERTHA                                 DAU                        FB12                S

                MULDROW                            SON                         MB10                S

                NANCY                                   DAU                        FB9                S

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FB7                S

                ROBERT                                 SON                         MB4                S

                DAISY                                     DAU                        FB2                S

                JACK                                       SON                         MB4/12                S


230. WEST, W.T.                                   HEAD                      MW54                M1                32

                SARAH J.                                 WIFE                       FW58                M1                32                7                3

231. LAMPKIN, T.W.                        HEAD                      MMU45                M2                7

                DOLLY                                   WIFE                       FMU31                M2                7                6                5

                TOM                                       SON                         MMU19                S

                LULU                                      DAU                        FMU16                S

                NASH                                      SON                         MMU14                S

                JENNY                                    DAU                        FMU12                S

                ANDREW                            SON                         MMU7                S

                LOVIE                                     DAU                        FMU5                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MMU3                S

                CLARENCE                           SON                         MMU1                S

232. DAVIS, BILLY                                                HEAD                      MMU50                M1                33

                BETTIE                                  WIFE                       FMU52                M1                33                9                6

                JOHN T.                                  SON                         MMU24                S

                LINCOLN                             SON                         MMU20                S

                ALICE                                     DAU                        FMU18                S

                HARDY                                   SON                         MMU15                S

                LOUIS                                     SON                         MMU11                S

                DALLAS                                  D-IN-LAW       FMU22                WD                          0                0

                JACOB                                     GRANDSON           MMU3                S

233. DAVIS, FRED                                  HEAD                      MB28                M2                5

                PEARLY                                 WIFE                       FB22                M1                5                2                2

                JOHN                                       SON                         MB3                S

                HATTIE                                  DAU                        FB2                S

                LILLY                                     SISTER                    FB21                S

234. DAVIS, MAHALEY                             HEAD                      FB55                WD

                GARFIELD                             SON                         MB26                M2                0

                MINNIE                                  D-IN-LAW       FB25                M1                0                0                0

235. LATHAM, LEE                         HEAD                      MMU21                M1                0

                EMMA                                    WIFE                       FMU16                M1                0

                OSCAR                                    BROTHER              MMU27                D

236. TURNER, ELIZA                     HEAD                      MB60                M2                6

                TISHY                                     WIFE                       FB47                M2                6                1                1

        DAVIS, BESSIE LEE                            STEP-DAU        FMU18                S

        LAMPKIN, ELLEN                    M-IN-LAW       FMU74                WD                          7                8?

237. DAVIS, L.D.                                    HEAD                      MMU45                M2                2

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FMU23                M1                2                0                0

238. LAMPKINS, JOHN                       HEAD                      MB65                WD

239. LATHAM, JACOB                     HEAD                      MB59                M1                40

                IRENE                                     WIFE                       FMU56                M1                40                12                9

                BENJAMIN                             SON                         MMU28                S

                EDDIE                                     SON                         MMU23                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MMU18                S

                JAMES                                     SON                         MMU16                S

                BERTHA                                 GRAND-DAU        FMU7                S

240. MURRY, J.W.                                  HEAD                      MMU32                M1                12

                ELIZABETH                           WIFE                       FMU27                M1                12                6                5

                BUCK H.                                 SON                         MMU11                S

                UPTON                                   SON                         MMU10                S

                OSCAR                                    SON                         MMU4                S

                EDGAR                                    SON                         MMU1                S

241. DAVIS, HENRY                   HEAD                      MMU60                M2                33

                LOUISA                                   WIFE                       FMU48                M1                33                2                1

                ARCHIE                                  NEPHEW                MMU11                S

242. DAVIS, WADE                                HEAD                      MMU50                M2                7

                JENCY                                     WIFE                       FMU35                M2                7                12                6

                GEORGE L.                             SON                         MMU18                S

                LINCOLN                             SON                         MMU13                S

                DAN                                        SON                         MMU10                S

                WILLIAM                             SON                         MMU8                S

                ERNEST                                  SON                         MMU4                S

243. DAVIS, ANTHONY                             HEAD                      MB33                M2                6

                ALINE                                     WIFE                       FB28                M1                6                4                4

                ABRAHAM                             SON                         MB7                S

                JOHNNIE                                                SON                         MB5                S

                WESTERN                             SON                         MB3                S

                OSCAR                                    SON                         MB2                S

                LEROY                                    SON                         MB4/12                S

244.HUDSON, JAMES                     HEAD                      MMU28                M1                3

                LEDUNA                                 WIFE                       FMU28                M1                3                2                2

                JOHN HENRY                   SON                         MMU2                S

                ODIE B.                                   SON                         MMU1                S

       JACKSON, HENRY                   NEPHEW                MMU14                S

245. WALKER, ELLA                      HEAD                      FMU32                WD                          4                4

                MAGNIKA                             DAU                        FMU3                S

                JAMES G.                                                SON                         MMU6                S

                HILLIAN                                 SON                         MMU3                S

                EPPIE                                     SON                         MMU1                S

246. LAMPKIN, BICKEY                  HEAD                      FMU51                WD                                          8

                WILLIAM                             SON                         MMU16                S

247. LAMPKINS, LOUIS                     HEAD                      MB48                M1                14

                ANNA                                     WIFE                       FB34                M1                14                2                2

                PLUMER                                 SON                         MB17                S

                ELENOR                                 DAU                        FB16                M1                2                1                1

                GUSSIE LEE                         GRAN-DAU        FB5/12                S

       FRAZIER, JOE                                 SON-IN-LAW       MB20                M1                2

       ROGERS, LOU ELLA                      STEP-DAU        FB15                S

       SMITH, GENERAL                               SERVANT             MB40                S

       SMITH, ELBERT                  SERVANT             MB12                S

248. LAMPKINS, ANN                        HEAD                      FB65                WD

        MILLER, YANCY                   NEPHEW                MB20                S

249. DAVIS, LESTER                  HEAD                      MB19                M1                0

                CORA                                      WIFE                       FMU17                M1                0

250. HUNT, CLEMMIE                               HEAD                      MW23                M1                3

                JODIE                                      WIFE                       FW22                M1                3                1                1

                WILLIE E.                             SON                         MW2                S

                HERMAN                                BROTHER              MW20                S

251.GILBERT, JAMES                     HEAD                      MW59                M1                34

                ALICE                                     WIFE                       FW54                M1                34                4                4

                BAMMIA                                                DAU                        FW26                S

                IRVING                                    SON                         MW24                S

                MOLLY                                   DAU                        FW14                S

252. GILBERT, WORSHAM                             HEAD                      MW22                M1                0

                ADA                                        WIFE                       FW16                M1                0

253. QUINN, C.B.                                   HEAD                      MW35                M1                9

                MINDY                                   WIFE                       FW26                M1                9                1                1

                HOYT                                     SON                         MW8                S             

254. WHITMIRE, LEE                         HEAD                      MW31                M1                7

                MARTHA                             WIFE                       FW30                M1                7                1                1

                IRA                                          SON                         MW5                S

255. SHARP, DOVIE                     HEAD                      FW30                WD                          3                3

                WESLY                                   SON                         MW12                W

                BESSIE                                    DAU                        FW10                S

                LESTER                                  SON                         MW8                S

256. HALL, J.D.                                      HEAD                      MW64                M1                44

                M.E.                                        WIFE                       FW60                M1                44                5                4

260. JACKSON, CHARLIE                                HEAD                      MW50                M2                13

                AGNES                                    WIFE                       FW29                M1                13                5                4

                PERCY                                    SON                         MW10                S

                RUBY                                      DAU                        FW7                S

                MAUD                                     DAU                        FW3                S

                FREDRICK                             SON                         MW6/12                S

                ERICK                                     SON                         MW18                S

261. CURTIS, ANDERSON                            HEAD                      MB50                WD

                MARY                                     DAU                        FB16                S

                NORMAN                             SON                         MB14                S

                LOU ELLA                      DAU                        FB11                S

                HERMAN                                SON                         MB9                S

                OLLIE BELLE                    DAU                        FB6                S

262. WOODSON, SAMUEL                 HEAD                      MW31                M1                10           

                LURIE                                     WIFE                       FW26                M1                10                5                4

                AL H.                                      SON                         MW10                S

                CLARA M.                            DAU                        FW7                S

                EDDIE R.                                                SON                         MW4                S

                SAMMIE C.                             SON                         MW2/12                S

                GREEN                                    FATHER                 MW77                WD

        JACKSON, RODERICK                             NEPHEW                MW20                S

263.HARVENT, WESTERN                              HEAD                      MW29                M1                10

                EDNA                                      WIFE                       FW31                M1                10                2                2

                EARL                                      SON                         MW8                S

                ARNOLD                                 SON                         MW2                S

264. HUNT, T.S.W.                                                HEAD                      MW51                M2                4

                MARY E.                                 WIFE                       FW50                M1                4                0                0

                LILLY                                     DAU                        FW14                S

                GERTRUDE                           DAU                        FW12                S

                LIZZIE                                    DAU                        FW8                S

                RUBERE                                  SON                         MW5                S

265. HUNT, OSCAR                    HEAD                      MMU36                M1                17

                ANNA                                     WIFE                       FMU34                M1                17                5                5

                LULU                                      DAU                        FMU16                S

                LADORA                                 DAU                        FMU14                S

                ROBERT                                 SON                         MMU12                S

                FRANCIS                                 DAU                        FMU9                S

                LIZZIE                                    DAU                        FMU4                S

266. QUINN, HARDY                   HEAD                      MMU38                M1                16

                LULU                                      WIFE                       FB36                M1                16                9                9

                VIOLA                                     DAU                        FB14                S

                MARIE                                    DAU                        FB13                S

                WALTER                                SON                         MB12                S

                EUNA                                      DAU                        FB10                S

                WESLY                                   SON                         MB8                S

                DAESARE                              DAU                        FB5                S

                PAULINE                              DAU                        FB3                S

                VIGOR                                     SON                         MB4                S

                HOWARD                             SON                         MB5/12                S

267. QUINN, WALTER                                HEAD                      MB70                M1                44           

                ANN                                        WIFE                       FB60                M1                44                14                10

                WALTER                                SON                         MB18                S

                WILLIS                                   SON                         MB17                S

                MAUD                                     DAU                        FB14                S

       DAVIS, WILLIAM                               GRAND-SON         MB12                S

                LINNIE                                   GRAND-DAU        FB4                S

267.NIMMO, T.G.                                   HEAD                      MW72                WD

                BETTIE                                  DAU                        FW28                S

268. ROLAND, ROBERT                 HEAD                      MW33                WD

270. EILAND, LOUIS                     HEAD                      MMU57                M1                33

                NETTIE                                  WIFE                       FMU56                M1                30                4                3

                J.D.                                          SON                         MMU22                S

271. BARRON, WILLIAM                               HEAD                      MMU15                M1                0

                ALINA                                    WIFE                       FMU16                M1                0                0                0

                LINK                                       BROTHER              MMU18                M1                0

                LILLY                                     S-IN-LAW       FMU16                M1                0                0                0

272. BARRON, JAS                                 HEAD                      MMU24                M1                6

                LILLIAN                                 WIFE                       FMU22                M1                6                3                3

                SARAH ANN                        DAU                        FMU5                S

                WILLIE MAY                       DAU                        FMU3                S

                JAMES                                     SON                         MMU1                S

273. HANNAH, JESS                         HEAD                      MMU28                M2                6

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FMU27                M1                6                0                0

                ABBIE                                     DAU                        FB6                S

274. LAMPKIN, ELIZAH                  HEAD                      MMU34                M1                11

                MINERVIE                              WIFE                       FMU25                M1                11                9                4

                MARTHA                             DAU                        FMU9                S

                ETHEL LEE                         DAU                        FMU5                S

                MARKLENE                           DAU                        FMU3                S

275. JONES, MITTER L.                             HEAD                      FW42                WD                          9                9

                JOHN                                       SON                         MW18                M1                0

                MRTICE                                  D-IN-LAW       FW18                M1                0                0                0

                SAM                                        SON                         MW20                S

                HALLIE                                  SON                         MW16                S

                WILLIE                                   SON                         MW16                S

                BUTLER T.                            SON                         MW14                S

                BERTHA M.                            DAU                        FW12                S

                MOLLIE                                  DAU                        FW8                S

                WILEY                                    SON                         MW6                S

276. MILLER, ELIJA                      HEAD                      MW32                M1                12           

                IDA                                         WIFE                       FW30                M1                12                5                5

                MARY BELLE                    DAU                        FW11                S

                JOHN                                       SON                         MW9                S

                PEARL                                    DAU                        FW7                S

                HENRY                                   SON                         MW5                S

                ANNIE                                    DAU                        FW2                S

277. DAVIS, GEORGE                  HEAD                      MB42                WD

                GEORGE E.                             SON                         MB18                S

                SINGER                                   SON                         MB15                S

                SHELLY                                  SON                         MB13                S

                LOU ELLA                      DAU                        FB11                S

                MARTHA J.                          DAU                        FB8                S

                NANY J.                                  DAU                        FB6                S

278. FRAZIER, LEWIS                     HEAD                      MMU54                WD

                EMMA                                    DAU                        FMU23                S

                ISOM                                       SON                         MMU18                S

                MANDY JANE                       DAU                        FMU10                S

                CATHERINE                          DAU                        FMU9                S

279. SANDERS, MARY                     HEAD                      FB30                WD                          1                1

        HARRIS, JOE                                   SON                         MB16                S

        CARPENTER, MANDY                  MOTHER                FB57                WD                          1                1

280. DANIEL, BILLIE                    HEAD                      MB70                M1                25

                SARAH                                    WIFE                       FB45                M1                25                0                0

281. WHITE, EDD                                  HEAD                      MB37                M1                17

                ANN                                        WIFE                       FB30                M1                17                9                6

                JOHN E.                                  SON                         MB15                S

                FRED                                       SON                         MB12                S

                JOE                                          SON                         MB10                S

                ROSA                                       DAU                        FB9                S

                NULE                                      DAU                        FB7                S

                BETTIE                                  DAU                        FB5                S

       WINTERS, PETER                    COUSIN                   MB17                S

282. HENDERSON, FRANK                    HEAD                      MB25                M1                3

                LEONA                                   WIFE                       FB21                M1                3                1                1

                ERMA L.                                 DAU                        FB1                S

        HUNT, GEORGE                  HALF-BROTHER                MB30                S

283. SHICK, SEALY                    HEAD                      FB47                WD                          1                1

284. BROWN, HOMER                   HEAD                      MMU22                M1                3

                ELLEN                                    WIFE                       FMU22                M1                3                0                0

        HICKMAN, DICK                       NIECE                     FMU7                S

285. HUNT, PILOT                                HEAD                      MW81                WD

                ELIZA JANE                       DAU                        FW44                S

286.HICKMAN, BUD                        HEAD                      MB28                M1                2

                PEARLY                                 DAU                        FMU25                M2                2                3                3                             

       WELCH, JOSEPH                   STEP-SON         MMU9                S

                HARRY                                   STEP-SON         MMU8                S

                GEORGE                                  STEP-SON         MMU4                S

287. BARRON, LOUISA                   HEAD                      FMU47                WD                          8                2

                EDDIE LENA                      DAU                        FMU13                S

288. WOODWARD, J.E.                          HEAD                      MW23                M1                3

                ULAH                                      WIFE                       FW19                M1                3                2                0

289. WOODWARD, TOM                       HEAD                      MW54                M2                26

                MARY                                     WIFE                       FW50                M1                26                11                11

                ROBERT                                 SON                         MW16                S

                CHARLIE                                SON                         MW14                S

                ALICE                                     DAU                        FW12                S

                BUTLER                                 SON                         MW7                S

290.HUNT, EDISON                   HEAD                      MW31                M1                9

                EFFIE                                      WIFE                       FM26                M1                9                3                3

                EUNICE                                  DAU                        FW6                S

                HOWARD                             SON                         MW4                S

                RUTH                                      DAU                        FW1                S

291. HUNT, LACEY                    HEAD                      MW54                M1                30           

                SUSAN R.                                                WIFE                       FW57                M1                30                8                8

                ORLANA                                 DAU                        FW16                S

                EDNA                                      DAU                        FW12                S

292. CRAWFORD, MAX                       HEAD                      MW47                M1                11

                FANNY                                   WIFE                       FW38                M1                11                6                4

                ADA                                        DAU                        FW10                S

                MC.LENDON                        SON                         MW6                S

                BUNDY A.                            SON                         MW5                S

                CHAD                                      SON                         MW3                S

293. SHARP, CHARLIE                                HEAD                      MW24                M1                4

                LINNIE                                   WIFE                       FW20                M1                4                2                2

                AMOS                                      SON                         MW3                S

                EVERETH                             SON                         MW1                S

294. CURTIS, ROBERTS                                HEAD                      MB49                WD

                WALTER                                SON                         MMU21                S

                INA                                         DAU                        FMU17                S

                ODIE                                       SON                         MMU15                S

                MOLLIE                                  DAU                        FMU13                S

                JENNIE                                   DAU                        FMU11                S

                LULU                                      DAU                        FMU9                S

                CLARA                                    DAU                        FMU7                S

                IDA                                         DAU                        FMU5                S

                NANNY                                   DAU                        FMU2                S

295.MICOUS, FRANK                    HEAD                      MMU26                M1                4

                EVA                                         WIFE                       FMU23                M1                4                1                1

                LIZZIE                                    DAU                        FMU1                S

296. SHAW, MARY                                                HEAD                      FW55                S

                PARTHINIA                         SISTER                    FW52                S

                KITTY                                    SISTER                    FW50                S

                JANE                                       SISTER                    FW45                S

297. NEAL, SAMUEL                 HEAD                      MB70                M1                42

                JULIA                                      WIFE                       FB60                M1                42                12                6

       WHITE, LINNIE                   GRAND-DAU        FMU14                S

                PATRICK                             GRAND-SON         MMU12                S

                LOUIS                                     GRAND-SON         MMU10                S

                EDDIE                                     GRAND-SON         MMU8                S

                NOGUY                                   GRAND-SON         MMU6                S

                LULU J.                                   GRAND-DAU        FMU3                S

                HERMAN                                GRAND-SON         MMU2                S

298. ONEAL, FRANK                    HEAD                      MB20                M1                1

                FRANCIS                                 WIFE                       FB23                M1                1                0                0

299. HALLIMAN, JOE                          HEAD                      MB40                M2                6             

                EASTER                                  WIFE                       FB24                M1                6

                ALICE                                     DAU                        FB21                S

                GEORGIA                                DAU                        FB16                S

300. WATSON, FRALICIS                                HEAD                      BF40                WD                          2                2

         DAVIS, JOHN W.                           SON                         MB20                S

                BOYD                                      SON                         MB12                S

301. AVANT, JOHN H.                  HEAD                      MW33                M1                11

                SRINEY                                   WIFE                       FW31                M2                11                6                6

        MCKAY, NANCY                   STEP-DAU        FW14                S

        AVANT, BULER                    DAU                        FW10                S

                JOE                                          SON                         MW8                S

                ILAH                                       DAU                        FW6                S

                HENRY                                   SON                         MW4                S

                MYRTLE                                                DAU                        FW2                S

       HENDON, M.J.                                 M-IN-LAW       FW64                WD                          6                6

       ALLAN J.H.                                     BOARDER              MW27                S

302. WABLINGTON, JAINES                    HEAD                      MW21                M1                2

                BESSIE                                    WIFE                       FW17                M1                2                1                1

                JOHN                                       SON                         MW1                S